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    Hookup Tonight with Hot Girls, Guys and Couples Free Click here – Instant Attraction – S30:E15 added to

    18 January, 2019 (07:00) | Live Free Chat | By:

    Nubile Films - Instant Attraction - S30:E15

    Nubile Films - Instant Attraction - S30:E15

    featuring Nick Ross and Stacy Cruz.

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    Jan 18, 2019


    Nick Ross is a lucky man to have Stacy Cruz in his home and helping him sign paperwork. The tall stunner is instantly interested when she sets eyes on her client. She leans in close as he's signing, making her intentions clear. Nick is no fool, so he accepts that kiss and then makes his move to unbutton the slim and sexy teen so he can have his naughty way with her.

    Once Nick has revealed Stacy's large breasts, he palms them in his warm hands and thumbs the nipples to hardness as he kisses his way down her neck. Ne makes a stop to suck the pointed nipples, then urges Stacy back on the couch so he can spread her thighs and indulge himself in the musk of her landing strip twat. Soon his tongue and then his fingers are busy eking sensual music from Stacy's mouth.

    Two fingers buried in her pussy as she kneads her own tits is nice foreplay, but Stacy wants something more from her new lover. Happy to oblige the willing coed in his arms, Nick picks Stacy up and relocates them to the bedroom where she gets to take her first taste of Nick's fuck stick. When she has had her fill, she straddles Nick's hips and then grinds her pussy against his hardon.

    Adjusting her hips so that Nick can enter her, Stacy continues the sensual rhythm she has established. Her breasts quiver with every stroke, giving Nick a delectable show to compliment the incredible sensation of having a tight teen pussy riding his stiffie. When Stacy rolls off and gets on her hands and knees so Nick can take her from behind, he doesn't say no to the gift that she offers.

    Dropping to her belly on the bed, Stacy laughs as Nick follows her down. He kneads her firm ass with his big hands, filling his palms with the cheeks as he pulls them apart. When he has exposed Stacy's anus, he dives in once again with his mouth to give her a brand new pleasurable sensation that gets her motor running fast and furious.

    Stacy finds herself on her side with Nick spooned behind her. Buried to the hilt in her landing strip pussy, he keeps on thrusting until Stacy's pussy is pulsing around his dick. Her orgasm milks a matching climax from Nick, who gluts his newfound flame with what will surely be the first of many creampies. – Blonde And Beautiful – S30:E14 added to

    15 January, 2019 (07:00) | Live Free Chat | By:

    Nubile Films - Blonde And Beautiful - S30:E14

    Nubile Films - Blonde And Beautiful - S30:E14

    featuring Casey and Sabi.

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    Jan 15, 2019


    Casey has a surprise for Sabi as she sneaks up on the object of her desire. Her brand new outfit leaves her with easy access to her breasts, which Casey just knows Sabi will love. She takes a peek into the room to get the lay of the land, then takes a moment to caress her tender body as she works up the nerve to walk in on Sabi and take what she wants.

    Taking the control from Sabi's hands, Casey fills his field of view with her lovely face while capturing a kiss. Sabi is indeed enamored by Casey's halter top. He undoes the tie, then fills his palms with the fullness of her perky natural breasts. Sliding his hands lower, he cups Casey's bottom before returning his attention to the hard nipple buffet right in front of his face.

    Once he has revealed Casey's body to the waist, Sabi gets another one of the treats that his hot lover has in store for him. She unzips his pants and lets his hardon spring free. Taking Sabi's stiffie in hand, Casey strokes him and then leans in to run the flat of her tongue up and down the length of his cock. Soon she is contentedly slurping and sucking away as her hips move in the same rhythm that her mouth pulls on Sabi's man meat.

    Sabi finishes relieving Casey of her outfit and then settles himself on his belly between her thighs. His tongue is busy as he probes her slippery slit. Finding her clit, he focuses on that button of nerves until Casey's breath is coming in gasping moans. Then he curls up behind her and slides into her tight warmth from behind as he spoons with her on the couch.

    Gradually Casey rolls onto her knees with Sabi still buried inside her. They quickly transition from there to Casey straddling Sabi's hips and riding his fuck stick while he guides her with his hands tight around her waist. When Casey turns around to give Sabi some reverse cowgirl loving, it gives her the perfect opportunity to throw her head back and let sheer sensual bliss envelop her.

    On her back, Sabi watches up the line of her leg as Sabi continues to dominate her cock craving snatch. He makes certain to leave her satisfied before allowing his own orgasm to overcome him. When he pulls out, Casey is ready and waiting to give him a handy until he lets his load loose all over her belly. Resuming his spooning position behind Casey, Sabi draws her close to cuddle as she smiles at her replete body. – Your Wildest Dreams – S30:E13 added to

    12 January, 2019 (07:00) | Live Free Chat | By:

    Nubile Films - Your Wildest Dreams - S30:E13

    Nubile Films - Your Wildest Dreams - S30:E13

    featuring Daisy Stone and Logan Long.

    Added On:

    Jan 12, 2019


    Logan Long is enjoying a layabout in bed, but Daisy Stone isn't about to let that big morning wood go to waste. Dressed in a sheer nightie, she rubs her titties and lets the material slide up her hips until her ass that's covered in just a thong peeks out. Then she crawls into the bed and springs Logan's hardon free to fill her hands and mouth with its length and girth.

    Leaning in to get more comfortable, Daisy strokes slowly and works her way up to sucking in more and more of her treat. She keeps her hands busy as her head bobs, caressing and squeezing Logan to total stiffness. Then she takes his place on the bed so Logan can worship her body with his hands and mouth. When Daisy's nipples are hard peaks, Logan relocates down to fill his mouth with her musky arousal.

    When Logan gets on his knees to replace his tongue with his hardon, Daisy welcomes him inside with a low moan of delight. She spreads her thighs wide, then reaches down to rub her clit as Logan moves inside of her. Biting her lip, she keeps sensual eye contact as Logan brings her to her first luxurious climax of the day.

    Daisy isn't a one and done kind of girl, so she gets onto her hands and knees and guides Logan back into her heat. She watches over her shoulder as he sets a steady pace. Eventually, she raises her torso until her back hits Logan's chest, creating a delectable new angle of penetration.

    Rolling onto her side, Daisy once again positions Logan at her entrance so he can continue to stoke her passion. This position lets them enjoy physical closeness, but isn't quite the angle that Daisy needs to really get her motor running. Instead, she climbs on top of Logan and rides him long and hard as he guides her with his big hands.

    Finally satisfied with her morning of loving, Daisy slides off of Logan and resumes her blowjob. Her hard work eventually pays off as Logan indicates that he's getting close. A moment later, he hits Daisy in her smiling face with a cum shot that dribbles down her chin and leaves her fully sated. Moments later, Logan wakes up to realize that Daisy and her hot little body were only a dream.

    Hannah is currently Live Free Chat

    10 January, 2019 (06:19) | Live Free Chat | By: Who's On Now

    Hannah really wants to meet an extra-horny voyeur...

    Hannah says: "I get so aroused when people watch me on the cam!"

    The post Hannah is currently Live Free Chat appeared first on Lesbian Dating Personals.

    Hannah is currently Live Free Chat

    9 January, 2019 (10:17) | Live Free Chat | By: Who's On Now

    Take a good long look at Hannah's sexy bod...

    Hannah says: "The sight of my hot nude body is just ONE click away."

    Hannah is currently Live Free Chat

    9 January, 2019 (10:05) | Live Free Chat | By: Who's On Now

    Acting slutty on camera is Hannah's favorite hobby.

    Hannah says: "Click here to check out my measurements!"

    The post Hannah is currently Live Free Chat appeared first on Lesbian Dating Personals. – Champagne Kisses – S30:E12 added to

    9 January, 2019 (07:00) | Live Free Chat | By:

    Nubile Films - Champagne Kisses - S30:E12

    Nubile Films - Champagne Kisses - S30:E12

    featuring Cherry Kiss, Choky Ice and Darcia Lee.

    Added On:

    Jan 9, 2019


    Cherry Kiss and Darcia Lee are totally into each other, but to complete their passion they may need a man's touch. Choky Ice tries to be that man, but Cherry pushes him away. Instead, he drinks Champaign and watches as the girls peel each other's clothes off. They wait until they're down to their underwear to finally let Choky join in on the fun.

    Pulling Choky to the couch, the girls go down on their knees side by side and continue making out as their hands caress his man meat. They pull his erection out and then go to work with their mouths, licking and sucking. A blowjob like that can only lead to sex, which is exactly what happens once both girls have been relieved of the last of their clothing.

    Choky finds himself laying on the couch with his face buried in Cherry's nectar-filled pussy and Darcia's mouth wrapped around his stiffie. When Darcia shifts her hips and settles down onto Choky's dick to start riding him, his groan of excitement is drowned out by the musk of Cherry's twat. She continues to ride her boyfriend's face as Darcia rides his dick, leaving him the contented center of their threesome.

    When Cherry takes Choky's place in the middle, she settles in on her knees and prepares to take it from both ends. Her face is soon buried between Darcia's thighs, while Choky plants his hardon between Cherry's. Grabbing at Cherry's ass with his big hands, Choky drives in and out of her slippery snatch as Cherry works magic with her tongue to eke moans of delight from Darcia.

    Darcia gets her second pussy pounding of the evening when she takes Cherry's place on the couch. Laying on her back, she spreads her thighs as wide as they'll go as Choky alternates between banging her and lapping up her juices. Meanwhile, Cherry takes her time doing anything she can to double down on her lovers' pleasure before climbing onto Darcia's face and letting her girlfriend bring her to the brink of cumming again.

    Cherry gets one last ride on Choky's fuck stick when she climbs into his lap and lets Darcia take on the role of helper, but that's not quite enough for this hot blonde. She winds up on her back with Choky driving into her to the rhythm of her pussy's pulsing. As soon as he is certain that he has fully satisfied both of his lovers, Choky pulls out so that Darcia can help guide his dick as he blows his load all over Cherry's tummy. – Teasing The Clit – S30:E11 added to

    6 January, 2019 (07:00) | Live Free Chat | By:

    Nubile Films - Teasing The Clit - S30:E11

    Nubile Films - Teasing The Clit - S30:E11

    featuring Aria Logan and Arteya.

    Added On:

    Jan 6, 2019


    Arteya and Aria Logan walk home hand in hand, but Arteya can't wait until they've reached the privacy of their place before she gets her clit fondled. Lifting her dress outdoors, Arteya presents herself so that Aria can play with her clit with a vibrator. Then she walks around behind Aria and slides her hand down her girlfriend's pants to find her nice and wet.

    Thought the girls have enjoyed a touch of exhibitionism, they go inside for the real deal. Atreya is quick to get Aria out of her shirt and shorts, sliding her hands all over Aria's slim body. Aria returns the favor once Arteya has given her twat a nice rubdown as an opening act. Once the two girls are nude, they exchange a lingering kiss before Arteya once again takes charge.

    Easing Aria onto her back, Arteya dips her head and starts licking. She's magical with her mouth, making sure to probe every inch of Aria's delectable slit. She doesn't let up until Aria is moaning softly as her hips thrust into Arteya's mouth in time with the rhythm of her own sensual demands.

    The girls switch places as Aria comes down from her climax. Reaching her hand out to wind into her lover's hair, Arteya guides Aria right to the heart of her desire. Aria starts off with her tongue, but soon she has turned to her tiny little vibrator to get Arteya gasping with the excitement of her own orgasm.

    Taking the vibrator from Aria, Ateya presses her blonde girlfriend backwards and proves that she knows just how to wield her toy. Though Arteya is happy to keep it up until Aria cums again, Aria has other ideas. She settles herself side by side with Arteya, positioning herself so that they can each reach out to masturbate each other's landing strip snatches. Arteya keeps hold of the vibrator, but neither girl stops until the other has found their release one last time. Cuddling together, the girls bask in their mutual afterglow of a passionate encounter. – All For Lust – S30:E10 added to

    3 January, 2019 (07:00) | Live Free Chat | By:

    Nubile Films - All For Lust - S30:E10

    Nubile Films - All For Lust - S30:E10

    featuring Cindy Shine and Dan.

    Added On:

    Jan 3, 2019


    It's 2:00 and Cindy Shine and her flame Dan have decided to meet up for a bit of afternoon delight. Cindy pulls Dan close to give him a deep kiss, then relocates to the couch once she's assured that he's as ready to go as she is. Dan starts his exploration of Cindy's body by revealing her small breasts. Then he urges her to her feet so he can fill his hands with her bottom and drop kisses all over her hip and thigh.

    Once Cindy has been relieved of her skirt, Dan lays her back on the couch and buries his face between her thighs. He goes right to work with his tongue, lapping at her clitoris and the cream filled delight of her bald slit. Throwing her head back in delight, Cindy rides one wave of ecstasy after another until Dan eventually pulls back from his oral ministrations.

    Cindy drops to her knees in front of Dan to relieve him of his clothes, smiling hugely once his big stiffie springs free. She strokes the length, then leans in to drop a kiss on the head of Dan's dick. Once she's down there, it's easy for her to settle in for a blowjob that won't quit until Cindy has had her fill of sucking and slurping.

    When Cindy turns around and positions herself on the couch, Dan is quick to come up behind her. Resting his hands on her tanned hips, he guides his fuck stick until he's positioned at Cindy's entrance. Then he thrusts his hips to enter her, kicking off a doggy style pussy pounding that leaves Cindy moaning in true bliss.

    Then Dan positions himself on the couch with Cindy perched on top of him. Her stiffie ride is filled with enthusiasm, especially once she finds just the right angle of penetration to really get her motor running. Even better, though, is when Cinday lays back on the couch and lets Dan do the work as he thrusts his hips until Cindy is once again pulsing around him with orgasmic bliss. Only then does he pull out, watching as Cindy strokes his dick until he covers her belly in a shot of cum. – Ready To Please – S30:E9 added to

    31 December, 2018 (07:00) | Live Free Chat | By:

    Nubile Films - Ready To Please - S30:E9

    Nubile Films - Ready To Please - S30:E9

    featuring Brad Sterling and Kennedy Kressler.

    Added On:

    Dec 31, 2018


    Kennedy Kessler has a surprise for her beau Brad Sterling. She goes to into the bathroom and peels off her clothes down to her underwear. Then she pulls out a sexy maid outfit that she's been saving for a special occasion. After she slips into the lingerie, she gives herself one last look in the mirror and then struts out the door to make Brad's day.

    When Brad lays eyes on his girlfriend, he can't help the grin that crosses his face. She's hot as hell as she uses her feather duster to clean up while making sure Brad gets a good look at the way her super skinny frame looks in her costume. Giving Brad a kiss, Kennedy gets down on her knees to use her mouth to suck his dick clean.

    Her blowjob is sweet and sensual, leaving Brad hard as a rock and eager for a taste of his lovely partner. He helps her lay down on the couch and buries his face between her thighs so he can enjoy the heat of her through her panties. Pushing that scrap of fabric aside, Brad enjoys a sample of Kennedy's pussy juices before he relieves her of her underwear and pushes himself balls deep into her cream filled sheath.

    By the time Kennedy takes control of their lovemaking, she has shed the maid costume entirely and is deliciously naked. She slides into Brad's lap, making sure to impale herself firmly on his fuck rod. Then, with Brad's hands on her hips to help guide her movements, she starts bouncing up and down for an enthusiastic ride in her tight twat.

    They try out doggy style next, with Kennedy propping herself against the couch and hanging on while Brad pistons into her juicy snatch. Then Brad curls up behind Kennedy, sliding back inside for some spooning sex. This ball slapping position really does it for Kennedy, making it easy for her to rub her own clit and for Brad to engage in a little light breath play.

    As Brad feels his sweet and sexy little girlfriend come undone in his arms, he can't hold back another moment. He pulls out at the last second, covering Kennedy's bare twat in his cum shot. They cuddle together in the aftermath, enjoying the sleepy somnolence of a good time well spent. – Ready To Please – S30:E9 added to

    31 December, 2018 (07:00) | Live Free Chat | By:

    Nubile Films - Ready To Please - S30:E9

    Nubile Films - Ready To Please - S30:E9

    featuring Brad Sterling and Kennedy Kressler.

    Added On:

    Dec 31, 2018


    Kennedy Kessler has a surprise for her beau Brad Sterling. She goes to into the bathroom and peels off her clothes down to her underwear. Then she pulls out a sexy maid outfit that she's been saving for a special occasion. After she slips into the lingerie, she gives herself one last look in the mirror and then struts out the door to make Brad's day.

    When Brad lays eyes on his girlfriend, he can't help the grin that crosses his face. She's hot as hell as she uses her feather duster to clean up while making sure Brad gets a good look at the way her super skinny frame looks in her costume. Giving Brad a kiss, Kennedy gets down on her knees to use her mouth to suck his dick clean.

    Her blowjob is sweet and sensual, leaving Brad hard as a rock and eager for a taste of his lovely partner. He helps her lay down on the couch and buries his face between her thighs so he can enjoy the heat of her through her panties. Pushing that scrap of fabric aside, Brad enjoys a sample of Kennedy's pussy juices before he relieves her of her underwear and pushes himself balls deep into her cream filled sheath.

    By the time Kennedy takes control of their lovemaking, she has shed the maid costume entirely and is deliciously naked. She slides into Brad's lap, making sure to impale herself firmly on his fuck rod. Then, with Brad's hands on her hips to help guide her movements, she starts bouncing up and down for an enthusiastic ride in her tight twat.

    They try out doggy style next, with Kennedy propping herself against the couch and hanging on while Brad pistons into her juicy snatch. Then Brad curls up behind Kennedy, sliding back inside for some spooning sex. This ball slapping position really does it for Kennedy, making it easy for her to rub her own clit and for Brad to engage in a little light breath play.

    As Brad feels his sweet and sexy little girlfriend come undone in his arms, he can't hold back another moment. He pulls out at the last second, covering Kennedy's bare twat in his cum shot. They cuddle together in the aftermath, enjoying the sleepy somnolence of a good time well spent. – She Cums First – S30:E8 added to

    28 December, 2018 (07:00) | Live Free Chat | By:

    Nubile Films - She Cums First - S30:E8

    Nubile Films - She Cums First - S30:E8

    featuring Amaris and Max Dior.

    Added On:

    Dec 28, 2018


    Max Dior has enlisted his girlfriend Amaris to help him paint his bedroom. The upside of Amaris being right there is that she's easy on the eyes and easily accessible whenever Max needs a break. This hair-trigger hottie is always ready to let her boyfriend peel off her shirt and fill his hands with her perfect fully breasts.

    Once they start kissing, Amaris is quick to prove that she's ready, willing, and eager to fuck. She pulls Max's stiffie out and wraps her lips around the tip. Bobbing her head with slow strokes, she sucks him in as deep as she can. Then she pulls back to give him a titty fuck between her full knockers.

    Max isn't about to let Amaris have all the fun, so he guides her to the bed and arranges her on her knees with her shorts down around her thighs. When she arches her back down, her ass waves in an invitation that Max isn't about to ignore. Leaning forward, he dives in for a pussy feast that doesn't stop until his hands come away from her fuck hole soaked.

    Getting on his knees behind Amaris, Max drives all the way inside. He pauses for a moment, then anchors his hands on Amaris's hips for a ball slapping fuck. When Amaris reaches backwards, Max captures her wrists and continues his pussy pounding. Instead, he does the job for her by reaching down to Amaris's clit and stroking her to climax.

    As Amaris's body pulses, Max flips her onto her back to keep on playing stud to her. He leans in to kiss her as his hips flex, bringing them both the pleasure they crave. The weight of Max's body pressing into hers brings another swift orgasm for Amaris, whose leg is trapped between them for better penetration.

    Amaris takes a brief break to suck Max's dick clean of her own juices, but by the time she climbs on top of him she's dripping wet and ready to keep fucking. Her stiffie ride gives way to a spooning session as Max keeps her leg up and thrusts his hips for both of their pleasure. He keeps it up until Amaris has reached her peak of ecstasy one last time, then blasts his load into her twat for a creampie delight.

    A Moroccan Gift – a Cuckold Sexstory

    27 December, 2018 (18:42) | Cuckold Sex Stories | By: Webcams and Sexstories

    by Makeitso (no address provided)


    An averagely endowed husband has always wanted to see if
    a better endowed man could please his wife more than
    him. During a holiday in Morocco, a large Arab man is
    more than willing to help and takes great delight in
    taking the wife in front of the husband. Despite the
    wife’s pleas that she is unprotected, no condom is used
    and the husband is too excited to stop the course of
    events. (MF, reluc-wife, husb-voy, cuck, preg)


    John and Carol were determined to enjoy their holiday in
    Morocco. It was their 5year wedding anniversary present
    to themselves and at the age of 28yrs, both with
    successful careers they had plenty to be thankful for.

    John was hoping the trip might take Carol’s mind off the
    subject of children, since of late she had been dropping
    more and more hints that it would be good to start the
    family that they had talked about. John didn’t feel
    ready however for all the intrusions that a baby would
    bring to their carefree lifestyles. At the back of his
    mind John also thought that once Carol had children his
    fantasy of seeing Carol with another man would
    disappear. It was a combination of his fantasy and a
    reticence to engage properly on the subject of babies
    that was to lead to the life changing holiday that they
    had embarked upon.

    Whilst packing for the holiday John had insisted that
    Carol should pack several revealing dresses together
    with ‘appropriate’ lingerie and two pairs of John’s
    favorite high heeled sandals. There was something about
    seeing Carol’s 5ft 6inch 125lb frame with long lithe
    legs dressed up like a model. No, to be correct John
    liked Carol to look slightly slutty since whenever they
    were out and she was dressed this way, numerous men
    would gaze at her long legs. John could imagine that
    they were all wondering what she would be like in bed
    with her long legs over their shoulders as they fucked

    This fantasy of seeing her taken by a bigger man in
    every sense, but certainly one who would be equipped
    with more than his 5 inches, surfaced more and more of
    late. It had led one evening during a session of
    foreplay, to John suggesting that Carol might like to
    flirt and let herself be seduced by a big man. John had
    been busy tonguing Carol’s sensitive nipples when he
    paused and slipped this suggestion into the
    conversation. Carol’s reaction had been immediate.

    She had berated John for thinking that she would consent
    to be with another man even if he did have a bigger cock
    than his. It was this last comment that suggested to
    John that she had at least recognized that his cock
    might be on the small side. Later during their love
    making when John’s condom covered cock was doing its
    best to make her feel good, he noticed that she seemed
    to be more excited than usual, but he wasn’t sure he
    could pin it on the talk of this fantasy lover.

    So several weeks later they were checking into their
    plush hotel in Morocco. As they completed the
    formalities at the desk, John was aware that several of
    the local men were ogling Carol’s bare legs. He said
    nothing but could feel his cock twitch and this
    continued when a young very dark skinned bell boy
    carried their cases up to their room. In the lift the
    bellboy stood behind Sarah and John could see him
    admiring her full curvaceous figure.

    When she stumbled on exiting the lift, John again
    noticed the bell boy quickly leap to her aid and put his
    muscular arm around her waist to help steady her. As
    Carol regained her balance and stood up her face came
    very close to the bellboy and just for a second they
    stared into each other’s eyes before each of them
    composed themselves.

    John was drinking up the spectacle and of course it only
    served to fuel the fantasies he had, especially as the
    man was so dark skinned. Carol seemed not to have
    noticed, although John was sure her cheeks had reddened
    and her breathing was erratic.

    Once they had unpacked they went out to dinner and again
    John noticed many of the local Arab men were openly
    staring at his blond wife. Even Carol noticed eventually
    and asked John what was going on. John explained that
    attractive blond western women were highly prized in
    this region since most local men only ever saw local
    women who were darker skinned and had dark hair. Carol
    accepted the explanation even though it made her
    uncomfortable. She did however notice that she became
    more aroused when thinking of all this attention from
    these dark swarthy men.

    Over the next two days John and Carol did some
    sightseeing and then on the third day they decided to go
    out to a club that had been recommended to them. Carol
    asked John what she should wear and of course John
    suggested that she wear her most revealing dress,
    stockings and five inch heeled strappy sandals. John
    didn’t know why he wanted her to dress this way in
    particular but he had a feeling that something might
    happen at the club.

    Carol protested and said “do you want to encourage all
    those men to ogle me even more?” John told her it was
    only harmless fun and since she had brought the clothes
    she should wear them. With reluctance Carol agreed and
    soon they were in a taxi heading to the club. Again John
    noticed that the driver was repeatedly looking in the
    mirror at Carol and he had the cheek to re-position the
    safety mirror so that he could look at Carol’s legs.
    John had to admire the man’s boldness and found himself
    smiling at the driver in response to his wink.

    Once in the club they found a quiet table and Carol was
    thankful that it was reasonably dark so that other men
    couldn’t stare at her so much. During a couple of dances
    John could see various men gazing at Carol’s body as she
    moved around the dance floor. For the most part Carol
    kept her eyes closed so that she couldn’t see who might
    be looking.

    After an hour or so and several drinks later both John
    and Carol were feeling very relaxed. They were sitting
    chatting when a tall muscular Arab man appeared at their
    table. “Pardon the intrusion,” he said, “but I wondered
    whether I could have a dance with your lovely wife?”
    John was immediately confronted by the opening gambit of
    his fantasy. Here was a man asking his wife to dance.
    Where might it lead?

    Carol on the other hand immediately said, “No thank you,
    I’m married, it wouldn’t be proper.”

    “Oh come on Carol, the man just wants a dance. You know
    you love dancing, why don’t you let…”

    “Abdou,” responded the dark stranger, “yes, why don’t
    you let Abdou have just one dance?”

    Carol was flustered, why was her husband letting another
    man dance with her? She couldn’t think of a reasonable
    objection and so she found herself saying ok to just one

    As she rose from the table Carol looked daggers at John.
    She couldn’t believe it.

    There was no further time for thought as the big Arab
    pulled Carol to the dance floor. As John watched he
    realised that Abdou was a big man. He looked to be about
    40yrs old but at some 6ft 4 inches in height he looked
    very muscular and fit. John watched as they danced to a
    fairly quick number and then when the music ended he
    could see Carol turn to come back to the table. Abdou
    however caught her arm and pulled her back. He was not
    going to let her go after just one dance.

    Oh no. Abdou wanted to hold this fair skinned beauty
    tight to his big body and hopefully she would feel his
    big cock as it erected against her taught and toned
    tummy. Yes he thought to himself I’m going to enjoy the
    slow seduction of this one.

    Abdou had been in the club when they arrived and had
    looked on with increasing arousal and excitement as this
    blond long legged wife had danced with her wimp of a
    husband. He didn’t care that they were married; on the
    contrary it made the chase and capture more exciting.
    After all he had done it many times before, but never
    with a woman as beautiful as this one.

    And so as he pulled Carol back to him he said “Please
    just one more, this is a slower number and we can relax
    a bit.”

    Carol again had no answer to the reasonable request. She
    could feel her heart thumping and herself blushing like
    a school girl at the thought of dancing with this hulk
    of a man. “Alright, I’ll dance one more.”

    Abdou smiled at her and Carol felt herself being pulled
    in close to the big man. Try as she might to keep him at
    arm’s length, the slow music made it a necessity to
    dance close. She sighed and gave up the struggle and let
    Abdou put his hand on her back and pulled her in close.

    Carol realised that she had no where to put her head
    other than against his chest and that’s when she
    realised how tall he was. With her five inch heels on
    she knew she was pushing 6 feet, yet Abdou still seemed
    to tower over her. As they moved around the dance floor
    Carol could smell his musky odour and strangely she
    found herself becoming aroused by the smell. To her
    shame she could feel her nipples hardening and was sure
    Abdou would notice. Abdou did indeed notice.

    With her head against his chest he could smell her
    scented hair and this coupled with the intimate
    closeness of their bodies caused his cock to grow and
    thicken. He hoped this American wife would feel his
    passion building against her lithe body. Carol certainly
    noticed something pushing into her tummy but couldn’t
    quite register what it was. “It can’t be his penis,” she
    thought, “It’s much too big, surely?”

    From John’s vantage point he had a ring side seat to the
    couple. It looked so sexual as they danced, the big
    tanned man holding his fair skinned wife close. He could
    see Abdou’s big hand on her lower back and every so
    often it would dip down onto her sexy bum. John wondered
    whether the big Arab was getting aroused by dancing so
    intimately with his wife and if so what Carol would
    think if she felt the man’s erection.

    Carol had exactly the same thoughts as she was guided
    round the dance floor expertly. As they danced she was
    constantly reminded of the huge bulge in Abdou’s
    trousers. She just couldn’t believe that it was this
    man’s penis; no man could have something so big surely?
    Abdou made sure that he pulled this sexy woman close at
    every opportunity and he hoped he was stoking the fire
    that would allow him to bed this wife later that night.

    When there was a break in the music, Carol excused
    herself and went to the restroom. Abdou sauntered over
    to the table where John was sitting. “She’s a good
    dancer isn’t she?” said John.

    “Oh yes the best,” agreed Abdou. He was trying to think
    of a way of progressing his slow seduction of this white
    woman and decided to be bold. “Look John, the band will
    be winding up soon, why don’t you both come back to my
    apartment and I’ll show you some Moroccan hospitality. I
    also have some special liquor that I know you’ll love.”

    John’s mind was racing with the possibilities of the
    situation. Would this be the chance to see his wife
    seduced and taken by this big stud? Supposing Carol
    won’t agree? Before he could engage his brain John found
    himself agreeing to Abdou’s offer. “Wonderful,
    wonderful,” beamed Abdou and he could feel his big cock
    twitch at the thought of bedding this beautiful wife.

    Just then Carol reappeared looking slightly less flushed
    than before. “What are you two talking about?” she said.

    Before John could say a word, Abdou said “Well my dear,
    your husband has kindly accepted by invitation of
    hospitality at my apartment.”

    Carol didn’t know what to say. She had thought John
    would whisk her off back to the hotel and give her the
    fucking she desperately needed. Rubbing up against
    Abdou’s manhood for over an hour had taken its toll and
    she could feel how wet she was. In fact in the restroom
    she had needed to dab at her inflamed pussy with tissue
    paper in order to stop her juices soaking her skirt. Why
    do I always get so wet when I’m ovulating she wondered?
    “Well I suppose we could come and see where you live,”
    she said, “but we mustn’t stay too late must we John?”

    “What? I err no, I suppose not,” stammered John as Abdou
    rose and offered Carol his arm.

    And so five minutes later the three of them found
    themselves heading off to an apartment where the lives
    of John and Carol would be changed forever. As they
    walked along John held one of Carol’s arms and Abdou the
    other. However after a while John consciously let go of
    his wife’s arm and stepped behind Abdou.

    This was not lost on the big Arab and he put his big
    protective arm around John’s wife as if to say to
    everyone she’s mine. If Carol hadn’t been so dazed by
    the evening’s events, she might have noticed various
    other Arab men smiling at Abdou with knowing grins. They
    had recognized the situation immediately; a western
    couple with cuckold husband following on as a big
    powerful Arab man led the wife to his bed.

    Soon they reached Abdou’s apartment and both John and
    Carol were pleasantly surprised at how spacious it was.
    “Let me get you some drinks,” said Abdou as both John
    and Carol collapsed into a big recliner.

    Having sorted the drinks, Abdou put some music on and
    walking over to Carol he said, “Can we have another
    dance Carol, you’re such a good dancer?”

    Before Carol could answer she felt her husband pushing
    her up. “Go on Carol, you know how much you enjoy it.”

    John secretly wanted to see his wife in the arms of this
    Adonis again and who knows maybe more. Having no real
    reason to object, Carol agreed and as she accepted
    Abdou’s hand she couldn’t help but feel a shiver at the
    thought of being reacquainted with his penis, albeit
    covered by his trousers. She had a suspicion however
    that he wasn’t wearing any under garments since his
    penis had seemed so clearly outlined back in the club.

    As he clasped her to himself Abdou could feel his big
    cock twitch once again. He moved one hand down to the
    small of her back, just to test the waters and meeting
    no resistance after another minute or so he moved his
    hand onto her sexy bottom. He could feel through the
    thin dress that Carol wasn’t wearing pants, or perhaps
    only very skimpy ones and he couldn’t wait to see her

    Carol felt lost in a different world as she circled
    round with this big man. Not only she could feel his
    penis growing hard against her once more, but she felt
    his big hand on her bottom pulling her onto his
    hardness. When she looked at her husband she noticed
    that he was just rubbing his own penis through his
    trousers. “My goodness,” she thought, “he’s getting
    turned on watching us. Supposing I flirt a bit more and
    show him what he’s missing?”

    With that Carol deliberately started to open her legs
    and let Abdou’s muscular leg rub against her inflamed

    This change in Carol’s demeanor was not lost on Abdou.
    He let his hands roam all over the back of this sexy
    white wife and he leaned down to kiss and nibble her
    neck and ears. He heard Carol sigh and knew that he was
    close to capturing this sexy wife. “Carol, let’s give
    John a show to remember shall we?”

    Carol was brought back from her dreamlike state by
    Abdou’s question. “What do you mean?” she asked.

    Almost in a whisper Abdou said, “Just this.”

    He had already found the zipper that ran down the back
    of Carol’s dress and he had it in his hands as he spoke
    to her. He slowly started to pull the zipper down and it
    was half way down her back before Carol realised what
    was happening. “Wait Abdou, we can’t do this I’m

    “So what of it, John wants me to undress you, don’t you

    John had no hesitation in replying in the affirmative.
    This is what he had wanted for so long.

    Caught in the confusion and surprise of hearing her
    husband say that he wanted to see another man, a
    stranger at that, undress her, Carol just stood while
    Abdou pulled the zipper right down and then eased the
    dress off her shoulders. Suddenly she realised that she
    was standing in only her stockings and garter belt,
    thong panties and her high heels.

    As she looked up at Abdou she saw something that she
    hadn’t seen in a man for years and that was undisguised
    lust. This man was lusting after her, this married
    women! She should have felt ashamed at her feelings but
    she didn’t. Having got half naked, she realised that she
    was enjoying the attention of this muscular Arab man. In
    fact she decided to walk around in front of him as if to
    say ‘look at what my husband has and you haven’t’.

    This might have been a foolish act, but it merely served
    to confirm what both men knew. For Abdou it confirmed
    that Carol was absolutely gorgeous, the sexiest western
    women he had ever seen and that she needed to be loved
    sexually. For John as he fingered his painfully erect
    cock, he knew that he was just a few steps away from
    pushing his wife into bed with another man. He was close
    to realizing his fantasy.

    Abdou pulled Carol to him, lifted her face to his and he
    kissed her. Carol would always remember that first kiss
    since it was both passionate but more significantly the
    precursor to her crossing a line that could not be re-
    crossed, and to setting in motion events that would last
    her and her husband a lifetime. She accepted his big
    tongue into her mouth and her tongue fenced with his.
    She could feel his big hands roaming all over body now
    and she could also feel her over ripe vagina juicing up

    Suddenly Abdou broke the kiss and taking Carol’s hand
    said, “Come we’ll be more comfy in here.” So saying, he
    led Carol into the adjoining bedroom in which there was
    an enormous bed surrounded by mirrors and also as Carol
    noticed a mirror above the bed on the ceiling. The
    significance of this she would remember later.

    In her trance like state it seemed quite natural that
    Abdou should start to remove his clothing. Both Carol
    and John watched as the big man removed his shirt to
    reveal a hugely muscled chest and then he dropped his
    trousers and just as Carol had suspected he wore no
    underwear. His big cock reared up in all is magnificence
    and Abdou was gratified to hear both husband and wife
    express surprise at his size.

    Abdou walked over to the bed where Carol was sitting and
    stood in front of her, his big cock semi erect. Carol’s
    head was at the same level as the big man’s groin and
    she was amazed at the whole size and muscularity of this
    man. Her trance like state was broken by Abdou who said
    softly “Take my cock into your mouth.”

    Carol was aghast, “I can’t! It’s dirty and I’ve never
    done that before.”

    Abdou laughed to himself. This wife was indeed naive and
    yet he was gratified that he would be the first man to
    have his cock sucked by her. Lifting her face so that
    she could look into his eyes, Abdou said, “Do it, you
    know you want to taste it and I want it now.”

    There was forcefulness behind his words that seemed to
    command Carol to do this act that had always seemed so
    abhorrent to her. And so she found herself reaching out
    and taking Abdou’s cock in her hand and stroking it.

    Carol watched in fascination as her actions caused the
    cock to grow. Within a few strokes Abdou’s cock grew
    close to full erection at around 10 inches.

    If Carol had been taken aback by this Arabs size
    earlier, now she was astounded. She only had her
    husband’s penis to compare this to and she knew that his
    was only five inches. This magnificent specimen was
    double that and much thicker. From his vantage point
    John was also amazed that a man could have a cock so
    big. Yes he had read stories of men with large cocks,
    but seeing one close up was amazing. John also felt a
    wave of excitement when he realised that his wife would
    be taking something that big into her pretty mouth.

    Abdou loved the silky feel of this pretty wife’s finger
    wrapped around his throbbing cock. As he watched her
    face he could see the conflict in this innocent women
    and was looking forward to the final conquest. Suddenly
    he felt Carol’s tongue swirling around the underside of
    his shaft and he couldn’t help but let out a groan of

    As for Carol she was warming to her task and found that
    licking a penis was not that bad after all. She loved
    the way it throbbed in her hand and she realised that
    she had the power to make this big man feel good. As she
    allowed more of his penis onto her mouth she decided she
    would do her best to make him enjoy it and hopefully
    bring him off so that she and her husband could go home
    for some passionate love making. If only she knew how
    wrong she was!

    Neither Abdou nor John were in a hurry for things to
    come to an end. Although Abdou was really enjoying this
    western wife sucking his cock, he knew it was her cunt
    that he had to possess in order to fully cuckold this
    husband. And so with much sadness after some five
    minutes of Carol doing her best to please him, Abdou
    pulled away from her.

    Carol looked disappointed. “Didn’t I please you?” she

    “Yes, yes,” sighed Abdou, “but I don’t want to come in
    your pretty mouth.” So saying, he helped Carol on to the
    center of the bed and pushed her onto her back. “Now I
    am going to return the favor and make you feel good.”

    Carol was puzzled at what Abdou had in mind, but when
    she saw his big head dive down between her legs and his
    tongue come into contact with her vagina, she knew what
    he had in mind. “No, not there, it’s so dirty, I… oh,
    oh Abdou I…” Her sentence was unfinished as she felt
    electric shocks running through her loins as this man
    licked and probed and sucked.

    Abdou loved the smell and taste of this wife. Like all
    western women he loved how fresh they smelt and how
    neatly her bush was trimmed, not like the local women at
    all. He was going to make this naive wife beg for his
    cock and show her sissy husband how a woman should be

    John looked on with a mixture of excitement but some
    jealousy as well. Carol had never let him lick her down
    there, but there again he had never been that forceful
    with her. He now realised that he should have been more
    dominant with her. John realised that his own cock was
    straining for release and so he dropped his pants and
    underwear and took his throbbing cock in hand and
    started to toss himself off at the sight in front of

    Carol was fast approaching her first orgasm and she knew
    it was going to be a big one. The pleasure just kept on
    growing and building and growing until with a massive
    shriek and gripping the sheets in her hands she arched
    her whole body as her orgasm broke. She felt as if
    someone had connected her to an electric supply. Her
    whole body was tingling with pleasure radiating out from
    her core; her vagina seemed to be acting as the dynamo
    for her pleasure.

    Abdou was gratified that he brought this wife off is
    such a spectacular manner. He was certain she would
    never have had such a big or intense orgasm before. He
    kept on sucking and licking as Carol shook and writhed
    and he was genuinely surprised at how hard she had come
    off. He could feel her body pulsing into his face.

    It took a few minutes for Carol to come down from the
    massive high that she had just experienced. As she came
    back to reality she felt the big man moving up over her
    body until he was lying on top of her and his big brown
    eyes were looking into hers. Without hesitation Carol
    lifted her face to his and kissed him. “Thank you Abdou,
    that was amazing, I have never felt like that before.”

    “It was my pleasure,” said Abdou, “but the best is still
    to come.”

    “What do you mean,” Carol asked, thinking that now would
    be a good time to leave.

    “I’m going to make love to you and make you feel like a
    real woman,” said Abdou.

    “Oh no, I can’t make love to you, I’m married and I
    can’t break my marriage vows.”

    “But your husband wants to see me make love to you and
    admit it, you’re dying to feel what a cock like mine
    would feel like aren’t you?”

    “No, I-I… I’m not I… John is he right? Do you want
    him to make love to me? I’m your wife, it would be

    Both Carol and Abdou turned towards John and what a
    picture he was, sitting in a chair with pants around his
    ankles and small cock in hand. John was caught up in the
    sheer spectacle and overcome by lust. He knew he had to
    see Abdou make love to his wife, here was his chance to
    fulfill his fantasy and watch his wife being taken by a
    big cocked stranger. “Yes I want Abdou to please you. He
    deserves to make love to you after pleasuring you like
    he has.”

    Abdou smiled, he knew his husband was under his spell
    and would not stop him from taking his wife. “See, he
    wants it and you want it.” As he spoke Abdou was rubbing
    his bloated cock head across Carol’s sopping cunt and
    made sure that he kept dragging his cock across her
    inflamed clitoris.

    “Put me in,” said Abdou.

    Carol’s mind was in turmoil, she couldn’t believe that
    her husband wanted another man to make love to her, and
    yet he had said it front of them both. “Ok,” she
    whispered, “put a condom on and make love to me.”

    “I’m sorry,” said Abdou, “but I won’t be using a condom,
    I never use them and besides they don’t fit me anyway.”

    Carol’s eyes widened, “No, no way, you’ve got to use a
    condom, I’m not on the pill and totally unprotected. I
    can’t risk getting pregnant by you, especially as I’m
    fertile right now.”

    John had been avoiding the question of contraception in
    his mind, but he knew that his ultimate fantasy was to
    see his wife fucking another man bareback. And so he
    found himself saying “It’s alright Carol, let Abdou take
    you bareback, he will be careful and pull out before he
    comes. Besides, his cock will feel much better without
    anything wrapped round it.”

    Carol couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Her husband
    wanted her to make love with another man and to cap it
    all to take her without any protection. Was he mad? She
    had never had a bare cock inside her, since she and John
    always used condoms. However she had to admit she was
    curious as to what Abdou’s cock would feel like skin to
    skin and so she found herself telling him, “Abdou, you
    can make love to me without a condom, but promise me you
    will be very careful and pull out before you come. Will
    you promise me that?”

    Looking into her trusting eyes, Abdou said, “I will do
    my best to be careful; we will both listen to what our
    bodies need and want.”

    Carol didn’t quite understand what that meant but she
    believed he was going to be a gentleman and pull out
    before he came.

    “Now put me into you,” Abdou said with a tone that
    suggested that Carol should comply. “And you husband,
    come over here and watch as your wife takes my big

    And so it was that Carol found herself gripping Abdou’s
    big cock with her left hand and John watched in awe as
    his lovely wife held the Arab’s shaft. It seemed
    especially erotic as Carol’s wedding bands caught the
    light as she rubbed this stranger’s cock up and down her
    slit and then eased the giant head into the split of her

    As Abdou pushed a couple of inches in to Carol he heard
    her intake of breath. As for Carol she felt as if
    something was trying to split her vagina in two. Abdou
    kept up the firm and insistent pressure and suddenly he
    had six inches pushed into the squealing wife.

    “I bet I’m deeper than your husband now aren’t I Carol?”
    said Abdou.

    “Oh yes you are, is there much more to go?” moaned

    “Yes, but you can take it, just relax.” And so Abdou
    began a gentle rocking motion that saw him gradually
    work more and more of his big cock into the welcoming
    channel of this wife.

    As John looked on he could see that Carol was gradually
    opening up for Abdou and after a few minutes the big
    Arab had managed to stuff all of his cock into his wife.
    He could see Abdou’s big balls pushing up against
    Carol’s bum and he became aware of his wife whimpering
    and making little ‘uh uh’ noises each time the big shaft
    was pushed fully home.

    Abdou was in heaven, he had never felt such a tight
    gripping, quivering pussy before and the feelings
    encircling his cock were fantastic. His initial thoughts
    that this wife would be a great fuck were being realised
    as he ploughed his big cock into the whimpering wife.
    Carol was also sharing the wonderful sensations being
    generated by Abdou’s cock.

    She couldn’t believe that she had taken this man’s
    entire massive penis into her vagina, but when she had
    felt his big balls slapping her pert bum, she knew that
    she had taken him all. Yes there had been some
    discomfort especially when his cock head had pushed into
    her cervix, but after a while she felt that he had
    pushed that barrier open and now the pain had been
    replaced by a feeling of being totally full, totally
    stuffed to her core. Any misgivings about letting
    another man make love to her had vanished and she now
    realised what she had been missing, with a small cocked
    man as a husband.

    Deciding to abandon herself to the fuck, Carol looked up
    and for the first time noticed the mirrors on the
    ceiling. She was mesmerized by the reflection of Abdou
    covering this fair skinned white woman, whose long
    stocking clad legs were draped across the man’s calves.
    Could this really be me, Carol wondered. As she gazed at
    the reflection she noticed the body of the woman jerking
    in time to the thrusts of the big Arab. She marveled at
    the muscular form of the man and in particular the large
    thrusting bum that was driving an enormous cock in and
    out of her body.

    John was getting more and more worked up as he watched
    his wife being taken by the big Arab. As he stroked his
    cock he hoped that he would not come before Abdou pulled
    out and sprayed his come across his wife. As he knelt by
    the bed he realised just how erotic the couple looked,
    the fair skinned wife clad only in strappy stiletto
    sandals, long lithe legs encased in nylons, draped
    across the thighs of the dark skinned Arab whose body
    was focused on driving a big cock in and out of this
    unprotected wife.

    The contrast in the two skin colors was fantastic and to
    see his wife’s hand around the back of the Arab, wedding
    bands twinkling as she held close this man who was so
    expertly ploughing her willing furrow. Although he was
    excited beyond belief, there was a nagging doubt at the
    back of his mind about pregnancy.

    Although Abdou had promised he would pull out before he
    came, could he be trusted? After all, the feeling of
    fucking another man’s wife’s unprotected and fertile
    womb must be tremendous and wouldn’t he want to finish
    the fuck by spewing his virile seed inside her?

    These thoughts were interrupted by the moans from his
    wife, who had become more vociferous over the past few
    minutes. John realised she was going to come again.
    Abdou knew as well, he could feel Carol’s grip
    tightening on him and when she moved her legs up around
    his waist and grabbed his neck he could feel her orgasm
    begin. “Ohhh yes, oh my god, ahh I’m coming, yes, yes

    Carol thought she would faint as her orgasm engulfed
    her. The pleasure was indescribable; every part of her
    body seemed to come alive as she thrashed around on the
    huge fuck stick that was pounding her convulsing cunt.

    Abdou rode through her orgasm, determined not to let the
    pace of his fucking lessen. As the white wife lessened
    her grip on his neck, he was gratified to feel her long
    sexy legs clasped around his thrusting buttocks. What a
    sight it must be for her pathetic husband. Well it
    wouldn’t be long now; soon it would be time for them to
    receive his Moroccan gift, as he emptied the contents of
    his big balls into the helpless wife. He prayed to God
    she was ovulating today so that he could seed her in
    front of her husband.

    Gradually as Carol came down from the high of her orgasm
    she realised that Abdou was becoming more urgent in his
    love making. She guessed that he had to be getting close
    to orgasm himself, after all he’d been fucking her for
    ages. “Abdou!” she gasped between thrusts, “don’t forget
    to pull out will you?”

    There was no reply from Abdou other than a grunt.

    “Abdou are you listening? Please be careful, don’t come
    inside me or I will get pregnant.”

    Abdou lifted himself up on his arms and stared down into
    the eyes of Carol. “I’m sorry Carol, but I’ve got to
    come inside you and fill you with my Arab seed, it’s my
    duty to send you home a real woman, one who has been
    fucked and seeded by a big cock.”

    John was roused to say something, “No Abdou, you
    promised, please don’t make her pregnant with your baby,
    everyone will know. Pull out and come on her breasts.”

    “Yes, yes,” said Carol, “please do that, don’t come in
    me please I’m begging you.”

    Abdou just smiled. “Sorry, I’m going to fuck a baby into
    you. I’m going to show your husband how a woman should
    be impregnated and I’ll send you home with an Arab baby
    to swell you womb. Now hold on and prepare for your
    Moroccan gift.”

    So saying Abdou set to on the last part of his journey
    in the cuckolding of this western couple. He could feel
    his Muslim seed churning in his big balls and he knew he
    had plenty to inseminate the womb of this women. As he
    brought his fucking to a climax he noticed that Carol
    was once again tightening her grip on him. He could feel
    her cross her ankles over his bum and once again her
    hands were pulling his head down toward her.

    As he dipped his head lower he felt Carol pull his ear
    close to her mouth and he heard her whisper the words,
    “Seed me Abdou, make me pregnant, I want my belly to
    swell with your Arab child.”

    Abdou was amazed at her sudden change but not totally
    surprised. He had seen it before, when white women
    succumbed to lust and yearned for his spunk in their
    fertile wombs. Well he wouldn’t disappoint this beauty,
    if she wanted a baby; he would certainly give her one.

    John was frantically masturbating and scarcely able to
    breathe thinking about what was about to happen. He knew
    he couldn’t stop Abdou putting his Arab seed into his
    wife, but part of him knew he had to witness this
    ultimate betrayal of their marriage vows. With a sudden
    groan he came, his thin watery sperm splashing uselessly
    across his legs.

    Just at that moment, Abdou felt his spunk beginning to
    rise. “Oh Carol, I’m going to come and fill you with my
    seed, here comes my baby you western slut.”

    Carol could feel Abdou’s cock swell inside her and knew
    he was about to come. “Yes my love, give it to me, breed
    me, make me yours and swell my belly with your baby.”

    Abdou groaned, “Arghhh..oh yes here it is…” and with
    that he roared like a bull and started to fire his
    virile seed into the fertile womb of this lovely wife.
    Again and again he pumped as wave after wave of his
    sperm was pushed into the helpless wife.

    John watched on with a mixture of fascination and horror
    as he saw the big man’s bum muscles clench time and time
    again, knowing full well that this was signalling
    volleys of spunk being fired into the unprotected womb
    of his wife.

    The climax seemed to go forever, which was not perhaps
    surprising since Abdou hadn’t come for nearly two weeks.
    Carol was getting the benefit of his swollen balls.
    Eventually however the thrusting stopped and the pair of
    them lay recovering from the fantastic mating.

    Abdou made sure that he kept his big cock plugged inside
    of Carol to ensure that his sperm did its job. Not that
    he needed to bother since his big cock had fired his
    seed directly into her uterus and as they lay his seed
    was seeking out the helpless wife’s egg.

    Carol lay softly stroking Abdou’s back and she
    continually kissed the man who has just made her a
    mother. Oh yes, she was in no doubt that the combination
    of large cock, big balls and her state of fertility
    would combine to make her pregnant. She didn’t want to
    let Abdou go, but eventually the big man pulled out of
    her and stood looking down at his conquest.

    John just sat spellbound looking at the flushed body of
    his freshly fucked wife and his gaze was drawn to her
    sex which was plastered with their combined love juices.

    After Abdou had cleaned himself up he said to Carol, “If
    you want some more come back tomorrow and I will make
    love to you again.”

    Carol looked at him through lust filled eyes and said,
    “I might just do that, after all, we want to make sure
    that I’m pregnant don’t we!”

    John didn’t know what to say, but sat in silence as his
    wife dressed and they hardly spoke a work all the way
    back to the hotel.

    When John got into bed with Carol he thought that he
    should make love to his wife to give his sperm a chance
    to impregnate her. However he was rebuffed by Carol who
    told him she had to know who the father of a baby would
    be and so that until her next period came she would only
    fuck Abdou. John didn’t know what to say, but knew that
    at least temporarily he had lost his wife to the Arab.

    And so it was that for the next five days Carol visited
    Abdou’s apartment, where she was thoroughly fucked and
    seeded numerous times. On the day they were due to go
    home, she got Abdou to fuck her four times and she
    boarded the plane home with his seed dripping out of her
    cunt and soaking her pants.

    Once back home they waited for Carol’s period to come
    but of course it never did. After two months Carol took
    a home pregnancy test and went slightly pale when she
    realised that she was indeed pregnant with an Arab baby.

    Despite arguments with John, there was however no chance
    of her getting rid of the baby and she told John she
    would carry it to full term. What she would tell her
    parents she had no idea, but she knew one thing and that
    was every time she looked at her swelling belly she
    would remember the fantastic fucking that her given her
    their first baby.


    A Happy Marriage – A Cuckold Sexstory

    27 December, 2018 (18:39) | Cuckold Sex Stories | By: Webcams and Sexstories

    by C.D.E. (


    A newlywed husband discovers a quirk about his new wife
    that may contribute to their marital happiness.


    AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is another of my older story plots
    that I drafted some years ago. I cleaned it up a bit
    to post. Enjoy!

    Story: A Happy Marriage
    Author: C.D.E.

    ABSTRACT: A newlywed husband discovers a quirk about his
    new wife that may contribute to their marital happiness.

    Husband: Nolan
    Wife: Nora

    My wife Nora is such an angel. She let me know that
    my size didn’t matter when she found out how small my
    penis was. She said that there was more to love and
    marriage than sexual dimensions.

    “Nolan, true love is based on emotional devotion to
    each other, not appendage length. Love will lets us work
    around and overcome such trivial things.” Her words made
    me feel so overly delighted to be in love with this

    Nora never let me put it in until we were married,
    even though I was the virgin, not her. You see, she
    thought it would be neat to marry a virgin. She confessed
    she’d had a sexual adventure when she was a teenager, and
    therefore lost her virginity early.

    After we were dating for about six months, we started
    becoming intimate. She then started jerking me off after
    she had me lick her off first. It was her idea for me to
    perform oral sex on her. She gave me some literature on
    how to perform “Proper Cunnilingus” or in simple terms
    “Proper Pussy Sucking”. She also gave me many pointers on
    her personal preferences too. Hence, I became an
    accomplished cunt sucker for my beloved. It was so
    exciting for me to be intimate with her in this manner and
    to get her off in this way, even if my face was smeared
    from the abundant syrupy wetness of her sex.

    The other thing that pleased me was that Nora’s mother
    had also taken me aside and let me know that she too
    encouraged me to suck her daughter’s pussy as a way to
    compliment or make up for my lack of “sizable equipment”,
    which her daughter had talked over with her.

    “I told Nora about oral sex and apparently you’ve been
    doing a great job, she simply adores your mouth, lips and
    tongue on her pussy. She says just thinking about what you
    do makes her wet and juicy.”

    My face turned red at my future mother-in-law’s words.
    However, they also pleased me. I told her I appreciated
    her assistance and support.

    She also revealed to me that it was her that gave Nora
    the booklet on “pussy sucking” – her words.

    After graduation from college, we got married and I
    got my first real job.

    Things were going real on the job until I discovered
    that my co-workers were getting a bit too involved in my

    That is, I found out they were going out of their way
    to be helpful to us in regard to our settling down in this
    new city, especially my wife. You see they were helping my
    wife get the longer length of cock that would hit up
    against the bottom of her cunt. They also were giving her
    more sexual stamina than I could.

    After a bit over two years with that company, I
    decided it was time for a relocation to a different job and
    different town. Besides, my wife’s adultery was becoming
    obvious. I found out about her activities by using a bug
    on our phone.

    The evidence was very incriminating against my Nora,
    but I made a decision to forgive and forget about this
    incident and see if a relocation was the answer to remind
    her of her marriage vows and to remind her she should be

    You see I still loved Nora deeply.

    We made the move to a new city and my new job.
    Throughout it all, I never mentioned my suspicions about
    her infidelity.

    However, we did have a new baby boy before the move.
    It was obvious the baby was not mine, however, I also said
    nothing about that and assumed paternity. My wife was
    insistent on naming him Stephen. I was against that name,
    since the baby resembled one of my co-workers named Steve –
    whom I resented due to his constant bragging of his many
    bedroom conquests, especially those of married women.

    However, to keep peace between Nora and myself, I
    capitulated to her desire to name our son after his obvious
    biological sire.

    I guess it doesn’t help that my wife is so beautiful.
    She has a dynamite shape, being 36-26-34. She has jet-
    black hair and a little wiggle with the sway of her hips
    that drives me, and apparently other men too, wild.

    It also doesn’t help that she seems to be keen on
    having her trysts with men that I work with.

    My new boss has also been with her. The problem is
    that I don’t know if she’s only going with one or two of
    the guys in my new office or all 7 of my male co-workers.

    Within a few months of Nora and I having attended a
    few company social functions, it was deja-vue all over

    In the men’s room and other places at work, when I
    walk in, there is either silence or conversations are
    quickly changed to new subjects. It’s easy to tell when the
    subject of the conversation has changed because of my

    As before, I got all the scoop about my wife
    preferring my co-workers from some elementary sleuthing I
    did by tapping our phone line with a miniature recorder.

    In one conversation with one of the guys in the office
    – Bob – he asked her a question why she cheated with her
    husband’s co-workers. Her reply; “I get off on cheating
    with men that work with him. He’s such a nice guy, but
    it’s a great turn on to cuckold him by sexing it up with
    better-equipped guys he works with. I know it’s kinda
    kinky, but I dig it.”

    She went on to say that she truly loved me, but did
    the same thing with guys in the office in the last city we
    came from. Her saying she loved me was some consolation.

    She went on to further say that since I couldn’t pull
    my weight in bed, it added to her pleasure to have men who
    worked with me give her what I couldn’t. To my chagrin,
    she reveled to Bob and George, both co-workers, that I was
    a great hairpie eater and that she loved pulling my head in
    her crotch to finish off what I’d started with my 4 and _
    incher. She eagerly revealed that I couldn’t last longer
    than five minutes in her hot wet muff. Both times the men
    chuckled as she giggled telling them how she’s been getting
    me to eat my own cum in the process as I tongue her to a
    blissful orgasm.

    “I think it really adds to me getting my rocks off
    knowing he’s done that.” She also added in the
    conversation with George.

    I was truly hurt and embarrassed when she let all of
    the men know, that is the dozen or so conversations I’ve
    been able to record to date, that she knew they might have
    some reservations about them going down on her since she
    knew, that they knew, she was fucking the whole office.
    “Don’t worry about licking my pussy, that job is reserved
    for my husband.” Her humiliating words cut right through

    From what I could deduce, She sees Bob every Tuesday
    afternoon, Sam and Jack on Wednesdays at varying times, and
    George on Thursday afternoon. From the best I could tell,
    Mondays and Fridays were open dates. It seemed that the
    fellows would drop by anytime, if they called ahead for a
    quickie or a blowjob. That included my boss who I found
    out alternated between Fridays, Mondays, and even an
    occasions, Wednesdays.

    From her adulterous phone calls, at least I know she
    loves me. She’s told all her lovers that. I know if I
    lose her, I will be extremely unhappy without her. She is
    such a joy in my life, despite all the emotional damage she
    has done to my self-esteem.

    I guess we all have our little quirks, and hers is
    cheating on me with my coworkers.

    It’s bad enough she’s adulterous, but with my co-
    workers is worse. However, her effervescent smile and
    spunky personality has me hooked to her and almost makes me
    not want to believe all the hard evidence I have against

    After giving our relationship so much thought, I keep
    coming to the same conclusion. That is, to continue to be
    the abject cuckold she has made me.

    If I confront her, I’m afraid she’ll leave. If she
    doesn’t leave, there’ll be increased tension between us
    because she knows I’ll be suspicious even when she does
    innocent things like going out with her girlfriends.

    Oh well, once again, just like at the old job, silence
    is the probably the best solution, that is unless she
    delivers another baby that surprisingly looks a lot like
    the guy that I knew about at work.

    Our two-year-old son looks so much like the guy named
    Steve, at my former office. As I’ve mentioned, it was one
    of the primary reason I left my old job and the town.

    I knew she had to know that the baby was not mine even
    though I didn’t say anything except acted like a doting new
    father. I could tell she was quite contented to see me
    that way.

    I was hoping her desire to do that was a one time
    event, but now I knew she was on the same road again. I
    didn’t know what to do.


    My Aunt Gloria and my wife’s mom sprung a surprise
    visit on us. They still lived in the city we moved from.

    I was almost certain that they both knew my wife had
    cheated on me with our son.

    When we were alone I asked her candidly.

    “Yes Nolan, we all knew it was not yours, but that
    shouldn’t matter now.” Nora’s mom replied.

    “Yes Nolan, I figured you’d come to the conclusion one
    day that your son was fathered by Steve, your co-worker.
    However, it’s good that Nora’s mother and I came when we
    did. We hope you weren’t thinking about doing anything
    foolish like wanting to divorce her.” My aunt’s words were
    also a shock to me.

    “F-Foolish? Are you saying I should just overlook
    what she’s done, and I might add is still doing?”

    “Yes dear nephew, you should.”

    I was taken aback by my Aunt’s answer and had to sit
    down. It was at this moment that Nora’s mom returned to
    the room where we were. She’d just put “our” 2-year-old
    son to bed for a nap.

    “Nolan, let me say you’re the ideal son-in-law and I
    love you. You’ve been good for Nora. Yes, your Aunt and
    I, as well as your mother and your sister too, did somewhat
    conspire against you. You see we did it because we
    thought, and still do, that you and Nora are ideal for each
    other, despite the fact you’ve discovered that she needs to
    be with other men from time to time.”

    I looked at Nora’s mom wide eyed. I was speechless at
    her revelation.

    “With you being so inexperienced, that’s why I told
    you about pleasing my Nora with your tongue and what to
    expect in the way of taste when you lapped and sucked her
    pussy. Remember me telling you that the more sloppier and
    gooey it was, especially if there was a milky white goo
    oozing from her slit, how that meant she was excited and
    aroused by you? Well dear Nolan, that was to introduce you
    to eating what’s call a cream pie. That is, her cunt after
    she’s had sex with another man. Gloria and I suspected
    you’d like it. Most men like you do.”

    I looked at her transfixed as I tried to process what
    she meant by `Most men like me’. The other thing that
    bothered me was that she was in on the conspiracy against

    After Nora and I were married, I came to the
    conclusion that I had been eating she and other men’s
    residual fuck slop during our engagement. I didn’t really
    realize it until Nora had me sucking my own jism from her
    pussy as I sought to provide her with sexual satisfaction,
    courtesy of my mouth.

    “That’s right Noland, once you got use to her tasting
    this way, and pleasing her also in this manner, it would
    strengthened your love for each other. It will also have
    the practical purpose of you keeping her satisfied sexually
    by you doing your part, while her outside lovers do their
    part. With the combination of other men’s cocks and your
    faithfulness and devotion to her, we knew you’d have a
    solid marriage. One thing we didn’t quite figure on was
    her wanting other men’s children, so that’s why we want to
    talk to you about that.” My Aunt explained.

    “What is there to talk about?” I managed to reply.
    “I-I love her, but I-I just can’t sit idly by while she
    lets other men knock her up.”

    “If you love her deeply, as we suspect you do, you
    will do so.” Aunt Gloria quickly replied.

    “Yes son, a good husband, would do that. And you’ve
    already shown that you are by moving away to another place
    after you suspected that you were not the real father of
    your handsome new son.”

    “I-I didn’t suspect it at first, b-but I-I knew t-that
    the ribbing and talk at the office would j-just be too much
    for me to take if w-word got out that our son looked like
    Steve.” I nervously replied to Nora’s mom’s comment.

    “Well for whatever reason, you still didn’t tell Nora
    and that shows that you loved her in spite of your

    I could only nod affirmatively at my aunt’s words.

    We three talked on and on for about two hours as they
    reiterated that I was doing the right thing to not to tell
    my wife about her sluttish adulterous ways.

    “She’s more deeply in love with you now than ever
    before. That is because you overlooked her having another
    man’s baby and did nothing but accept it as your own. Your
    actions have proved to her your deep love.” Nora’s Mom

    She went on to add.

    “It’s the kink thing dear boy. She’s even implied so
    to me. By you looking the other way, you’ll have a most
    harmoniously and loving marriage.”

    Life is full of paradoxes, but I too had come to a
    similar conclusion that Nora did indeed need her other
    `real men’ as an outlet to overcome her apparent sexual
    frustration with what I couldn’t do in the cock department.

    However, I’d also come to the conclusion, especially
    from the tapes, that she reveled in cuckolding me in a most
    humiliating way, that is, by secretly feeding me her other
    men’s cum – my co-workers at that – and, of course, having
    their babies too.

    “Nolan, as her mom, I can understand you being a
    little uptight about what you’ve found out about Nora.
    However, I also see how happy you two are. Just think
    about other couples who are always at each other’s
    throats.” Nora’s mom said with a serious countenance about

    “She right Nolan, you could have a worse situation,
    however, you’ve got an ideal marriage. Nora is loving to
    you and a good mother and wife. What more could you want?”
    My Aunt added.

    “What? A good wife?” I blurted out loudly.

    “Well, you’ll have to put up with a little humbleness
    at work, that is the whispers behind your back and that
    kind of thing. The stuff you mentioned earlier.”

    “Nolan, just sort of think of her as the office’s wife

    “After all, you can’t be running from one job to
    another the rest of your life.”

    “That is unless your job requires you to move

    “That’s it! If he had a job that required him to move
    frequently, that would reduce your problem with the
    perception of her humiliating you.”

    “P-Perception!” I shouted at the two women.


    After 10 years, Nora and I are still happily married.
    I’ve had my current job for ten years now also. It has
    been rewarding for me career wise, and has also helped my

    You see I’m a business development marketing executive
    now. That is, whenever, my firm sets up a new retail
    outlet, I goes into the area to get the marketing
    department established and running, then move on to the
    next new site. I find the work very challenging and
    rewarding. So does Nora, primarily because of all the new
    co-workers of mine that she also gets to meet. And with me
    being so busy getting the new business up and running, it
    gives her plenty of time to get to know my co-workers
    better – sexually that is.

    It’s not unusual for her to be sexing up to six
    different men at each new town we go into. I still bug our
    phone lines to keep aware of what she’s up to.

    By the time it’s time for us to leave an area, she’s
    usually been inseminated by one of my co-workers or someone
    in the community associated with the new store.

    Nora is currently pregnant with child number eight. We
    already have seven kids, all stair stepped in age. She’s
    six months along at present.

    As usual, she looks radiant all swollen and carrying a
    child she knows I didn’t put in her.

    I have never said anything to my wife about the fact
    that none of our children look anything like me. Neither
    has she. I’ve made myself content with the good
    relationship we have, and have made myself contented with
    the fact that she’s not only getting the type of sexing she
    needs from her outside lovers, but also satisfying her kink
    of cuckolding me too.

    I have resigned myself to the price I have to pay for
    marital harmony. That is, eating the residue of other
    men’s spent semen from her jism soaked drippy cunt, and
    having to raise the children from her affairs as our own.

    Other than those little quirks, or maybe because of
    them, ours is a very happy marriage.


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    A Friend in Need, In Need of my Wife – a Cuckold Sexstory

    27 December, 2018 (18:37) | Cuckold Sex Stories | By: Webcams and Sexstories

    by Andypavo (


    Old Fraternity Buddy comes to town for an extended
    visit to his friend and his wife. An evening in the
    hot tub gets things rolling as the husband is quite
    the voyeur and doesn’t mind being cuckolded.


    My wife, Candice, and I have been married for 6 years
    now and I guess you could say our lives are average,
    maybe even a little boring. We are conservative,
    sexually, just the usual missionary or doggy style
    with a few minutes of foreplay.

    She is a stunning 26 year old with wavy brown hair
    and brown eyes. She has wonderful coconut sized
    breasts that sway a little when she walks with large
    red nipples that become quite hard at the slightest
    touch. She has an hourglass figure with a butt that
    just won’t quit. He stays in great shape by doing
    aerobics about twice a week.

    I had secretly harbored fantasies about her
    throughout the years. I love to read about fantasies
    in magazines and on the internet about sharing your
    wife with another man, but never had I talked to her
    about them.

    For the past year we have been trying to have a baby
    but the doctor said my sperm count was too low.
    Candace, on the other hand, is as fertile as the
    Tennessee Valley. We tried all of his advice to no
    avail. I switched to boxers and we would go at it
    like banshees ever time she ovulated. Candace wanted
    a child and I just couldn’t give her one. She got a
    little frustrated but never blamed me.

    One weekend last summer, a fraternity buddy of mine,
    Jason, called up and said his contracting work would
    bring him into town for a couple of weeks and asked
    if he could come by to visit. His business installed
    sprinkler systems in new buildings. There was a new
    public school building being constructed on the other
    side of the county. I was glad to hear from him and
    told him he could stay at our house and save some
    money. Candace said it would be nice to have some
    company. We rarely have visitors and she loves to

    Jason arrived the very next day and Candace helped
    move him into our spare bedroom. He is very tall and
    his line of work makes him very muscular. He has dark
    hair and deep blue eyes and was always very handsome.
    Candace was taken in with his charm and wit as he was
    obviously attracted to her. She spent most of the
    evening chatting with him as she prepared her famous

    After dinner, Candace suggested we get in the hot tub
    to relax. Jason said he didn’t bring any trunks. I
    half-jokingly said that we usually went naked anyway.
    He started taking off his shirt as he walked towards
    his room. He came out with a robe on and Candace
    looked at me with a giggle and said, “What the hay.”
    Candace and I went to our bedroom as we looked wide-
    eyed at each other. We undressed and went out to join
    our guest in our robes as well.

    Jason was still walking around the hot tub turning on
    the switches that ran the jets. Candace got in first
    and tried to keep herself covered as much as possible
    while slipping under the bubbles, but Jason got a
    great shot of her lovely legs and her brunette patch.
    She smiled at me and Jason trying to act embarrassed.
    I just threw off my robe and jumped in and Jason
    followed suit. When he dropped his robe, he took his
    time stepping into the water.

    Dangling between his legs was one of the largest
    cocks I believe I’ve ever seen and a pair of balls to
    match. His cock must have been 9 inches soft! I
    caught Candace gawking at the monster. She looked
    away and tried to act like nothing was going on.

    We sat around in the got tub and caught up, talking
    about things that had happened since college and the
    “good old fraternity days.” We drank some wine that
    we had brought out with us and Candace offered to get
    us a refill. The alcohol must have been loosening her
    up a bit as she stepped right out of the water and
    into the kitchen buck-naked. Jason watched and
    followed her ever move. I couldn’t blame him, Candace
    is quite a dish.

    Candace walked slowly back as she carried the wine
    bottle. She walked around the hot tub and filled up
    our glasses not bothering to cover up at all. It was
    like we were suddenly in a nudist colony. The wine
    was definitely loosening up her inhibitions.

    We finished off our wine and returned to the house in
    our robes to stretch out in the living room for a
    while to dry off. Jason sat in the overstuffed chair
    opposite the corner from the couch Candace and I sat
    while we chatted some more. Our conversation became
    more interesting as the alcohol sunk in. I asked him
    why he was still single after all these years.
    “Gary,” he said, “I just haven’t found the right

    I ventured on and said, “Damn, your hung like a
    stallion, seems like the girls would be fighting to
    climb into bed with that!”

    He looked down and pulled the robe off his groin and
    said, “Oh, that…that’s part of the problem.”

    Candace stared in amazement with her mouth open as
    Jason patted his monster cock in front of us. “This
    thing’s so big that is actually scares the girls
    off.” Jason’s cock began to rise a little and the
    head snaked down his leg halfway to his knee.

    “Ahemm!” Sputtered Candace as she looked on in
    amazement. “How big does it get?” she asked. “Wait a
    minute and you can see for yourself.”

    Jason slowly patted and stroked his penis like it was
    a puppy sitting on his lap. His cock began to rise
    into the air and throb as he now lightly stroked it
    with his fist. “Some girls are excited about sleeping
    with me, but chicken out as soon as I put it in. I
    don’t believe I’ve ever been balls deep in a woman. I
    hope someday to see what that’s like.”

    I looked at Candace who was still staring at Jason’s
    monster and jokingly said, “It looks like Candace
    here might want to give it a try.”

    Jason said, “Candace is gorgeous, but I wouldn’t want
    to hurt your wife.”

    Candace immediately replied, “Oh, you don’t think I
    could handle it? I’ll take that challenge!”

    The blood rushed to my head at what my wife just
    said! My own cock suddenly swelled with a mixture of
    jealousy and excitement. What had I done?!

    Candace walked over to Jason who was staring wide
    eyed at me for some kind of response. I said, “Hey,
    we are fraternity brothers, share and share alike.”
    He grinned and spread his legs for Candace as she
    knelt in front of him. She grasped his rod with one
    hand and examined his package closely. Jason leaned
    back into the chair as Candace began to gently stroke
    his cock. “This really is impressive, it looks like
    something you might see under a horse!” she giggled.

    I instinctively reached down and started to stroke my
    own 6 1/2 inches. Jason’s erection must have been at
    least a foot long and as thick as a soda bottle. The
    head was large and veins protruded from his pulsing
    shaft. His balls were the size of tennis balls!

    A large drop of pre-cum started to form on the tip of
    his bulbous cock head and Candace dipped her finger
    in it and tasted it as if she were sampling some
    caviar. She sat up straight on their knees and pulled
    her robe off of her shoulders and onto the floor
    exposing her beautiful breasts and her shapely body.
    Her nipples were hardening as she bent over to lick
    the head of Jason’s cock. As she knelt over, I could
    tell that her pussy was becoming aroused and damp.
    She was truly a sight to behold as she started to
    take Jason’s huge rod between her pouty lips.

    She stopped for a moment and looked up at me and
    said, “Are you sure you’re ok with this?”

    I cleared my throat and said, “If your up to the
    challenge, I don’t see why not! Besides (looking down
    at my erection) doesn’t it look like I’m ok with
    this?” She then asked if I would go and get a condom
    from the bathroom cabinet. I got up to look for the
    condoms. We hadn’t used any in a couple of years and
    I was worried I might not find any. To my relief, I
    found two of them in a little box and returned onto
    the scene with them in my hand.

    Jason was lying back with his eyes closed as Candace
    stroked and licked his cock. I nudged her and handed
    her one and she stopped to take it out. She started
    unrolling it onto his huge prick and it barely make
    it over the cock head. When she unrolled the rest of
    it, it only came about halfway down the shaft.

    She huffed and said, “That’s no good, it might come

    Jason sat up and said, “I usually have to buy the
    larger ones.”

    Candace thought for a moment and said, “You know,
    this isn’t my fertile time of the month yet, I think
    it might be ok.”

    It “might” be ok, I thought to myself, she was going
    to let him ride bareback! My head was swimming at the
    gravity of the situation. She removed the condom and
    tossed it to the side while she continued to stroke
    his cock.

    Jason sat up and held her hands. He led her over to
    the middle of the living room floor and gently laid
    her down on her back. He ran his hands down her body
    and stopped to kiss her pert nipples. He knelt down
    further and began licking her pussy. She spread her
    legs wide for him as he tongue bathed her clit. She
    began pinching and squeezing her nipples as he
    brought her to a gentle climax.

    It was apparently time for Jason to mount my wife as
    he got up on his knees and placed his cock between
    her legs and onto her belly. It looked larger ever
    time I saw it. I couldn’t believe that he was
    actually about to fuck my wife, and without any
    protection! I wondered if he planned to pull out when
    he came? I was too excited about the scene playing
    out in front of me to object or suggest any such

    When he laid his dick on her belly, it went past her
    cute little patch of black pubic hair and all the way
    up to her navel. She reached down and gave it a
    little tug and stroked it up and down. Pre-cum was
    leaking out of the head and onto her beautiful skin.
    My hands were shaking as I stroked my own cock in
    anticipation. Jason was obviously eager to mount my
    wife as he gently pulled away from her.

    Candace grinned and sighed as he backed up and rubbed
    the head of his cock up and down her pussy lips. She
    was extremely wet and ready for the fucking she was
    about to receive. The huge cock head slowly slipped
    into her pussy and she started to breath frantically.
    Jason grabbed her hips with both hands and gently
    began impaling Candace with the rest of his twelve

    She gasped and shuddered in orgasm and he wasn’t even
    half way in.

    Jason said, “Here’s where most women give up” as he
    pushed about three more inches in.

    Candace said, “Hold it right there and give me a
    second, I know I can do this” she said with a

    She waited a moment and then reached down and wrapped
    her arms around his ass, pulling him into her. He
    pushed with a grunt and low and behold his monster
    was all the way inside her. I wondered where it was
    all going! “It’s pushed all the way against my
    cervix!” she exclaimed. “Just hold it there for
    another moment”, she cried as she orgasmed again. His
    pubic hair was pressed into hers.

    It was a very beautiful sight as they lied there
    connected and breathing heavily. It was all I could
    do not to cum all over myself, I didn’t want to
    finish before they did.

    Jason began to withdraw and piston in and out of her
    pussy. She spread her knees apart and pulled him in
    on each thrust with her legs. He placed his hands on
    the floor and got into some serious fucking. Candace
    was moaning and screaming. She would be crashing from
    one orgasm as another took her to a new high. She was
    oblivious to anything else in the room other than
    Jason and his huge dick, which was hammering into
    her. His powerful balls where slapping her ass as
    they fucked like animals.

    The moment of truth was at hand as he began to speed
    up. Was he going to pull out? In my mind I really
    didn’t want him to. Something perverted in the back
    of my head wanted him to fill her with his seed. He
    grunted, grabbing her hard by her ass and locked
    himself into her pussy.

    He was cumming… and he’s cumming inside her!
    Candace was lost in the throws of passion as she
    shouted “fill me up, oh Gawd I can feel you throbbing
    in me!” I myself came all over my stomach. I was lost
    in the erotic sight before me.

    A stream of his milky white semen began to seep out
    where their bodies met. He had definitely seeded my
    wife’s once delicate pussy and she didn’t mind one
    bit. They lied there locked together for about a
    minute and he slowly withdrew with grunts of protest
    from Candace.

    A small river of cum followed him out and ran down
    the crack of her ass. Candace was lying with her eyes
    closed as Jason laid next to her and kissed her on
    the mouth. Candace received his kiss with her tongue
    and they lied there and made out in front of me for
    several minutes.

    Jason was beginning to get hard again as Candace ran
    her hand down his muscular hairy chest. He began to
    rub her pussy and finger her. Candace started
    giggling and said, “Good heavens! Haven’t you had

    I suggested that they spend the rest of the night
    together in our bedroom since it looked like Jason
    hadn’t any action in quite some time. He must have
    cum a whole quart! It was all over Candace’s thighs
    and was matted all into her pubic hair! Candace said,
    “That’s so sweet of you Gary!”

    Jason said, “I wouldn’t want to impose.”

    “Nonsense,” I replied, not really aware of what I was
    really saying.

    They got up and hugged each other. Candace walked
    over and hugged and kissed me. She bent down and
    kissed my aching cock and told me “I promise I’ll
    make this up to you, thank you so much.” They then
    traveled off to our bedroom while I cleaned up myself
    and went off to the guest room for a fitful night of

    My mind was spinning with the thoughts of what would
    be going on in our bed tonight. I got up after a
    while to go to the restroom and as I walked past our
    bedroom I heard Candace and Jason grunting and
    gasping for air. The door was cracked and I could see
    them fucking in the dim light of the lamp that was by
    the bed. He was fucking her doggy style. Candace had
    her head buried in a pillow moaning and screaming for
    him to fuck her harder.

    He was eager to oblige as his balls slapped joyfully
    on her pubic mound as he reamed in and out of her
    pussy. He soon climaxed as he locked into her pelvis
    and unleashed another torrent of his sperm into her.
    When he began to pull out she said, “No, leave it in,
    please hold it in for a moment.” I knew she wanted
    all of his cum inside her. I went on to the restroom.

    As I came back by she was already giving him a
    blowjob trying to get him hard again. She just
    couldn’t get enough of his monster cock! They moved
    into a sixty-nine as she continued to suck him. She
    could only get about a third of his cock in her
    little mouth and frantically stroked the rest of it
    with her dainty little hands. Jason was underneath
    her sucking her pussy. I went off to bed and
    masturbated furiously at what I had seen.

    The next morning I was fixing us some breakfast as
    Candace came out with her robe on. She looked a
    little dreary as she grinned at me and kissed me on
    the cheek. She obviously hadn’t gotten much sleep
    last night and her hair was matted with dried cum.
    She reeked of sex and his cum was running down the
    inside of her thighs. I said, “You must have had a
    wild ride last night.”

    She grinned and said she was kind of sore from his
    huge cock. Jason came out and went straight to the
    bathroom to shower and get ready for work. We all got
    dressed and went our separate ways for the workday.

    When I arrived home, Candace and Jason’s cars were in
    the driveway. I entered the house and couldn’t find
    them in the living room or the kitchen. I suddenly
    heard moaning from outside on the patio. They were
    screwing on a lounge chair? Jason was in a sitting
    position while Candace sat in his lap facing away
    from him. He grabbed her by her hips and guided her
    up and down his pole.

    Candace’s beautiful full breasts were bouncing up and
    down. Her head was thrown back and her eyes were
    closed. “I’m cumming again!!” she cried.

    Jason noticed me and grinned a sheepish grin. He
    didn’t miss a beat though, he then grabbed her hard
    as it was obvious he was cumming as well. I walked
    back into the house to sit and soak-in what I was
    experiencing. Jason had taken over my wife’s body and
    I don’t think I could stop them if I wanted to!

    They walked into the house a few moments later with
    clothes in hand. “She just couldn’t keep her hands
    off me,” he stammered. Both of them were still
    gasping for breath as they sat on the couch together.

    Candace reached over and stroked his half hard penis.
    She looked at me and said, “I hope you don’t mind.
    he’s just so sexually attractive, I couldn’t get

    “I just hope you two are having fun, there’s nothing
    wrong with entertaining guests,” I said laughing.

    The two of them continued to have sex throughout the
    first week whenever they were inclined. Candace
    helped me out with a couple of blowjobs, but never
    offered to fuck me. She would often say that she was
    a little sore from her most recent go with Jason, but
    it wouldn’t be long before she was screwing his
    brains out again. They would usually sleep together
    in our bedroom while I again went off to the guest
    room to fantasize and jerk myself off.

    After the first week rolled by I mentioned to Candace
    that her fertile time of the month was approaching.
    The calendar said that she should be ovulating on
    Tuesday of the upcoming week. She said she would be
    more careful and would ask Jason to pull out when he
    came. I didn’t detect any urgency in her voice as we
    discussed the situation. Things went on a usual
    through the weekend as they would couple up and fuck
    like animals whenever they got the chance.

    Jason had to go out of town on Monday and said he
    would be back Tuesday afternoon. He had to check on a
    crew that was finishing up a smaller job in the next
    state. I slept in the same bed as Candace for the
    first time since Jason had arrived.

    She seemed to be too tired to have sex. She
    apologized and said she would make it up to me
    tomorrow. She asked what I thought of having a
    threesome. My cock immediately jumped to attention! I
    said that sounded like fun if Jason would go for it.
    She said she would bring it up when he returned on

    Candace arrived home early on Tuesday and started
    cooking supper. Jason soon arrived and they embraced
    at the door like husband and wife. She kissed him on
    the mouth and then asked if he wouldn’t mind
    including me in a threesome. He said that sounded
    like a fine idea.

    After a quick dinner we all went to the bedroom and
    got ready for some serious sex. I suggested that we
    get out the camcorder and make a mini porn! They
    laughed and said that would be cool. I stepped out of
    the room down to the basement to get the camera

    When I came back they were already getting warmed up.
    Her mouth was bobbing up and down on the head of his
    cock while on her hands and knees. After I set up the
    camera and had the tape rolling, I slipped off my
    boxers and snuck up behind her for a long awaited
    fuck. My cock was so hard it hurt and I already had a
    stream of pre-cum leading out of the head. I easily
    slid into her. She grunted and pushed back against me
    as she continued to suck Jason’s cock.

    I really got into this fuck and I was hammering into
    her. She wanted to turn and lie on her back so she
    could see all that was going on. I turned her onto
    her back and immediately continued fucking her wet
    pussy. Jason approached her form the side of her head
    and she grabbed his cock, stroking and sucking on it
    in wild abandon.

    Jason and I seemed to be about to cum at the same
    time. Candace sensing this said, “Oh please, both of
    you come in my mouth, on my face, please! I’ve always
    wanted to do this.”

    I begrudgingly pulled out of her wonderful, hot pussy
    and moved up to her face.

    “Oh I love both of your cocks, cum on my face.”

    It had been forty-eight hours since Jason had any
    action so he blew a huge load of cum on her face. He
    spurted about a dozen huge ropes of jizm everywhere.
    She tried to lap up as much of his juices as she
    could but it went all over the place. It was all in
    her hair and neck. She took the end of my cock in her
    mouth when I came and she swallowed most of my load.

    Candace continued to stroke Jason’s cock and it was
    soon hard and ready to go another round, as was mine.
    I myself had never recovered so quickly. As he turned
    her over, she said, “You better be careful not to cum
    in me unless you want to get me pregnant! I’m
    ovulating today and I’m sure your semen is quite
    potent,” she giggled.

    Jason said, “I’ll try my best but I’m not making any

    What was I hearing! I felt that I should do or say
    something, but I was so lost in lust that I was
    paralyzed! I knelt in front of Candace as Jason
    mounted her doggy style. “Ooh, your so damn tight,”
    he said, as he slowly entered her.

    When he started to lunge into her pussy she stopped
    sucking me so she could concentrate on the massive
    fucking she was getting. Her ass cheeks shuddered as
    he pounded his cock into her vagina. I sat on the
    side of the bed watching and pinching her nipples.
    She moaned and shouted every time she came, which
    must have been five or six times.

    Jason exclaimed, “I’m about to cum, do you really
    want me to pull out?”

    Candace looked up at me for a response. I just
    grinned at her. She said, “No, please don’t pull out,
    fill me with your cum!”

    I couldn’t believe what I heard, she didn’t care that
    he could and probably “would” get her pregnant. I
    knew his gigantic balls were churning up enormous
    amounts of virile sperm for my wife.

    She wanted his cock and his cum inside her. Jason
    tensed up and planted himself firmly in her pussy as
    he spasmed and shot his load into her receptive
    belly. I came all over the side of the bed while
    hardly even touching myself. They stayed locked
    together for several moments.

    She knew that this was an ideal position for keeping
    a man’s semen in her cervix. Candace looked at me as
    he released her and said, “Thank you.” Her pussy lips
    were engorged and matted heavily with gobs of Jason’s

    She caught her breath and said, “I’m sorry, I
    couldn’t help myself. I thought I could but I was out
    of control, he’s such a good fuck.”

    I just grinned as usual knowing that millions of his
    sperm were making their way into my wife’s womb.

    For the rest of the second week they continued to go
    at it, fucking themselves silly. He never once pulled
    out, probably enjoying the fact that he was knocking
    up his friend’s wife. Maybe my wife is thinking that
    she found a way for us to have a baby. Whatever the
    case, I had become a true voyeur, enjoying being
    cuckolded in my own house.

    After he left and returned home, things slowly came
    back to normal, until the day that Candace missed her


    A Fatal Desire – a Cuckold Sexstory

    27 December, 2018 (18:35) | Cuckold Sex Stories | By: Webcams and Sexstories

    by Secret Cuckold (


    A husband is humiliated by a sexy slut wife. The
    husband is a helpless victim of his wife’s promiscuity
    from the outset of their marriage. The wife’s carousing
    has some serious consequences, more than could ever be
    imagined. (M+/F, wife-exh, husb-voy, swing, cuck, preg)


    It was the wildest party I had ever hosted.

    My wife Beth had been getting ready for the party all
    day. She is one of the most attractive women in our
    neighbourhood, and was always one of the hottest women
    whenever we went to a bar or somewhere in public. Men
    were constantly checking her out, and what’s worse, she
    was constantly giving them something to look at. You

    Beth is the kind of woman that makes a man tremble in
    her presence. She has long blonde hair that is usually
    tied up. She has large breasts, probably 40DD, that she
    is constantly flaunting: she wears a low-cut shirt
    everywhere. I’ve seen her go to work with shirts that,
    if she moved too much, had the edge of her nipples
    peaking over. What’s even more mouth-watering are her
    hips and ass. You can tell by looking at Beth that she
    was built for fucking: she has wide, baby-making hips,
    and an equally wide, round ass that is usually covered
    by a thong.

    If anything, Beth is not modest. And she has never had
    a problem humiliating me in public, despite my private
    pleas for her to stop. For the party, for example, she
    is going to be wearing a sheer white tank top, with a
    plunging neckline, and a black bra. She is wearing an
    extremely short miniskirt that goes one or two inches
    above the line where her ass and legs meet. Her tits
    are so big, they’re bulging out of her shirt and with
    this particular shirt there is very little coverage on
    the breasts at all, so the tops of her big brown
    nipples are showing. Every man at the party will be
    watching her.

    My wife had arranged this party, so I knew that there
    would naturally be a lot of men there. My wife has a
    vibrant social life: she is always going out with the
    girls from work, or sometimes she’ll go to dinner with
    a male co-worker. She has stayed out all night on
    several occasions; I’ve never asked her where she went
    on those nights. She also knows a lot of women, too,
    but most of them, from what I’ve seen, know mine and
    Beth’s little secret. I like to be cuckolded.

    A brief bit of background: me and Beth got married six
    years ago. On our honeymoon, I was humiliated by Beth
    for the first time. She has spent the first night of
    the honeymoon with me, but she spent two nights in a
    row in my best man’s room, my brother. It was the
    adjoining room to ours and they were linked by a door,
    so I peaked inside the door and watched, angrily and
    excitedly, as my wife was pounded by my much stronger

    My brother also had a bigger cock than me, and Beth
    convulsed multiple times in the two nights they spent
    together. She probably would have stayed with him
    longer but he had to fly back home on the third day. I
    had regretted asking him to come along; him and Beth
    had gotten along so well before we got married, and I
    wanted her to feel extra safe. And that was her excuse
    for going to his bedroom for the two nights.

    “Honey,” she cooed in her soft voice at that time,
    “it’s just that your brother Michael and I want to stay
    up late tonight talking, because I feel extra nervous
    about falling asleep in this foreign country. You’re
    not jealous, are you?” she looked at me so innocently,
    knowing that she was utterly humiliating me.

    “B-b-b-but I thought that I-I-I could keep you safe,” I
    stuttered in a desperate reply.

    “Oh you can baby,” she reassured me with a smile. “It’s
    just that tonight, I need to talk to Michael. Don’t
    worry, it’s about you and me. I want to find out more
    about you growing up and that. Don’t stay up too late.”
    She didn’t give me another chance to protest, she
    slinked out of the room and into the adjoining room
    where I knew my brother was sleeping. I could hear the
    squeaking of the bedsprings as she joined him in bed,
    and shortly thereafter, started fucking him.

    But that was six years ago. Since then, I have
    confessed to my wife that I enjoyed watching her with
    other men, and often fantasized about it on the nights
    when she went out with her friends or when she went to
    dinner with a co-worker for a few hours.

    “Oh baby, that’s so sweet,” she said the night that I
    told her, shortly after we finished making love.
    “That’s really great, then. I’ve been trying to be a
    good wife for you, and now you’ve told me what I need
    to do in order to make you happy. And it just so
    happens that that makes me happy! Honey, I hope you
    don’t mind, but I already sort of knew that you enjoyed
    this so I have been dressing a little more revealingly
    for the men in my office. Don’t worry though, nobody
    has ever fucked me except you,” she smiled again,
    acting as if I didn’t know about her and my brother.

    “Just promise me that you’ll make him wear a condom if
    you carry it out. We both know that you don’t really
    like taking birth control pills, so I just want you to
    be safe,” I explained.

    “Of course baby! I will only let you come in me. Nobody
    else,” she batted her eyelashes to look extra innocent.

    It was like that for this party tonight. My wife,
    despite wearing a shirt that clearly showed the top of
    her nipples and her big, bouncy breasts, and a
    miniskirt that if she bent over would show you every
    little detail between her legs, was clearly trying to
    attract attention. And it was not mine. When I started
    pawing at her before the party, she pushed me off right

    “Honey, you know that I have been getting ready for
    this party all day! Don’t mess up my hair or
    outfit…you wouldn’t want your wife’s tits hanging out
    for all the men to see tonight, now would you?” she
    argued, as if her tits were not already hanging out of
    her shirt. Maybe she was giving me a hint as to her
    plans that night.

    Around 9 p.m., everyone started to show up. It was only
    a few people, really. I didn’t know any of them. Most
    were guys, and they all chatted up my wife at different
    points in the evening. I noticed that there were some
    women at the party that were talking to the large
    number of men, but they often talked in hushed tones
    and pointed and giggled at me, as if they knew
    something I didn’t.

    I did know that something was up; my wife kept leaving
    to go to the bathroom and usually another guy would
    follow her upstairs. She would go for twenty minutes at
    a time. I found myself looking for her and asking
    around but most of the guys just smirked when I asked
    where she was.

    It got worse after midnight, though. At about 1 a.m.,
    only 5 or 6 guys and 2 women were left. The two women
    said that they worked with my wife and indicated that
    they would be leaving soon. My wife came back from
    another trip to the bathroom, and her co-worker Peter
    followed her walking back downstairs. Peter was a big
    guy: he was probably 6’3″ and 250 pounds of muscle. My
    wife had gone to dinner with him before, and once went
    on an overnight business trip with him. But what
    disturbed me the most is that when they came back
    downstairs, Peter sat down in the armchair in the
    living room, where everyone was. My disheveled looking
    wife, whose tits were almost exploding out of her
    shirt, actually sat on Peter’s lap and looked at me
    innocently. I didn’t say anything, and Peter winked at

    The party soon turned to talking about women, as it
    dwindled down to 4 guys aside from me. All of them knew
    my wife and crowded around her and Peter in the living
    room. I’m not sure how the conversation got to this
    point, but I had briefly left the room only to walk
    back in and hear one of her co-workers, Bill, say

    “Beth, you know, on the subject of pictures at work, I
    would really love to have a picture of you in a bathing
    suit. You look like a model, to be honest, and it
    doesn’t look like your husband minds.” He shot a smug
    look in my direction.

    “Bill, you’re so naughty!” my wife giggled. I watched
    as Peter rubbed her back while she sat on his lap. My
    wife stood up from Peter’s lap, much to my relief.

    “Well, you guys have been bugging me all night. And
    Bill you are so darn persuasive! I know you all have
    cellphones with cameras, so why don’t you just wait
    here. It’s nothing y’all haven’t seen before, so I
    don’t know why’d you want to see it now. I guess I can
    show you guys my new bathing suit,” she gloated to
    them. Immediately a wave of dread came over me. Her new
    bathing suit was a white, one piece suit, and she
    looked so buxom in it it was unfit. I stepped out of
    the living room and followed her as she went upstairs.

    “Baby,” I said as I walked up behind her, “y-you’re not
    really going to wear that bathing suit you bought last
    week, are you?” I asked plaintively.

    “Oh, stop being such a worry wart. You know how the
    boys from work get. And besides, you shouldn’t be
    jealous, you told me that you liked the idea of being a
    cuck. Now, nobody here is judging you, they’re all too
    busy paying attention to me. So stop whining. You can
    watch me change, though, if you like.”

    “Baby, w-why have you been going upstairs so much
    tonight. I feel like there is something you’re not
    telling me,” I confessed.

    “Don’t be silly! You know that I have to pee a lot when
    I get drunk. Sometimes one of the guys from work would
    check in on me to make sure I was alright, but nothing
    else happened. I promise!” she swore, but I could tell
    by her little grin that we both know what was going on.

    I was too humiliated to even watch my wife undress in
    our bedroom and she slipped into her new bathing suit.
    She was stunning in it. But she was also practically
    naked. It was completely see-through, and you could see
    everything: her nipples, her tits, her pussy lips, her

    “Y-y-you’re not going to really wear that in front of
    them, are you?” I pleaded after she put it on.

    “Shhhhhh,” she shunned me. “Listen, why don’t you stop
    worrying about me. I think Peter and Bill might be
    trying to sleep with me, and I just want to tease them
    a bit. By the way, honey, you don’t mind sleeping on
    the couch tonight, do you? I might need the whole bed
    to myself tonight after all this drinking. Hope you
    don’t mind.” She grinned as she checked herself out in
    our mirror.

    “Looks like I’m ready!” she exclaimed as her nipples
    hardened, showing through her bathing suit.

    I was stunned. I knew that my wife didn’t need the bed
    to herself. But I also knew that I was utterly
    powerless. If the guys downstairs heard me protest too
    loud (the walls and floors are pretty thin) then they
    might come up here to find out what was going on. I
    really did not want my wife to go back downstairs. I
    could see a wet stain on her bathing suit on the pussy

    My wife went back downstairs and strutted to the middle
    of the living room. I followed her downstairs and stood
    in the doorway as the four guys gawked.

    “You don’t mind us taking a little peak at little Beth
    here, do you?” Bill yelled to me from the other side of
    the room. Everyone broke out in laughter, including
    Beth. I felt like crying.

    Beth stood in the middle of the room and twirled
    around, showing every man all the parts to her body.
    She then sat down on Bill’s lap. He looked like he had
    expected this all night.

    “Come over here to Daddy!” he laughed, and the other
    guys watched as Beth sat down on his lap. This was too
    much for me. I had to go to bed. Defeated, I went
    upstairs to the guest bedroom and went to bed with all
    my clothes on. I could hear everything going on
    downstairs in the living room, and I knew that I would
    be able to hear everything in our master bedroom right
    beside the guest room.

    I had barely turned off the light when I heard the
    doors downstairs close and two cars leave. But that
    still left 2 other guests…probably Bill and Peter, I
    thought to myself. I was a bit mad.

    My suspicions were confirmed when I heard the footsteps
    coming up the stairs. My curiosity piqued, I cracked
    the door a little bit to look out into the hallway. I
    saw Peter walk by first with what looked like a hard on
    in his pants. My wife followed second, with a pair of
    hands on her waist, and the top half of her bathing
    suit pulled down to her stomach. Her tits were
    completely out, bouncing as she walked. I saw whose
    hands were on her hips � it was Bill. All three went to
    the master bedroom, and as I quickly retreated to the
    guest bed, I could hear the bedroom door close.

    My wife giggled in the bedroom. I put my ear to the
    wall and could hear every word.

    “Beth, I can’t believe your husband has been letting
    you fuck other men for so long,” I could hear Bill

    “Shhh,” Beth chided him, “my husband is in the other
    room! He might hear you!” she said, and I could hear
    the giggles in her voice. “Besides,” she added, “he
    doesn’t even know that I was doing this long before he
    told me he wanted to be a sissy cuckold.” I could hear
    the two men laugh at this answer.

    Suddenly the room was silent, except for some soft
    sucking and kissing noises. I was incredibly aroused;
    my cock was throbbing. I thought I heard a soft moan
    come from my wife, so I had to go over to the master
    bedroom and look in. I sneaked open my door, and
    cracked the door to the master bedroom ever so

    What I saw was worse than what I saw on my honeymoon:
    my wife had the bathing suit still on, pushed down
    below her tits and the crotch part of the fabric was
    clinging to the inside of her left thigh, thus exposing
    her wet pussy and nice ass. She was on all fours, with
    her ass hanging off the bed. Peter, the muscled man,
    was standing in front of her with his pants down. From
    my vantage point, I could see everything clearly.

    And what I saw was frightening. Peter’s cock was
    probably 9 inches, much larger than mine. My wife’s big
    pouty lips were wrapped tightly around his cock, and
    she was deep-throating it, bobbing her head up and
    down. She was rubbing Peter’s abs as she sucked his
    cock. I was so jealous of his superior physique.

    From behind her though, an altogether different thing
    was happening. Bill, a fat and greasy dir-tbag that my
    wife worked for, was unzipping his fly while kissing my
    wife’s ass, which was stuck upwards. He was licking
    just beside the fabric, which he had obviously forced
    over to the other side of her pussy lips.

    My wife seemed to be picking up speed on Peter when she
    let out an animalistic moan, a begging moan. One of her
    hands reached back towards her ass as she tried to find
    Bill’s dick. Bill’s dick was soon in her hands, as he
    had just taken it out of his jeans, and she was
    stroking it desperately. She pulled it towards her
    pussy. I could see from the door that she winced as
    Bill started to go inside her, and as she realized that
    she was going to have to let Bill thrust into her,
    causing Peter’s cock to go deeper in her throat. My
    wife looked like she was having fun, but also like she
    had done this before. She briefly took her lips off
    Peter’s cock.

    “Listen, boys,” she said panting, taking Peter’s cock
    out of her mouth for a moment. “I need a baby. I
    already have a Dad for the baby. I just need a man to
    give me one. And one of you boys will have to get me
    pregnant tonight.” She said it with a mischievous grin
    on her face.

    I could not believe my ears. My wife seemed to thrust
    harder back against Bill as he thrust harder when she
    said that. Beth started moaning with each thrust.

    “Bill,” she moaned and stopped sucking Peter’s cock
    again. “Bill, I want your seed. Bill I want your baby.
    You’re my boss. My husband won’t know the difference,
    Bill. I…I…oh yes Bill…I…I love you Bill,” my
    wife moaned, taking Peter’s cock in her mouth again.

    I was devastated by this loss. I watched on in horror
    as Peter started rubbing my wife’s 40DD tits as she
    swallowed his large cock, and I realized that my wife
    was using me. Everyone must know about it, I thought to
    myself. Everybody at her work, my work, our family
    friends, her parents, probably my parents…it dawned
    on me that wife had been doing this for years. She
    fucked my brother Michael on our honeymoon! But taking
    on her boss and co-worker and begging for a baby,
    saying I’ll be the cuckolded fool, that is
    unprecedented. The humiliation! And, for all my
    strength, I could not hold out my humiliation without
    getting incredibly hard and aroused, watching my wife
    try to conceive by getting tag teamed.

    I wanted to be the willing husband, consenting to my
    wife’s need for a baby by another man. So I came while
    my wife writhed back and forth sucking and fucking, her
    tits bouncing in Peter’s hand, her pelvis jerking with
    Bill’s each and every deep thrust. I could see from his
    face that everything about my life and my family was
    about to change.

    “Oooh, I coming! Give me what I need Bill!”

    I went back to bed that night, crying as I though of my
    big titted blonde wife spending her entire night
    fucking practically all of her male co-workers, and
    finishing the night of with announcing her desire to
    have a baby, by another man.


    The next morning was awkward. I awoke for breakfast and
    went downstairs, smelling cooked bacon and eggs. When I
    got to the kitchen my wife was in her robe, the front
    open, and she stood complete naked, open for everyone
    to see. There were the remains of the breakfast just
    consumed on the table, but the men who had fucked my
    wife had just left. My wife had cooked breakfast for

    “Sorry hun,” she said to me as she closed her robe and
    tied it, “you just missed it. My boss came by this
    morning and, after discussing several options last
    night at the party, he offered me a promotion, so long
    as I cooked breakfast.” She smiled innocently. Of
    course, I knew she was lying and Bill and Peter had
    just left an hour before I woke up.

    “And, sorry baby, there is none left for you. You’ll
    have to eat cereal. Those were hungry men.” She
    suddenly stopped, knowing that she had tripped up her
    own lie.

    “M-m-men?” I stuttered. “You said your boss came by.
    That’s a man, not men, Beth Listen, Beth, is there
    something you want to tell me? Last night was the first
    night that you ever had a party where you got so drunk
    that you wore your b-b-b-bathing suit,” I started to
    lose my confidence and felt my ability to speak
    nosedive. My wife could see that I had lost my anger
    and was now just feeling humiliated, and she smiled.
    She smiled knowing that I remembered last night when
    she wore her see-through bathing suit to the living
    room, and sat on Peter’s lap.

    “Sorry honey,” she corrected herself and interrupting
    me before I could ask her more about her bathing suit
    escapade, “I just was so excited that I forgot to
    mention that the assistance manager, Peter, was with
    him,” she said, with a hint of a sneer.

    “O-o-oh,” I trembled, my wife almost giggling at my
    pathetic stutter, “I see. Was he the one that you sat
    on his lap with? Didn’t you go on a business trip with
    him? And wait a minute, just why were wearing your
    bathrobe open,” I remembered aloud.

    “That’s nothing honey! It feel open after they left.
    I’m sorry.” She looked so sincere. I felt ill, knowing
    my wife was trying to cuckold me and was lying right to
    my face about it.

    “And as for that business trip, we had a two-bed suite.
    We slept in separate beds. He is a complete gentleman.
    In fact, I don’t think that he would fuck me even if I
    offered,” she smirked.

    “What about sitting on his lap? You avoided answering
    that question.

    “Darling, sometimes we all have a bit too much to drink
    and end up needing help sitting up. You were too mopey
    to sit by, so I needed to sit somewhere! I felt
    comfortable with Peter, you know, with him being so
    buff and all,” she hooted.

    “Besides, I don’t remember anyone protesting it, now
    did I?” she looked at me accusatorily. I felt impotent
    and shocked, dominated but very angry at my wife. She
    was lying to me and enjoying it. But I didn’t have the
    balls to confront her. But she pushed it in my face
    anyway, in her subtle, cruel kind of way.

    “Well, honey, maybe I exaggerated about Peter. I think
    he would fuck me. But last night I swear he was a
    gentleman, baby. I swear. He didn’t touch anything, and
    he didn’t even look at my body under my bathing suit.
    He did kind of rub my bottom, though” she recalled. She
    smiled and looked like she was stuck in a gaze.

    My wife acted as though nothing had happened, and our
    life should continue on as normal. But something about
    my daily life was about to change. It started on a
    Wednesday evening. I came home really late from work,
    it was probably at least 11pm. When I walked into our
    house, I expected to see my wife. Instead, the house
    was perfectly silent, except for the sound of springs
    squeaking coming from the master bedroom.

    As I went up the stairs towards the bedroom I could
    hear my wife’s moans. She was clearly being fucked. I
    was angry after her last escapade and I wanted to see
    her reaction when I said that I wasn’t going to be
    pushed around. I burst the door open.

    Inside my bedroom, I saw a predictable sight. My wife’s
    legs were in the air, and a well-built black man was on
    top of her, and I could see his powerful thrusts making
    our bed rock and shake. They didn’t even notice that I
    had come in.

    “H-h-hey! What a-are you doing with my w-w-w-wife!?” I
    asked sternly. They stopped, and her stud turned and
    looked at me in the doorway.

    “What does it look like, fool? I’m fucking this tasty
    bitch. I love blonde wife. She married to you, ain’t
    she? I heard that you don’t mind if other men have
    their way with your missus,” he explan. My wife lifted
    her head from the bed just enough so she could see me.

    “Hi honey. Can you sleep on the couch tonight, or in
    the guest room tonight? I’m actually going to be doing
    this until later tonight. I’m glad you don’t mind.
    Tyrone won’t hurt you…” she was cut off by Tyrone.

    “Unless you got any more questions, it would seem that
    your wife and I have some business to attend to.” He
    said arrogantly. I was stunned silent: my pretty Beth
    was being pounded by a large, muscular black man, and I
    had not choice but to submit to both of them. I was
    humiliated. When I was in the guest room late at night,
    I could still hear them fucking, and every once in a
    while my wife would giggle or laugh out loud, and it
    sounded like some of those times they were talking
    about me. Either way, my wife was becoming more used to
    having me openly see her affairs.

    I slept in the guest room again that night,
    masturbating three times as I heard my wife making
    noises. I wondered about condoms again, but fell asleep
    after crying for a few hours.

    Beth started to really up the ante with her sexuality
    on the first weekend after the party, and after getting
    tag-tea med by Bill and Peter. It was a hot weekend,
    and everyone was in their summer wear. On Saturday
    morning, my wife decided that she would go sunbathing.
    I was eating my breakfast when I saw her come down the
    stairs in a different white bathing suit than the one
    she had at the party. This one was barely white; it may
    as well not have existed at all. It was so sheer that
    it was nothing but a shiny covering to my curvy wife’s
    body. Her nipples darkened the fabric and could be seen
    clearly, especially when they got hard.

    “Honey,” she called out as she was coming down the
    stairs. “Don’t mind me, I just wanted to get some
    tanning done today.” She gave me on of her gorgeous
    smiles as she walked through the kitchen to the door
    going into the backyard. I could see her tits bouncing
    as she strode casually through the house, looking like
    a porn star. She knew that her bathing suit was turning
    me on.

    I watched as she went to our backyard and got out her
    tanning chair. She had a book in her hands, but I
    doubted if she even had read the jacket of the book. I
    knew what she was going out back to do.

    You see, my backyard is visible to six houses. In all
    of those houses are at least one male. And I know my
    wife wasn’t about to sit in the sun for the tan. She
    knew I would pay for her to go to a tanning bed, as I
    had offered many times, but she was not interested in
    tanning inside a capsule.

    I knew that someone from one of those six houses would
    be watching. It might be one of the teenage boys out
    back (God knows the teenage boys of the area love my
    wife: I have overheard several conversations among
    teenage boys in our area about a “blonde knockout with
    big tits” and, knowing my wife’s notorious good looks,
    knew that they had to be referring to her), or it might
    be one of the neighbourhood men, or it might be a
    passerby who happened to catch a glimpse from one of
    the backstreets. It didn’t take me long to find out.

    My wife had barely opened her book when I heard a male
    voice from the side of the house. I immediately got an
    erection. And then Mike came into view, slowly walking
    towards my wife. He only had a pair of shorts on, as he
    was just washing his sports car that morning. I had
    always thought that Mike fancied my wife; he lived two
    houses down, but I could swear I had seen him on his
    deck the odd time watching my wife sunbathe, or put
    clothes out on the line, or just sitting around out

    I never said anything because he never did anything,
    but also because I was intimidated by him. Mike was a
    bodybuilder; he was twice as big as any man my wife
    worked with, including Peter. He never seemed to wear a
    shirt on hot days, and he was an imposing looking man.
    I knew that if he saw my wife in that bathing suit, I
    was in trouble.

    “Beth, what are you out doing today?” I heard him ask
    casually as he walked into our yard. Sure enough, he
    wasn’t wearing his shirt. “Shouldn’t you be inside
    looking after your husband?” I heard him inquire,
    obviously checking to see if I’m home.

    “No, why would I need to look after him, sugar?” my
    wife replied. She never called me “sugar”.

    “I just thought…” Mike trailed off as his eyes
    trained in on her huge breasts.

    “I know what you are thinking ’bout, sugar,” my wife
    naughtily replied. Mike knelt down beside her lounge
    chair, his face no more than a foot away from my

    “What’s that?” he growled.

    “Well, maybe we should go on inside,” I heard my wife
    whisper. Mike did not look like he was about to go

    “Beth, do you want to come over to my house, maybe have
    some drinks, or maybe you want to take a ride in my
    Corvette?” Mike looked around as he said that, scanning
    to see who might catch him with my wife. I could hear
    every word of it, and my heart sank when he said
    “Corvette”. My wife always cooed when she saw his
    Corvette, telling me how nice of a car she thought it
    was and how I should invite Mike over for a beer

    “Your Corvette!?” my wife exclaimed. “Oh Mike,” she
    said as she put her hand on his bicep and started
    rubbing it, “do you really mean that? I’ve always
    wanted to ride in your car. How about you let me go
    inside and get ready and then we’ll go for a drive,
    sugar?” she explained. Mike just nodded. “I’ll be
    waiting,” he said as he walked back towards his house.
    My wife came back in, and I pretended I had not seen
    her exchange with Mike.

    “That was fast!” I said to her as she came back
    indoors. Her nipples were rock solid, meaning she had
    just been aroused. She just smiled at me and ran

    She came back down ten minutes later, dressed with her
    most revealing clothes: a black bikini that supported
    her breasts with a strap around her neck, and a white
    pair of short-shorts on. You could see the trace
    outlines of a pink thong under the shorts.

    “I’m going over to Mike’s house today, honey,” my wife
    said with a big charming smile as she came back down
    the stairs, fixing one of her big looped earrings.

    “W-what for?” I asked in a trembling voice, the same
    voice I use whenever I sense that I am being sexually

    “Mike wants to show me his car, and you know how I’ve
    always wanted to hop on Mike’s ride,” my wife said with
    a dirty smile. Her tits were glistening in the heat,
    and the bikini looked like it was almost ready to
    break. I then heard the loud honk of a car and the
    revving of a powerful engine. Mike’s car was in front
    of the house.

    My wife ran out the door after giving me a brief kiss
    and telling me not to worry. She didn’t come home that
    night, but when she got back the next day she explained
    that Mike’s car had broken down while they were out on
    a drive and she had to wait for Mike to get it
    repaired, I knew different. The car was back in Mike’s
    driveway less than ten minutes after he picked her up,
    and late into the night the whole neighbourhood could
    hear a woman’s loud moaning coming from Mike’s house.
    The moans sounded like my wife.

    My wife approached me one day after I came home.

    “We have to talk,” she said to me seriously. Beth was
    rarely this serious. I wondered what it could be, but
    had a bad feeling.

    “Honey, I think I’m pregnant,” she said after I sat

    “That’s great honey!” I exclaimed, forgetting the
    parties and the visitors that kept me in the guest room
    at least one night a week. “When are we due?” I asked

    “That’s the problem,” my wife said to me seriously. “I
    don’t know who is the ‘we’ in this one, honey.”

    “W-what does t-t-t-that mean, baby?” I asked,

    “Well, baby, lately we have playing our game a lot
    lately,” she said accusingly.

    “What game?” I asked.

    “Baby, you know the game. You always ask me to make you
    a cuckold, honey. And I have really been trying to be a
    good wife and make you a cuckold, but baby, sometimes
    there are consequences to letting your wife fuck other
    men,” my wife said sternly, clearly gathering her
    resolve for the bomb she was about to drop.

    “Honey, the truth, because of all the partners you have
    been forcing me to sleep with, I really don’t know who
    the father is. I mean, I hope it’s yours, but it could
    be at least two other men’s child.” She said it so
    matter-of-fact that I was almost speechless.

    “A-a-a-at least t-t-t-t-two?” I asked.

    “Well, this might be painful honey, but maybe I should
    tell you the possibilities. Would you like for me to
    list them off?” my wife’s demeanour changed, as her
    voice became smoky and angry, and her hands caressing
    my hard cock through my pants. She was teasing me.

    “W-w-w-who?” I ask dreadfully.

    “Let me think, honey. Remember that party when I
    dressed up in that cute little bathing suit as a joke?
    Well, to tell you the truth, I had let a couple men
    touch me even before I got dressed up. But I don’t
    think I had sex that night. My boss at work, Bill,
    well, I didn’t want to tell you this…” she trailed

    “You fucked him and Peter that night!” I blurted out,
    but not angrily, more so just to get it off my chest.
    It caught my wife by surprise.

    “No, honey, I didn’t and it’s obvious that you have
    fantasies that suggest otherwise. I despise Peter. But
    Bill, well, Bill and I have been discussing some things
    at work and, as part of my new job, we end up going on
    day-long business trips, mostly to cities a few hours
    away. Sometimes I let Bill fuck me,” my wife announced.

    “What do you mean, ‘let’ him fuck you?” I asked,
    feigning anger but more aroused than ever. My wife’s
    finger circled around the rim of my cock.

    “Honey, sometimes I just got careless and we made love
    in his car. And one times, just once, he didn’t wear a
    condom. I didn’t notice until we finished.” My wife
    started to flash her innocent smile again.

    “And Tyrone, sometimes I didn’t even ask Tyrone to wear
    a condom because he scared me. He really scared me
    baby. So I just let him put it in and…”

    “W-w-w-w-what if the baby is b-b-b-b-black?” I asked.

    “Well honey, that doesn’t matter. If you love me, then
    you’ll love the child I bring home to you,
    unconditionally, right?” my wife asked. I knew the
    “unconditionally” part was her out so she could further
    humiliate me.


    “So then, there’s no problem! I mean, okay, I’ll
    confess: it’s more than two. Remember that time when
    Mike took me for a drive? Well, Mike asked to see me
    naked after we started driving. Since he had already
    seen me in that bathing suit I only wear for you, I
    didn’t think it would be a problem.” I couldn’t believe
    my wife’s amazing capacity for lying straight to my

    “But don’t worry baby. When we figure out who is the
    father, we’ll get them to pay for some of the baby’s
    expenses, okay? I promise.” My wife acted as if it
    would be some kind of consolation for her to get some
    money from the prospective father of my future child.
    It didn’t change the fact that my beautiful wife
    clearly has different priorities than me. I couldn’t
    believe, thinking back, how many nights I had actually
    spent in our guest bedroom.

    “So, honey, now that that’s done,” my wife said with a
    look of relief, “I just wanted to let you know that
    Bill is coming over tonight, we have to go over some
    paperwork, and I told him it would be best if we just
    did the work in our master bedroom, and you can sleep
    in the guest bedroom. You’re always so accommodating
    for our guests, baby.” My wife smiled graciously again.

    I spent the night crying again, hearing my wife making
    fun of me through our thin walls in between sexual
    bouts with her greasy boss. I knew that she was begging
    for his seed. I also noticed that Bill was the only man
    she said “I love you” to, aside from me, while fucking.


    One day after work I pulled into the driveway and saw
    Bill’s car blocking the space that is normally for my
    car. Bill was my least favorite of my wife’s lovers. He
    was a scumbag, a rat, but had a big cock. He was my
    wife’s boss, and he took every opportunity he had to
    remind me of this. And, he was always cracking jokes
    about me with Beth, and the worst part is Beth would
    laugh with him.

    I walked in the door and heard talking. No bed springs
    squeaking, no powerful moans, just talking. I walked
    into my living room to see Bill and my wife sitting on
    the couch, very close together. My wife was wearing a
    pair of tight jeans, and one of her shirts that shows
    off the top of her nipples.

    “Honey!” my wife exclaimed as she came in. “Bill wanted
    to come over tonight, and I thought we could all watch
    a movie together,” my wife beamed. She was sitting so
    close to Bill that her right leg was hooked over the
    top his leg. Bill looked at me with a smirk. His hand
    was on Beth’s leg, just rubbing her leg gently. My wife
    acted as though this was all normal.

    “S-s-s-sure honey,” I said sheepishly. “I’ll watch a
    movie with you guys.” They both burst out laughing.

    “You see honey,” my wife told me, as Bill’s hand crept
    closer to her crotch, “I told Bill that you would
    stutter when I asked you that. You always stutter when
    you’re jealous,” my wife teased.

    “Yeah,” Bill chimed in, “you ain’t got nothing to be
    jealous about. I won’t hurt her,” he joked, with my
    wife slapping his knee and chastising him with a huge
    smile on her face.

    “Oh, Bill, you’re so bad,” my wife laughed. I watched
    in horror as Bill’s hand went to my wife’s crotch and
    started rubbing her there. My wife made a quiet moan. I
    sat down, not on the couch, but on the individual chair
    beside the couch. I watched as my wife looked up
    tenderly at Bill while he rubbed her clit. They looked
    like they were going to start kissing when Bill
    suddenly looked up at me.

    “Get me a beer, will ya?” he barked at me. I was so
    stunned, and feeling humiliated because my wife would
    rather sit with him than me, I got up.

    “Yeah, get me one too,” my wife added.

    I went to the kitchen to get beer and could hear the
    sounds of wet kissing in the living room. I knew that
    they had their tongues down each other’s throats. I
    just couldn’t understand why my wife would fuck a man
    like Bill when she was also fucking bodybuilders, rich
    men, black men. But my wife was a mysterious woman.

    When I got back to the living room my wife and Bill
    were just ending their kiss, with Bill’s tongue being
    withdrawn from my wife’s mouth. His hands had moved
    north to one of her tits, and one of her hands was
    rubbing his cock through his jeans. They stopped
    kissing but Bill left his hand on her tit and my wife
    left her hand on his cock.

    “Thanks honey, you’re so accommodating for our guests!”
    my wife congratulated me. Bill looked at me with a
    devious smile.

    “Yeah, thanks. This is a real firecracker of a wife you
    got on your hands. The boys at the office are always
    talking about her tits or ass,” he joked. “Stop it!” my
    wife said, again playfully reprimanding him.

    “Well, it’s true.” He said matter-of-factly.

    “But then I tell them all that she’s the boss’s girl
    and they all shut up,” Bill laughed. I didn’t like that
    he called my wife his girl, but my wife just looked at
    him approvingly as he humiliated me.

    We started watching the movie after I ended up getting
    another round of beers for my wife and Bill. They
    turned the lights off while the movie was on. I watched
    in the light of the TV as my wife started to unzip
    Bill’s jeans, right there with me sitting there. My
    wife struggled to get his cock out. When she finally
    had it out, I could see in the dark the reason why my
    wife fucked Bill: his cock was at least twice the
    length and girth that mine was. And, judging by how
    fast my wife put her lips around it, she liked it that
    way. Bill looked over at me while she sucked his cock.

    “Bill, my girl here has started to help herself. Why
    don’t you just run along and get us some more beers,”
    he barked again. I stood up, a small erection clearly
    showing through my pants. While I was in the kitchen, I
    heard my wife giggle and then in a hushed tone say, “We
    can’t do that in front of him!” to Bill. I couldn’t
    hear what Bill was saying, but I knew it couldn’t be
    good. When I came back in the room, Bill’s cock was
    still out, but my wife wasn’t sucking it anymore. She
    had just stood up to undo her belt and take off her
    jeans. I walked in as she slid her jeans down,
    revealing a nice black thong. I just watched her ass
    and then sat down as she sat down.

    “Honey,” she looked over at me. “I am going to sit on
    Bill here’s cock, okay? I’m just going to rub against
    it because it’s so much bigger than yours. I hope you
    don’t mind.”

    “Yeah, hope ya’ don’t mind if she takes a seat in a
    real man’s lap,” Bill jeered. “Oh Bill, don’t be so
    mean to the little thing. He can’t help that he was
    born with a little less below the belt!” my wife
    laughed, flashing me one of her signature I’m-
    humiliating-you-but-pretending-not-to look. She sat on
    Bill’s lap, facing the TV, her shirt still on, but only
    her thong on. And her hips were clearly gyrating on
    Bill’s lap. I tried to watch the movie and look away,
    but my wife kept moaning “Bill” in sharp, quick
    whispers. Bill’s hands were up her shirt, rubbing her
    large tits. She always loved to have them touched
    during sex. My wife looked over at me.

    “Bill,” she said staring at me, “we can’t do this in
    front of my husband. Let’s go upstairs to bed. And then
    you can put a condom on…” my wife continued to smile
    and stare at me.

    “Beth, look at him. He’s pitching a mini-tent over
    there watching you get handled by a real man. A man who
    can handle a woman with your body. And he knows that
    his cock is half the size of mine and you like mine
    more,” Bill scoffed. I looked at them both horrified,
    my mini-tent obvious.

    “Baby,” my wife said to me while Bill’s hands went down
    her ass, “listen, why don’t you take out your little
    cock and rub it while I tell you something important,”
    she asked. I knew that, again, something bad would come
    of this. I slowly undid my belt, unzipped my pants, and
    pulled out my four inch erection. My wife got a cruel
    smile looking at it.

    “So, Beth, whose dick is it, my ten-inch anaconda or
    your hubby’s four inch dime stack?” he sneered.

    “Baby you need to start jerking more now.” She gasped
    as Bill slipped her panties down to her knees while she
    was still sitting on his lap. Her pussy was directly on
    his jeans, which he was opening as she started talking
    to me.

    “Honey, the truth is Bill is right. I like his cock
    more. It’s bigger, he’s a better and stronger man than
    you are and deep down, honey, Bill just makes me feel
    better and pleases my body better. Him and a few
    others,” she giggled.

    “Yep, buddy,” Bill chimed in, “she’s made her choice.
    Now if you don’t mind,” his pants fully opened “I’m
    going to give her what she wants. And she is really
    starting to show, by the way. Wonder whose bun in the
    oven’s that is?” My wife moaned as he thrust his cock
    into her while she was sitting on his lap, her back to
    him, his hands wrapped around to her front and groping
    her large tits.

    “Bill, it might not be yours. I haven’t been faithful
    to, oooh, I haven’t, oooh, been faithful to any ooh
    one. I think that my oooh husband enjoy ooooohs
    watching me get fucked by a bigger stud, Bill. Fuck
    ooooh me, Bill, give me your seed. You never have to
    wear a condom with me, especially when I’m pregnant
    already. Fuck, oooh, fuck me Bill. You’re so much
    bigger than oooh my husband.” Beth looked like she was
    ready to come. So did Bill. She yelled as I saw a scene
    that would repeat itself for months.

    This scene repeated itself for months, until my wife
    was fully pregnant and almost ready to give birth. I
    was nervous about that day. When it came, I got the
    call at work from Bill, her boss.

    “Your wife’s wife water just broke,” he said. “We just
    sent her down to the hospital. I’ll be there as soon as
    I can. Thought you might want to know,” he said smugly.

    “Why will you be there?” I asked.

    “Because we never know what might pop out of that
    woman,” he laughed and hung up. I think he was hinting
    that he was the father.

    When I got to the hospital, Bill, Mike, Peter and a few
    of my wife’s other male co-workers were there. I was
    surprised to see such a show of support, until I heard
    them talking.

    “I bet it’s Bill’s kid,” Peter said.

    “It sure as fuck better be. I didn’t want to get the
    woman pregnant. She just begged me to fuck her without
    a condom, so I did,” explained my well-built neighbour
    Mike to the group of guys. They didin’t even notice
    that I could hear them.

    I saw doctors and nurses running frantically around the
    maternity ward. One came into the room and asked for
    Beth’s husband. I stood up.

    “Come with me,” the doctor said sternly. He took me to
    the incubator room and showed me rows and rows of

    “Is there something you want to tell me before I fill
    out the birth certificate?” the doctor demanded. “N-n-
    n-no,” I stuttered. “Well, the reason I ask is that
    that’s your baby.” The doctor pointed to a cute black
    baby. I was horrified. I felt sick to my stomach.

    “Your wife says that she does not want you on the birth
    certificate. I just thought I’d let you know,” the
    doctor said. “She’s resting now so I can’t let you see
    her, but just to let you know, she named” and he looked
    at his clipboard, “a Tyrone Jackson as the father of
    this child.” I almost fainted.

    “Did she name him yet?” I asked, hoping this was all a
    bad dream. “Yeah,” the doctor smiled, “Tyrone
    Christopher Jackson, Jr.” He walked away. I was
    stunned: my sultry blonde wife had gotten pregnant by
    Tyrone. And now I was going to be reminded on a daily
    basis that my wife prefers other men. She didn’t even
    name the kid after me. I didn’t know how I could face
    her without walking in and crying.

    The doctor cleared the waiting room by telling the
    other men that they were “definitely not the father” of
    the child. Tyrone Jr. had one father. And that father
    had been fucking my hot, curvy blonde wife. He had
    sucked on her tits, like I had. He had rubbed her ass,
    like I did. He had sucked on her nipples while she
    came… I was the most depressed I ever was in my life.

    I went into my wife’s room in the morning when she woke
    up. When I walked in she was breastfeeding the baby:
    brown skin contrasted on her white skin. My wife looked
    up at me adoringly, as if everything was normal. I was
    terrified: here was a black baby nursing on my wife.
    I’m her husband. I’m white. All the nurses and doctors
    know, and they all look at me a little weird.

    “Look at our bundle of joy!” my wife exclaimed. I was

    “Our bundle of joy? You named the kid Tyrone Jr. for
    Christ’s sake,” I said exasperated. My wife had a
    shocked look.

    “Honey, you agreed to cooperate with this. You will
    either love me and our baby or you will leave. You
    wanted to be a cuckold husband, and now we have proof
    of it. Everyone knows now. And you stay with me.” My
    wife demanded.

    “But w-what will we tell other people?” I asked my

    “He’s adopted.” My wife smiled. “Aren’t you, little
    Tyrone, she said looking down. I swallowed my pride.

    “Honey, I have one thing to say about this,” I
    stammered. “I just want to say that you have humiliated
    me. You have purposely humiliated me in front of your
    coworkers. I saw you get fucked by Bill and Peter. And
    Mike. And my brother, too. Beth, I love you, but I
    don’t know how much more of this I can handle. But…
    oh, Beth, I love you and I will do anything for you!” I
    ended up begging. My wife acted as if I hadn’t listed
    off a number of her lovers.

    “Listen, hun, Tyrone is going to be coming by soon. He
    wants to see his, oops!, I mean our baby.” My wife

    I told her I would go to my parent’s house for a few
    days and think things over. I saw Tyrone walking in to
    my wife’s hospital room as I left.

    I lied to my parents and said that Beth was on a
    business trip. They didn’t even know she was pregnant.

    My worst nightmare and deepest and worst fears were
    realized in a matter of weeks. My wife had slept with
    many men, and I had listened to many of her bouts of
    sex with her lovers. My wife, who took legal vows to be
    faithful, has made love to at least ten other men. And
    she has finalized her cuckolding of me with a baby by
    Tyrone, her black lover. I was marked for the rest of
    my life with the horns of a cuckold. And worst of all,
    my wife pretended this was all completely natural. In
    fact, it was almost freaky.

    I walked home and got into the doors, and heard
    nothing. And then the usual bedsprings squeaking away
    upstairs. Whore, I thought to myself for the first
    time. My pinup wife, my blonde bombshell, was giving
    her body to anyone but me. And now she was being

    I heard the shrill yell of “Tyrone!!! Oh Tyrone!” as I
    got to the top of the stairs. My wife was being fucked
    by the father of her child, the man who was not her
    husband, but was now moving into that position. Beth
    didn’t even call me the entire time I was at my
    parents’ house. I think she was too busy with the baby
    and, most likely, a few men. Even after being pregnant.

    I walked into the master bedroom calmly, but acting as
    if I had a right to walk in my own bedroom. Tyrone was
    lying on his back on the bed, and a recently pregnant
    and beautiful Beth was riding his pelvis. I knew Tyrone
    had a big cock. And my wife’s tits were swollen with

    “What the fuck are you doing?” I yelled. Tyrone stopped
    pumping, and my wife stopped grinding down. My wife’s
    face was sweaty, her blonde hair ruffled, her tits and
    chest covered with hickies. Lean and muscular Tyrone
    look bothered that I stopped them. Beth just looked at
    me and smiled.

    “Honey, can you sleep on the couch tonight?” my wife
    pleaded. Tyrone looked on silently.

    “Beth, what the…”

    “What the fuck what? Listen man, I am fucking your
    tasty ass wife. This bitch loves my cock. She has my
    baby. You are just going to shut the fuck up and get
    used to some new shit around here. And,” pausing to
    resume pumping my wife again, “I ain’t going to sit by
    anymore and let Beth defend you. Beth knows who is boss
    now,” Tyrone smiled.

    I burst out into tears as their thrusts picked up. Beth
    covered her mouth as she laughed and moaned at the same
    time. Tyrone laughed.

    “What’s the matter pussy?” my wife growled. “What’s the
    matter? Big black man got you scared? Ooh, yeah, ooh,
    Tyrone, ooh, give it to me,” my wife moaned. I sobbed
    harder as my wife insulted me. I was losing control.

    “You woman! You promised me you would always have
    protected sex! You went around in bathing suits to
    humiliate me, you had Tyrone’s baby for fuck’s sake,” I
    choked. Tyrone looked on laughingly.

    “Oh honey,” my wife consoled me as she rode on Tyrone’s
    cock. “That’s what you get, for being a sissy cuckold,”
    she hissed. “A sissy cuckold. Tyrone here satisfies me
    ooh more than you ever could. Tyrone, baby, I’m
    cumming!” my wife’s hips started convulsing. I had
    taken out my cock while sobbing and stroked it
    pathetically while they fucked. I was having a
    breakdown; I knew something terrible was about to
    happen. I blew my load listening to my sweet wife,
    Beth, getting pounded by her lover and, unbeknownst to
    me, future husband. I came on the carpet and scurried

    I went to the bathroom and cleaned up, crying the whole
    time. I went out to the garage, leaving my wife behind
    in the bedroom with her man. I was losing my mind. I
    went out to my garage and looked at the rafters.

    “Perfect,” I judged as I undid my belt. It was time, I
    felt, for me to remove myself from life. If my seed was
    not good enough for Beth, and if I was so low on the
    totem pole, and if I was as submissive as I have been
    acting lately, than I cannot think of a reason to live.
    That is why I decided, after ejaculating to the sound
    of my wife fucking her lover, that it was time for me
    to die. I wanted to stop existing. I couldn’t face life
    with a black child and a white wife.

    I couldn’t get the sound of her moans from a thousand
    nights out of my mind. Bill, Peter, Mike, my brother,
    everyone had a turn with my wife. And all behind my
    back, until recently. They are clearly biologically
    superior to me. Especially Tyrone: he is clearly vastly
    more suited to mate my baby-making wife. He impregnated
    her, not me. My humiliation and sense of defeat make me
    long for relief in death.

    I rigged together some rope and my belt over a rafter,
    with a loop on the belt that would tighten as weight
    was applied to it. I closed my eyes and contemplated my

    “This is what Beth really wants,” I bawl. I climb up
    onto my mini-step ladder, and stick my head through the
    loop in the belt. I push my feet off the ladder and
    felt a sudden rush, break and blackness. The last thing
    I saw in my mind was Beth, making love to Tyrone.


    Tyrone found my body two days later (he hadn’t gone out
    to our garage before) and immediately called for help.
    Paramedics and police took my body away with my wife
    crying, and Tyrone’s arm around her, and the baby in
    her arms. The police took statements from my wife and
    Tyrone. They wrote it off as a typical suicide. I was
    worthless to them as I was to everyone else. My death
    also had another serious consequence: it brought Tyrone
    and Beth closer together. They married almost days
    after I died in a secret trip to Las Vegas, and Beth
    soon got pregnant again. I was a forgotten memory. Beth
    would later take all mementos of me and throw them in
    the garbage.

    The truth is, nature won out in this case. My wife, a
    beautiful maiden, needed to be serviced by an alpha
    male, not a beta male. Once she found her alpha male, I
    found my alpha male, too. Many of them. So by taking
    myself out of the gene pool by hanging myself in my
    garage, my wife let nature take its course and moved
    on. She had more children and was happier without me.

    Death makes you the ultimate cuckold. – In With The New – S30:E7 added to

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    Nubile Films - In With The New - S30:E7

    Nubile Films - In With The New - S30:E7

    featuring Alina Lopez, Jasmine Grey and Vina Sky.

    Added On:

    Dec 25, 2018


    Jasmine Grey, Vina Sky, and Alina Lopez are ready for a private New Year’s Eve party. Vina and Jasmine are the first to let their hands roam each other’s bodies as Alina parks herself on the couch. Alina can’t take her eyes off the show before her, nor can she tear her hands from her tits and twat.

    Meanwhile, Vina takes her time feeling up Jasmine’s snatch beneath her miniskirt and samples the sweetness of Jasmine’s pierced nipples. Jasmine is quick to repeat the favor until both girls have their dresses bunched around their waists. That finally spurs Alina to move from the couch so she can help Vina out of her dress in its entirety and then indulge in a three-way tongue kiss.

    Jasmine is the next out of her dress, leaving both girls to concentrate on Alina. Once all three girls are delightfully nude, Vina and Jasmine put Alina in the middle so the two smaller girls can each choose a breast and start sucking. All three of them let a hand creep down to Alina’s puss, although Alina yields ground to her two eager lovers. Eventually, Vina’s and Jasmine’s mouths follow the paths their fingers have taken.

    Leaning back so they are each resting against an arm of the couch, Vina and Jasmine each spread their thighs. Alina takes advantage, reaching out so that each hand fondles a juicy clit. Then Alina gets on her knees to focus on Vina with her mouth. The new position opens Alina’s fuck hole to Jasmine’s fingers and mouth.

    The girls switch things up when Alina lays down on the couch with Jasmine above her, riding her mouth. Vina kneels between Alina’s thighs, enjoying tentative touches that gradually become hotter and more sexual. Alina gets her hands involved in her seduction of Jasmine’s greedy pussy until the smaller girl comes undone with a long moan. Climbing off of Alina, Jasmine joins Vina on the couch where all three girls cuddle close. – Rebellious Love – S30:E6 added to

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    Nubile Films - Rebellious Love - S30:E6

    Nubile Films - Rebellious Love - S30:E6

    featuring Katy Rose and Nick Ross.

    Added On:

    Dec 22, 2018


    Katy Rose isn't supposed to be seeing Nick Ross, but this stunner knows how to make her meetings seem like a coincidence. They catch the elevator on separate floors, then get caught in a make out session that keeps them from winding up on the correct floor the first time. When they finally exit the elevator and stumble to Nick's apartment, they barely tear themselves apart so Nick can peel off Katy's shirt before they go back to eating each other up.

    Katy's miniskirt has rode up her thighs, revealing that this horny hottie isn't wearing underwear. Nick takes advantage, sliding his hand into the secret spot beneath Katy's skirt and slipping his fingers inside her dripping twat. His finger bang gives way to a pussy feast that won't stop until Katy has thrown her head back as the delectable pleasure consumes her.

    As Katy slowly works her way out of her clothes, she works her mouth over Nick's fuck stick. Worshipping his erection with long sucks and sweet licks, she takes her time and enjoys her treat. When she's had her fill, she settles on top of Nick's dick to start riding him deep in her landing strip pussy. Her ride is languorous as she enjoys the feeling of naughty fullness while Nick pistons in and out of her box.

    On her hands and knees with Nick rising above her, Katy hangs on as her pussy is once again filled with cock. Their doggy style coupling is fast and furious, with Katy's perky tits jiggling beneath her on every stroke. When her climax comes, her whole slim body jolts with the force of the lush feelings. She's not done yet; getting on her knees, she hangs on to Nick's arms as he keeps pounding her pussy for another quick climax.

    The lovers fall to their sides to continue their coupling as they spoon together. Nick is sure to keep playing stud as long as he needs to satisfy Katy once again, even pressing his palm to her clit to leave her cumming hard and fast. As Katy whimpers beneath Nick's touch, he lets go of his restraint and gluts her with a hot creampie that drips down her thighs in the aftermath of their lovemaking. – Back To My Room – S30:E5 added to

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    Nubile Films - Back To My Room - S30:E5

    Nubile Films - Back To My Room - S30:E5

    featuring Angelo Godshack and Ashely Ocean.

    Added On:

    Dec 19, 2018


    Angelo Godshack has invited Ashley Ocean to his place for a good time. She arrives on time and Angelo ushers her in. The second the door closes, he wraps his arms around Ashley to bring her in for a deep kiss while he grinds his hardon against the softness of her belly. Ashley can't wait another moment before leaping into Angelo's arms and wrapping her legs around his waist in an effort to get nice and close for a make out session.

    Angelo dips his head to bury his face between Ashley's breasts, then lets her slide to the ground and get down on her knees so she can pull out his fuck stick. Pulling her lover's dick close, she wraps her lips around the tip to suck long and hard. Stroking as she keeps sucking, she goes all out to make sure that Angelo is hard as a rock and ready to fuck.

    In return, Angelo leads Ashley further inside until they reach the nearest flat surface. Laying her down on the couch, he peels off her clothes and then lifts one leg over his shoulder so he can sample her pussy juices. Licking Ashley's twat clean isn't enough for Angelo, so he slides two fingers into her tight sheath. Then he replaces his fingers with his fuck stick as Ashley eggs him on with loud moans.

    Getting comfier on the couch, Ashley rises up on her hands and knees and watches over her shoulder as Angelo takes her doggy style. Hips rocking and breath coming in short pants, she rocks back into him with each stroke. She loves the way his hands feel on her hips as he uses all of those hard muscles to drive himself hard and deep.

    They finish off spooning on the couch, Angelo holding Ashley in his arms. Her leg needs to be held high to accommodate Angelo's big dick, but the payoff is worth it as he gives her the climax she's been craving. When Angelo gluts Ashley with a creampie, she lets his cum dribble out of her fuck hole and dredges a fingertip through the resulting wetness so she can enjoy the flavor of their love. – All I Want Is You – S30:E4 added to

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    Nubile Films - All I Want Is You - S30:E4

    Nubile Films - All I Want Is You - S30:E4

    featuring Ryan Driller and Whitney Wright.

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    Dec 16, 2018


    When Ryan Driller wakes up and sees a note from Whitney Wright on his pillow, he can't hold back his smile. Obedient to a fault, he gets up and goes to the living room to find Whitney waiting beneath the mistletoe clad in just a sexy Christmas lingerie getup. Whitney greets Ryan with a deep kiss, then cuddles close as his big palms explore her breasts and the curve of her ass.

    Turning around so Ryan can divest her of her bra and then her panties, Whitney remains docile as she enjoys her lover's touch. When Ryan slips his hand up to cup the heat of Whitney's twat, she can't help the shiver that runs down her spine. That shiver is merely foreplay as Whitney pushes Ryan down on the couch and pulls out his fuck stick so she can seat herself on it.

    Undulating her hips in long, slow motions that create delicious friction for both of them, Whitney takes charge of her own Christmas pleasure. Ryan is cool with letting Whitney call the shots, at least at first. He loves watching her full breasts bounce in front of his face as he plays stud to Whitney's needs, especially when she lets him draw her forward to suckle her puffy nips.

    After sucking her own essence from Ryan's fuck stick, Whitney lays back on the couch and spreads her thighs to accommodate her boyfriend between them. Ryan starts with his mouth, but soon moves on from his pussy feast to rubbing his dick up and down Whitney's cream filled slit. When he finally fills her up again, her moan of satisfaction bounces off the walls.

    Rolling onto her hands and knees, Whitney rocks back and forth in time with each of Ryan's thrusts. He takes his time, filling his hands with the bounty of Whitney's bottom as he brings her to the pinnacle of orgasmic bliss. When he pulls out at the last minute, it is only a few heartbeats later that he covers Whitney's bottom with his cumshot to leave her sated and well-loved.

    Manon is currently Live Free Chat

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    Acting slutty on camera is Manon's favorite hobby.
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    FastOrgazm is currently Live Free Chat

    13 December, 2018 (14:02) | Live Free Chat | By: Who's On Now – Unwrapping Her – S30:E3 added to

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    Nubile Films - Unwrapping Her - S30:E3

    Nubile Films - Unwrapping Her - S30:E3

    featuring Alex De La Flor and Jenna Sativa.

    Added On:

    Dec 13, 2018


    It's Christmastime and Jenna Sativa is napping beneath the tree as she dreams of her ideal Christmas gift. When Alex De La Flor sneaks in wearing nothing but sexy lingerie, she is caught in the act of putting a gift beneath the tree. Jenna can't hold back her smile as she sets Alex's gift aside, proving to Alex with a kiss that she's the only present Jenna wishes for this year.

    Alex lets Jenna have her fill of kissing and caressing before gently taking charge. Pushing Jenna back on the couch, Alex fills her hands with her girlfriends' generous breasts. She inches down Jenna's body, taking Jenna's panties with her before she settles between her lover's thighs. Flicking out her tongue, she laps at the heart of Jenna's passion. Her pussy feast is endless as she indulges in every drop of sweet cream. When Jenna gets on her hands and knees, Alex gets her fingers in on the action and finally drives her love over the edge.

    Jenna's Christmas wish isn't just about her own orgasms; she wants Alex to enjoy herself, too. She works Alex out of her skimpy lingerie and then drops to her belly on the couch so that her mouth is pressed to the heart of Alex's pleasure. With one hand between her own legs to rub her clit and keep herself wet and ready, Jenna suckles Alex's clitoris and probes her tongue all the way into Alex's snatch.

    When the girls have each enjoyed their first glimpse of paradise, neither of them is ready to quit quite yet. Jenna rolls onto her back, wrapping her loving arms around Alex when she climbs on top. Alex's twat is soon perfectly positioned for Jenna to continue her pussy feast, while Alex can easily lean forward to complete a lesbian 69. That position is just what each of the girls needs to get off once again, reaffirming their love and passion for one another. – Just The Three Of Us – S30:E2 added to

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    Nubile Films - Just The Three Of Us - S30:E2

    Nubile Films - Just The Three Of Us - S30:E2

    featuring Jason X, Mindy and Naomi Bennett.

    Added On:

    Dec 10, 2018


    Jason X is all tied up and blindfolded, perfect for Mindy and Naomi Bennett to enjoy at their leisure. Decked out in sensual lingerie, the girls take their time caressing Jason's prone body with their hands and mouths. They make sure to give each other plenty of attention as well, teasing each other's titties and enjoying the feel of all that soft skin beneath one another's palms.

    Returning their mutual attention to Jason, the girls split up. Naomi takes Jason's mouth, planting her cream filled twat on his face so he can feast on her pussy nectar. Meanwhile, Mindy licks and nibbles at Jason's briefs before pulling them down enough to spring his stiffie free. When she finally has access to his long dick, she leans in to start sucking as Naomi continues her ride on Jason's mouth.

    Eventually Naomi relocates to the top of the bed, where she watches Mindy suck Jason's dick while masturbating. She keeps it up as long as she can stand it, then leans in and joins Mindy for a double blowjob. With Naomi's help, Mindy is able to slide her thong off so that both girls are deliciously naked. Naomi once again takes her place with her pussy pressed to Jason's mouth, while Mindy slides down onto Jason's fuck stick to ride him like her own personal steed.

    The girls finally let Jason free, and he is quick to show his appreciation for the good time they've given him. He lays Naomi down on the bed and sinks balls deep into her juicy snatch as Mindy does whatever she can to double down on both of her partners' pleasure. When Mindy replaces Jason's stiffie with her mouth to continue leading Naomi down the path of an orgasm, Jason takes advantage and pounds into her from behind.

    The trio continues like that with Mindy in the middle until both girls have reached peak satisfaction. Only then does Jason unwind his hand from Mindy's hair and let himself take his own pleasure. Pulling out, Jason looks on as Naomi gives him a handjob until he finishes all over Mindy's bottom. Dipping her head low, Naomi sucks Jason's fuck stick clean and then both girls play with the evidence of his love.