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    Afternoon Delight – An Interracial Sexstory

    15 November, 2016 (15:41) | Interracial Sex Stories | By: Webcams and Sexstories

    By Linda (


    Shared fantasy comes to life one summer afternoon.
    (MMdom/F, intr)


    Little did I know this calm summer afternoon would
    bring one of my fantasies to life. Sir and I had been
    discussing how to turn this particular fantasy into
    reality. I had been instructed to place and ad for a
    young black male to meet us.

    Well after much searching this particular one contacted
    us and arrangements were made. I am sure he was most
    interested in getting together with us, since I had
    been allowed to tease him during our phone
    conversations and he did love my sensual voice.

    The time and date were set up, and that anxious day
    finally arrived. Sir had a few things to get done in
    town and I proceeded to get ready.

    I made sure to take a nice long bath, wondering what
    the rest of the day will bring, excitingly trying to
    figure out what was to come. I felt almost tempted to
    play with my eager pussy, but I knew Sir had not given
    me orders to do so. I know that Sir loves to keep his
    sub in suspense on her toes, and eager to serve him.

    I walked into the bedroom and took out a sheer long
    light green skirt with a long slid on the back, nice
    blouse and a white lace bra, and of course no panties
    as per Sir’s request. Sir would always want me in
    skirts and no panties, always ready for whatever
    pleasure were to come.

    Soon after I was done, door bell rings, as I open the
    door to greet this handsome, friendly young black male.
    He was wearing a casual attired that showed clearly
    that he was in shape, in more ways then others.

    I quickly glanced at his crotch and bit my lower lip.
    We walked up stairs to the family room and shared some
    wine as we waited for Sir to arrive. I kept looking at
    him and wishing for Sir to hurry I could see the horny
    look in our black stud’s eyes.

    After a few minutes Sir was home, Sir is a handsome,
    tall very Dom looking man with the most delicious
    wicked hazel eyes that make me squirm just by mire
    glace. I proceeded to greet Sir and introduce him to
    our guest, within minutes we carry on our conversation
    to the spacious deck since it was a lovely afternoon
    was a shame to waste it indoors.

    We sat and enjoyed the view of the beautiful
    surroundings plenty of mature pines trees that provide
    privacy for whatever purpose one wish. I was sitting
    across our guest when, Sir told me to lift my skirt, I
    did not think twice I raised my skirt and left my pussy

    The next thing I knew, our black stud was on his knees
    licking and eating my wet pussy, I pushed his head
    against it, and making sure he could not pull away I
    wanted his tongue deep inside me. I was going to cum
    all over his mouth, make my juices drip down his chin.

    I could tell he was really turn on by the fact that all
    this was taking place outside, the thrill of being
    caught or being watched, just as Sir watched and
    commanded him to eat me deeper, at this point I was
    squirming in my sit, my juices running down my legs and
    our black stud’s face cover with my cum.

    Well that was not the end of our afternoon, as me all
    carry on inside to the living room, where Sir told me
    to lie down spread my legs and let our black stud
    continue to work his tongue in my hungry pussy. The
    more he ate me the more he stroked his cock, I kept
    looking at my Master with that look of enjoyment on his

    No longer could the black stud hold it, and soon he was
    cumming. More was to come, it was time to help Sir
    prepare some lunch so off we all went to the kitchen,
    as I move around the kitchen, Sir called my name and
    told me to raise my skirt and show our guest how a good
    slut plays with her pussy. I fingered my pussy
    furiously, hearing the sound my wetness made as I drove
    my finger in and out my hungry pussy. I had never seen
    a man’s eyes grow as wide as our friend; the more I
    fingered myself the more he rubbed his crouch.

    Well, was time now to set table and our guest was
    waiting in the dinner area, while he watched me set the
    table he said in a low voice “I am so horny” and kept
    looking at his hand stroking his cock. On my return to
    the kitchen, I told Sir that our guest was quiet horny
    he looked

    At me with that wicked look in I love and told me to
    kiss him deeply.

    After our wonderful lunch, Sir saved the best part for
    last, I and our guest took turns sucking Sir’s cock,
    taking deep down our throats and sharing his cum. I
    turn to the black stud and kiss him, let him taste

    My Sir’s cum in my mouth, and watched him take his cock
    out and stroke it for both of us to watch. It was
    indeed a wonderful end to our afternoon, by now my
    pussy was aching again wanting to be touched I was
    given permission to lower my self over our black stud’s
    face and make him eat me again.

    I was cumming over and over again; he buried his tongue
    deep in my pussy, letting my juices drip all over his
    face. As soon as I finish cumming, I licked his face,
    clean, tasting myself and again kissing him deeply so
    he could taste my juices again. All in all it was quite
    and afternoon delight.


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