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    The Agency – an Asian Interracial Sexstory

    15 November, 2016 (16:09) | Asian Sex Stories, Interracial Sex Stories | By: Webcams and Sexstories

    Julie Taylor was not normally a shy girl, nor for
    that matter a timid girl in any sense of the word. At
    nineteen she had lost her school-girlish outlook on
    the world and those about her, as long as she was mix-
    ing with her own age group.

    When a perfectly normal, healthy girl as attractive
    as Julie looks at an older person…well, she couldn’t
    help thinking that anyone over thirty is middle-aged,
    and over thirty-five they must be well past it!

    It was perhaps this normal attitude towards older
    folk that made her just a little tremulous now as she
    waited in this very luxurious, sweet-smelling apartment
    of a certain gentleman of Oriental origin, whom she
    knew to be well past his fifties, and in her eyes a
    very old man.

    Tse Ling had kept her waiting while he bathed and
    changed. It had been through a small theatrical agency
    that he part-owned that he had first become aware of
    this pretty girl who now waited for him in his scented
    living room.

    Julie Taylor had taken part in many amateur
    theatricals while she had been in college. When she
    had taken a job as a fully trained shorthand typist
    with a firm in the West End of London, she had – more
    for a joke than anything else – visited the small
    office of the Ling-Tan Theatrical Agency, which
    happened to be close to her place of employment. If
    any part-time aspiring actresses were needed, she
    would be pleased to do some more acting, not that she
    wanted it as a full-time occupation but more as a

    She had been surprised at the utmost care the woman
    in the Agency had taken in getting the full details of
    the young lady calling on them, and she had been even
    more surprised when a few weeks later she had a letter
    from the Agency explaining that they were engaging a
    few young ladies of limited experience, like herself,
    at a salary that made Julie’s eyes boggle, and if she
    was interested she was to present herself at an address
    given in the letter on Tuesday evening next at seven-

    The address was also in the West End, and she had
    to meet Tse Ling whom she remembered seeing for just a
    very few brief moments at the Agency, after she had
    been interviewed by the woman.

    A small Oriental man had admitted her into this
    expensively furnished apartment, and now after a few
    minutes of waiting, the portly smiling Tse Ling himself
    came into the room, gave her his apologies for keeping
    her waiting, and bowed low. She saw he was wearing a
    very ornate silken dressing robe. She thought it odd
    that he should have been taking a bath at this time,
    when her appointment had been arranged. She had been
    on time to the dot, she was not early or late, and yet
    he had not been ready for her.

    He poured her a drink and started to talk about
    the impending company that he was getting together.
    She sipped at her drink. It was strong, rather like
    a concoction of whiskey and other spirits. She did
    not drink much; the drink was positively too strong
    for her and she disliked it but feared it might offend
    him if she at least drink a little. She tried to
    continue sipping at it. She had heard that Orientals
    had strange ideas about hospitality being refused, and
    with the chance to get into a theatrical company at
    the wage that had been mentioned, the last thing she
    wanted to do was to upset this important little man.

    He went through her previous experience; or rather,
    her lack of experience. She knew he must have all
    these details already, but he seemed to be intent on
    going through every minute detail again.

    She wished she had taken more time with her drink,
    for now that her glass was empty he hastened to re-
    fill it. By this time, however, she was beginning to
    acquire a taste for it, not knowing that it contained
    an oriental aphrodisiac drug; and by the time her
    second glass was empty she felt strangely relaxed and

    She kept answering his questions, but instead of
    sitting upright in her chair and being very attentive
    to him all the time, she leaned back more comfortably,
    quite aware that his slanty little eyes were looking
    down at her legs, which were not being kept so primly
    together as had been the case when she first sat
    opposite to him.

    Tse Ling was not sitting quite so demurely as be-
    fore either. For his part he began to sprawl on his
    chair, his change of position allowing the silken robe
    to fall open at the front.

    Her eyes opened wide. She could hardly believe
    her senses, but the portly Oriental was really naked
    beneath the robe, and not far from her wide staring
    eyes was a huge glistening yellowish cock.

    She knew he was watching her as she tried to avert
    her eyes from his naked torso. When at last she looked
    up into his beaming face, she felt embarrassed and
    ashamed, but when he placed a hand under his long thick
    dong, she again looked down at it. She saw him gently
    lift the heavy shaft in his palm.

    His voice was teasingly soft as he said, “Young
    Missie likes, eh? You not feel so shy after the little
    drink Tse Ling give you eh?”

    She felt almost hypnotized as he drew her to her
    feet, his strong hands on her wrists, pulling her to
    him as he also stood up. That long thick manly shaft
    was being sandwiched between his naked hairy stomach
    and her pretty dress.

    He put his mouth to hers…during the long kiss
    that followed he insinuated his tongue well into her
    mouth. She wanted to resist, to make it not quite so
    easy for him, but her will power was gone…it seem-
    ingly had disappeared into that empty spirit glass.

    Before her lips were released from his, she was
    returning the tonguing and rubbing her tongue-tip along
    the edges of his thick wet gums and at the back of his

    His hands were gripping her youthful behind through
    her clothing, and the way he was pulling her against
    his naked, hard cock and slowly worming his body from
    side to side was making her experience thrills she knew
    she should never allow herself with an elderly man, and
    an Oriental at that…and yet she was getting pleasure
    from his kissing and his touching…a lot of pleasure.

    When he was sure he had excited hid young playmate,
    he drew her down into the very large soft square-shaped
    divan that stood in the corner of his luxurious apart-

    She lay still, breathing heavily alongside him
    looking up at him with big eyes, as his hands commenced
    a thorough exploration of her lovely firm body.

    When he briefly stopped kissing and caressing, he
    gave words of encouragement to her about what a lucky
    girl she would be if he decided to let her join the
    small select company he was forming, how much money
    she would be able to make, how much better off she
    would be than with her present salary…what an
    interesting wonderful life it would be…

    And while he spoke and petted her, Julie became
    more dreamy and light-headed, easier to handle, more
    eager and happy to do anything to please this strange
    little Oriental man who in some way was developing
    such power over her.

    It was during a long-drawn-out kiss that she felt
    him finally place his right palm flat on her belly.
    His long fingers began to knead her dress, causing the
    material to ride upwards. His fingers increased the
    pressure, the dress hem rose higher and higher, forming
    a crumpled ball at her waist within his fist.

    She saw him looking down at the stretch of white
    flesh that now was exposed above the tops of her nylon
    hose, and suddenly he eased himself over her body,
    straddling her thighs and lay forward so that his balls
    and prick lay at the junction where her lemon-colored
    nylon panties covered her blonde bush. With his
    fingers he maneuvered the long thick shaft of his cock-
    flesh so that it lay flat and lengthwise up from her
    Vee to her belly.

    She looked down at her loins, his thick cock looked
    like a snake resting on top of her panties, the dull
    yellowy flesh of his Oriental prick making a strange
    shading contrast with the bright lemon hue of her silky

    The licentious Tse Ling was lying in this style for
    a purpose. He wanted his young aspiring actress to see
    and realize to what depth his cock would be able to
    pierce up into her if it was given the chance. He saw
    from her expression that she certainly understood, that
    she was trying to imagine what it would be like to have
    that dong thrust up into her.

    Julie had no idea before that moment, that man’s
    penis could be so long, or that it would be capable of
    entering a woman to the extent that this long thick
    dick could delve into her.

    Tse Ling lay heavily on her firm young body,
    pressing his mouth against her far from unwilling lips.
    He pressed hard on the front of her silken body; he
    knew it would be only seconds before he felt some sort
    of cunt-response from the young lady.

    In a very short time, Julie was feeling that urge
    from within herself, she pushed her loins against him,
    trying to writhe her thighs against his thighs, trying
    to get pleasure by pushing her belly to and fro against
    that hard long dick that was like a bar of iron sand-
    wiched between their legs. She no longer thought of
    the consequences of her actions, she just wanted to
    satisfy her drug induced urges.

    Then he rolled off her to one side, she saw his
    expression had changed. Instead of a benign sort of
    kindly sympathetic expression, his face was set into a
    grim smile or rather a leer. He flipped her crumpled
    dress higher above her waist, his eyes seemed to be
    burning deeply into her own slightly glazed eyes, as
    his hands groped between her thighs.

    For a moment or so, his hot hands caressed the
    smooth naked flesh above her nylon-tops, and then they
    moved to the bare flesh of her belly immediately above
    the tight elastic waistband of her panties.

    He started to unbutton the front of her dress
    bodice, his eyes were still burning into hers, as if
    daring her to blink an eyelid or even dare to think of
    resisting his eager hands.

    For the first time she realized that another
    person was in the room. Silently and unseen, the little
    manservant who had let her into the apartment had come
    into the room, and now he was bending over her from
    above her head, helping his Master to take her dress
    right off over her head.

    It was the little hand of the manservant that
    gripped her hands and made her grope down to the heavy
    testicles and prick of his master. Not that she needed
    a lot of persuasion. She was like soft putty in their
    hands, and the heated emotion of hump-lust within her
    young hard body was making her a willing and eager
    plaything for Tse Ling. After all he could do things
    for her if she pleased him. The thought of his age
    never crossed her mind.

    She thrilled and adored the sensation she experi-
    enced as she held that huge, throbbing prick in her
    fingers, and drew the foreskin down in the way the
    manservant had shown her.

    Tse Ling had his hands under her knees now, lifting
    them, making her raise her knees and at the same time
    he levered her legs well apart…what a delicious fuck-
    provoking sight the pretty young woman made… Those
    shapely legs sheathed in the smoky nylons, the sheer
    whiteness of her thighs above the darker reinforced
    nylon tops, the pale lemon slither of nylon that
    covered her sweet young pussy and the dark navy girdle
    from which stretched the narrow suspender straps that
    kept her stockings so perfectly in place and taut.
    Above the top edge of the girdle where it nipped in at
    her white belly skin her small but perfectly oval-
    shaped breasts were just being exposed as the
    manservant carefully unhooked her bra and removed it
    from her knockers.

    Tse Ling was pleased to see that although her
    nipples were certainly not fully aroused, they were
    dark crimson in color instead of the pale pink that
    so many women usually were…this was the sign that
    she was ready for a man.

    The Chinese man knelt close to her allowing her to
    retain her clasping fingers on his prick and balls,
    while his manservant busied himself getting the girl’s
    garters unfastened and the nylons rolled down to each
    trim ankle. He instructed his man to leave the girdle
    on, as he liked the contrast of the navy elastic tight-
    fitting girdle against her pure silky white flesh.

    He also derived erotic pleasure from watching the
    young girl tremble with anticipation as she fondled
    his ever-growing cock and felt the hands of the man-
    servant at the waistband of her panties.

    She knew what she was going to happen when her
    panties were taken from her, and he was happy to see
    no resistance in her lovely face.

    Her panties were discarded on the floor beside the
    divan, she lay with knees raised and thighs well open
    as both the Orientals gazed at the soft wispy “beard”
    of dark blonde bush at her pussy. The aphrodisiac
    drug had done its work well. Her soft wet pinkish
    cunt-lips were agape. They throbbed and appeared to
    be opening and closing in with her heartbeat.

    The old Oriental slid his silken robe from his
    shoulders. He and his manservant knew what this lovely
    young girl wanted now at this moment above everything
    else. He saw her writhing and softly moaning as the
    manservant continued to caress her long shapely legs
    and when his long talon-like fingers combed through her
    bush-hair, she almost went insane with frantic efforts
    trying to lifting her belly to his hands and rotating
    her pelvis and thrusting her loins from side to side,
    as if already she had the hot Oriental cock plunging
    into her.

    Tse Ling stood close to the divan stroking his
    prick, which had visibly grown erect even during the
    last few moments. He watched the young white girl
    writhing under the clever, if wicked, fingering of his
    lecherous manservant. He knew the little man could use
    his fingertips in the most fiendish way on a girl’s
    pratt so as to get them as aroused as was humanly
    possible. Her cunt juice was so plentiful that it slop-
    ped over her puffed cunt-lips and covered the little
    man’s fingers down to his knuckles.

    The elderly Tse Ling now stooped over the writhing
    figure of the young woman: he moved his face to her
    belly and then moved it lower to her inviting pussy.

    The fingers of his manservant held her cunt-lips
    apart, so that Tse Ling could detect at once with his
    tongue, her swollen clitoris. The thrill he experi-
    enced while ‘milking’ this white girl’s clit with his
    lips caused his dick to throb almost to the point of
    orgasm, his balls were as heavy as lead, full of hot-
    sperm for this horny white girl’s belly.

    Tse Ling knew they had the pretty young woman to
    the stage where she would do anything to reach satis-
    faction. She was a mare who needed a stallion…a
    bitch who had to have a mating…

    Then she was screaming…at first with the startled
    pain, then with the realization that she was getting
    the hot cock she craved. Tse Ling had mounted her…he
    was riding her…it was that massive fleshy prick in
    her cunt… Her inexperienced but fully aroused body
    was being filled with the hot throbbing flesh of her
    ‘stallion’…she was having her mating.

    The extremely experienced whoremaster, Tse Ling
    pushed his thick dong of pleasure into his young victim
    from as many angles as the compass has points. The room
    filled with the panting cries of ecstasy, the agonizing
    sweet feminine cries of pain, mingled with lustful
    pleasure, as the girl was given as through a fucking as
    she would ever be likely to have again.

    The cleverly manipulated cock of the old Oriental
    was giving her the sheerest ecstasy that any girl could
    wish to experience and he was starting her on the road
    that would lead her eventually and in a very short time
    to the adoration of cock for cock’s sake. He was forc-
    ing her to experience and enjoy the complete surrender
    of the mind as well as the flesh to the utter bliss
    that only fucking under his Oriental aphrodisiac would
    provide for her…he was making her have the hump-
    experience that would by its very nature force her to
    want to enjoy it time and time again.

    To even contemplate visiting the his private apart-
    ment, the girl must have been comparatively innocent.
    By the time she left that apartment she would be so
    much more world-wise in many ways.

    Tse Ling liked his girlie acting aspirants to be
    innocent, so long as they were healthy and able to be
    aroused sexually as this young girl had been aroused.
    As long as they could be made horny and sexy, then he
    didn’t mind how innocent, how unsophisticated or how
    inexperienced they were to begin with…he would shape
    them as he wanted them shaped, he would map the path
    he wanted them to follow…he would guide them…pro-
    cure them…debauch them, and then sell them.

    The little manservant was keeping a careful watch
    and count of the times their latest young victim was
    brought to orgasm. He and his Master kept these sort
    of records to improve their technique with application
    of the aphrodisiac drug in the drink. They had been
    able to almost gauge the amount of the drug to use to
    make a girl reach her peak for a certain number of
    times. During their experiments they had almost killed
    one young woman in their efforts to drug her enough to
    make her experience twenty orgasms before passing out
    from exhaustion.

    They never repeated the experiment on such a scale.
    They had reckoned this Julie Taylor would have about
    four climaxes in her young belly. She had already had
    three, her loins, thighs and Tse Ling’s balls and
    stomach were sopping with her cunt-juice and now as the
    old Oriental quickened the tempo of his fuck to bring
    his own crisis to its fulfillment, they saw and heard
    the girl gasping and screaming in her lust as her
    fourth orgasm of the evening was reached and passed.


    A heavily breathing old Tse Ling lay alongside
    her… He had drained himself and her as well, and
    she wanted to do as he was doing, drift away into a
    deep sleep, but it was the agitating thin wet lips of
    the manservant on her mouth that was preventing her
    from relaxing. He was hurting her with those thin
    talon-like fingers of his clawing at her naked breasts
    while he kissed her mouth.

    She could feel his long cock was out from his
    trouser front, and it was clear now that he too was
    going to enjoy her. With Tse Ling she had neither the
    strength nor the will to resist, she had wanted him to
    do what he had done to her…now with this little
    servant man it was different.

    She was satiated. She was revolted by the thought
    of the wizened old manservant defiling her body. She
    had the will to resist him, however, but not the
    strength. She felt his long horrid cock thrust up into
    her saturated and quite sore cunt-hole. She felt his
    balls slapping against her crotch, felt him jerking
    her with every thrust of his slender but strong body
    and she saw that Tse Ling was lying on his side watch-
    ing her being fucked by his manservant.

    Julie was surprised that she was beginning to
    derive pleasure from this second hump even though at
    first she had tried so hard to prevent the servant
    from doing it to her. He gave her pleasure in the act,
    even when she tried resistance. A moment after this
    realization the long thin cock of the manservant
    exploded its load of hot come high up inside her. She
    lay still under the scrawny old manservant, feeling
    his long cock slither from her abused cunt as it shrank
    into liflessness.


    It was two hours later that she was sufficiently
    refreshed to leave the apartment. She had been given
    five hundred dollars as a payment towards her first
    salary from the Ling-Tan Theatrical Agency, and was
    told she would be hearing from the impresario again
    in the near future, when she would be given more
    details of the venture. It was, he mentioned to her
    blandly, a touring company, and they had been offered
    engagements abroad.

    Pleased with her money, happy with the exciting
    prospects before her, not quite so pleased at the
    knowledge that she had a plentiful supply of Oriental
    male sperm in her belly, but happy to think that Tse
    Ling would not be accompanying on the tour, Julie
    trotted off home to pack.


    It had been a distressing afternoon. Since just
    after lunch Susan and her husband Jack Bowing had been
    going through the cupboards and drawers and suitcases
    in a small furnished room not far from the Earl’s Court
    Road. They were in the room that had, until recently,
    been occupied by Tina, Susan’s younger sister.

    When the girl had left home to come up to live in
    London, Susan and Jack had asked her to live with them
    in their small but comfortable semi-detached house in

    But no, the headstrong seventeen-year-old had
    wanted her own place, had wanted to be independent,
    and now after only six weeks she had vanished. It was
    the landlady who had first raised the alarm. She had
    telephoned the Bowings when the youngster didn’t return
    to her apartment after three nights. At first she
    thought the girl might be staying with friends, but by
    mere chance the sharp-eyed landlady had noticed the
    girl when she met her out shopping in the market. Tina
    had been hurrying along, anxious not to be seen by
    anyone she knew, it seemed, and she was not alone. A
    slimy horrid-looking foreign man had been on with her.
    The eagle eyes of the landlady had noticed that the
    man had hold of the girl’s arm.

    Susan and Jack had come up to town as soon as they
    had the frantic telephone call from Tina’s landlady.
    They persuaded her not to report the matter to the
    police, not yet at any rate, they wanted to keep the
    disappearance of the girl from the knowledge of her
    mother and father. If they could not trace her or find
    her by the end of that week, then the police would have
    to be informed. Until then, they would try and get a
    clue as to where she might have gone.

    The description the woman gave of the foreign man
    with Tina gave Susan and Jack the idea that he must
    have been Oriental, and when going through some of the
    discarded papers and rubbish in Tina’s room they found
    a torn card on which had been scribbled ‘The Ling-Tan
    Theatrical Agency’ with its address, the couple thought
    they might have a lead.

    Pretty young Tina had always had a hankering after
    a life of glamour, a life of bright lights that show
    business might have to offer a young pretty girl. If
    she had gotten into the wrong type of Agency, if she
    had been fool enough to fall for a lot of wild promises
    that some of the vile men who lure young girls put to
    them…well…this Ling-Tan Agency might be the right

    Reluctant as he was to let his wife go to the
    office of this Agency on her own, Jack knew this was
    by far the best way of finding out what sort of
    organization was run by this Ling-Tan firm. If it was
    the sort of company that looked for lone girls, it
    would be quite useless for a man to try to get any in-
    formation from them.

    The only way was for Susan to go along to the
    office, just on the off chance, as it might appear, to
    see if they had any suggestions for her, she would
    pretend that she wanted to go on the stage. From that
    point of introduction she would see which way the cat

    They tried taking off her wedding ring, so that she
    could make out she was a single girl without friends
    in London. They wanted to make it easy for the Agency
    to lure her if they were that sort of organization. If
    this approach led nowhere, then plainly it was through
    this Ling-Tan setup that they were going to trace the
    missing Tina. If, on the other hand, they showed great
    interest in Susan despite her lack of dramatic or
    theatrical experience, then this might prove as likely
    as not an invaluable clue that could lead them to

    The wedding ring had to be put on again. It left
    a deep impression on the finger when it was removed.
    This might well be suspicious to an alert-eyed person.

    “Better say you are a widow, dear,” Jack told his
    wife. “They won’t be very interested in you if they
    know you have a husband near at hand.”

    “No, darling, I just can’t say that. I won’t think
    of anything as horrible as losing you,” insisted Susan.
    “I will say you are abroad on business and you won’t be
    back for at least a year. That will help to make a
    good reason why I am alone in London and why I want to
    join a theatrical group, to meet friends and fill up my
    time while you’re away. That sounds feasible, doesn’t
    it? It will make them think I’m going to be an easy
    haul for them, won’t it? That, is, of course, if
    they’re the sort of people we think they might be.”


    Tse Ling looked at the young woman seated on the
    sofa in his private office. His Manageress had been
    quite right to have this attractive young woman shown
    in to his office. She was possibly the type they

    She looked about twenty-two, she was married, he
    noticed, but after a brief glance down at the sheet of
    particulars his Manageress had provided for him about
    this applicant, he saw her husband was abroad. He
    would be away from her for at least another twelve

    The little Oriental suppressed a smile at this.
    Just the set-up he liked. A young wife, alone and
    depressed, bored and lovely. No wonder she wanted to
    go find new friends and if possible earn some money
    for herself by part-time acting.

    He scanned down the paper. Not very experienced
    in acting. Strange in a way she should want to take
    it up now. He looked at her more closely. She was
    very attractive, very physically desirable.

    “Why had she come to his Agency?” he asked her.

    She explained that she had been too many others
    first, but they had not been very interested, as she
    did not have enough experience to suit them.

    That was understandable. He put his fears to rest
    on that score. They had all turned her down, eh?

    It was a good thing Susan Bowing had been prepared
    for the question. Jack had told her to say she had
    been to other agencies. He had given her a few names to
    mention if necessary.

    Tse Ling was satisfied with her reply, and did not
    ask for any names. He handed her a cigarette, it was a
    long thin affair, and she did not like it much, but she
    obliged him by slowly smoking it while he asked her
    more questions. She knew he was making up his mind
    about her…she did not want to offend him or appear
    aloof by refusing his offer of a cigarette. It was one
    of his Eastern brands, she supposed. It was sickly-
    sweet but probably would not do her any harm if she
    could get over the strange taste.

    Tse Ling studied her through his slit-eyes,
    narrowed to almost being fully closed. She was very
    attractive, she had lovely high breasts, well spaced on
    her lush figure, and those hips, they were perfect,
    luscious and desirable to grip; she sat so that he
    could see her shapely legs. Her tight-fitting skirt
    just barley hid her thighs, but he knew they would be
    delightful, the lower parts of her limbs curved per-
    fectly to her calves and down to trim ankles.

    He knew it was a body that would attract any man
    …what a fool her husband must be to leave his pretty
    wife alone in London! Well, she had come to the right
    place to be taken care of…but perhaps not in the way
    she expected.

    She was lonely, the report said, she wanted to meet
    friends and thought perhaps a semi-pro theatrical group
    might be the answer. Tse Ling would see she met
    friends, plenty of them…but her performances with
    them might not come under any particular dramatic art,
    as seen on the stage at least. The little Oriental
    smiled to himself lost in thought…


    For the fourth time, Jack Bowing got out of his
    car and put another coin into the parking meter. He
    had parked a couple of streets away from where the
    Ling-Tan Agency had its office. Susan was to come
    round there as soon as the initial interview was over.

    It was running into the fourth hour since she had
    kissed him good-bye and waved as she trotted up the
    road. He had expected her to be about half an hour.
    Surely they would only want to take brief notes at
    this first introduction.

    They hoped to be able to form some opinion about
    the Ling-Tan Agency from this first visit perhaps,
    after all, it was a legitimate organization, perhaps
    Susan could not leave so easily without arousing their
    suspicion, and she was given some sort of audition.

    Jack got back into the car. He smiled. Funny if
    after all it was a straight firm, and they were giving
    Susan some sort of an audition when all she wanted to
    find out was if they were the sort of firm that would
    stoop to procuring young lonely girls and women.

    Jack Bowing might not have settled back quite so
    complacently in his car had he known the stage at
    which his pretty wife’s ‘audition’ had reached.


    After the first cigarette the Chinese man had
    invited her to join him in smoking what he described
    as a really pleasant dreamy leaf, and had taken her
    through into a small cubicle of a room at the back of
    his private office, that was furnished only with a
    sort of wooden bunk affair.

    The moment the old Oriental settled down beside her
    on the mattressed bunk, and she began to inhale the
    long thin weed he had lit for her, she knew this was a
    much more potently strong reefer than the one she had
    forced herself to smoke in his office.

    Susan inhaled deeply. She didn’t know what else
    to do. She appreciated the fact that she was in a
    tight corner. She had already formed the opinion that
    this Agency might well be the lead that would give them
    a clue to Tina’s where-abouts.

    If the young girl had been brought to this little
    smoking den with the old man just like this, well…
    who was to know what was to follow.

    Susan Bowing knew she would just have to wait and
    find out. By the time she had sucked less than half
    the long thin weed, she was experiencing a familiar
    sexual ache deep inside her body. With every drag of
    this sickly-sweet weed, she was literally feeling her-
    self relaxing and caring less and less about her

    She didn’t feel like the same person, she was not
    anxious and worried about her missing sister any
    more…she was not in the least concerned about any-
    thing…or anybody…

    She was happy, that mattered, and she was drifting
    on a high cloud. She was inhaling and puffing away
    blissfully and was hardly aware that the slit-eyed
    Oriental man with her had gently lifted her with his
    hands under her armpits and settled her further back
    towards the center of the bunk.

    She was aware, however, that she was seated not on
    a flat mattress now, but on what could be a most un-
    comfortable length of wood or rubber that was shaped in
    a triangle, running lengthwise from the front of her
    body between her thighs and away behind her back.

    She found she derived a tremendous sensual pleasure
    from rubbing herself on that quite sharp edge, she
    could press down and feel the edge biting up into her
    pussy-crevice, her panties preventing the apparatus
    from actually touching her flesh.

    She knew Tse Ling was watching her, and yet she
    didn’t seem care, as she continued to rub herself
    slowly and sensually on the length of the triangle.

    When the sensation grew more intense between her
    thighs, she was forgot to inhale on the weed. By this
    time the little Oriental man was holding the mouthpiece
    of a slender long stemmed pipe to her lips. Susan in-
    haled from this new smoking affair, she felt her head
    and nostrils fill with the extra sickly-sweet pungent

    The old Oriental man had his hands on her hips now
    and was coaxing her to bend forward slightly. She soon
    discovered why…as she bent forward she brought the
    edge of the triangular ridge against that part of her
    moist panties that covered her swelling clitoris. The
    sensual awakening in that tiny hardening bud could not
    be described…she had never experienced any sort of
    sexual feeling quite so accurately before.

    The Oriental man had one arm around her shoulders
    and was inducing her to relax, leaning her against him.
    This she was more than willing to do, provided she
    could keep that pleasure-giving ridge between her
    thighs, and pressed tightly to her increasingly moist
    cunt. She made not the slightest protest when she felt
    his hand settle down over her breast.

    Oh, how good it felt to have a hand gently massag-
    ing her breast through her clothing! In her three
    years of married life with Jack, she had been happy in
    all ways, never had she desired or looked for the
    attention of any other man, never had she wanted a
    another man to touch her! She liked to be admired, of
    course, all women desire that.

    Now, in the space of a few minutes, everything
    seemed to have changed. She wanted this horrid looking
    squat Oriental man to embrace her, wanted him to fondle
    her breasts like this. She was relieved when at last
    his hand slipped inside her blouse, the eager clever
    fingers were insinuating themselves under the cup of
    her bra. Her large firm breast was snuggled into the
    yellowish palm of his hand, her erect scarlet nipple
    was trapped between his fingers as he cupped her breast
    gently needing. He agitated his palm and fingers until
    her nipple was grotesquely hard and stubby, she writhed
    more tightly down on that pleasure-giving ridge lying
    lengthwise under her. The tingling sensation she
    experienced there was the same as she got when she was
    in bed with Jack, and he had spent several long minutes
    arousing her, getting her ready for their fucking.

    She tried to bring her thoughts back to reality.
    She had found out enough about this place to be more
    than suspicious of it. She should try to get away now,
    get back to her waiting husband in the car… things
    were getting out of hand here…she would have to make
    her stand now, or it might be too late!

    As if sensing her sudden brief emotion of fear, or
    her intention to try and get away, Tse Ling dropped one
    hand to her waist, he slid his arm around her hips and
    forced her down harder, so that the ridge of the
    triangular shaft drove harder along her wet twat forc-
    ing her panties to form another lining for her vagina.

    At the same moment he forced her to lean forward so
    that the ridge played on her clitoris again. This time
    her hypersensitive clitoris bud throbbed and grew in
    rapid response to the sensation of the ridge against
    its head.

    Tse Ling smiled happily as he saw the young woman
    close her eyes, throw her head back, and surrender
    herself to the thrilling erotic pleasures that were
    coursing through her from.

    When her belly began to jerk, when her hips began
    to roll slowly, when she began to gasp and writhe as if
    she were already in the the process of having inter-
    course, the wily sensual old Oriental knew that victory
    was his…as it was always. Once he got the female
    victim on this ridged mattress in this little opium
    den, he always got what he wanted.

    He quickly had her blouse pulled up under her head,
    her bra was unhooked, and her beautifully full white
    breasts were joggled into view. His long yellow
    fingers rolled her nipples, he kneaded the white flesh
    of her lush breasts while she masturbated herself
    lewdly and with wild abandon on that rubber ridge on
    the mattress. Her drug-induced body could do nothing


    Outside her husband still waited, not with so much
    patience now, but hoping that when Susan did appear she
    would have something worth while to report…


    Through glazed eyes Susan Bowing saw the grinning
    Oriental man bring something into her line of vision,
    the like of which she had never seen before. It was
    like a fat banana on a curved wooden handle, but when
    it was held closer to her face she could see it was a
    beautifully shaped and carved imitation penis.

    She watched spellbound as the little man carefully
    adjusted the bulbous head of the dummy prick between
    her gaping wet cunt-lips.

    Grasping the wooden handle firmly, he thrust the
    perfect rubbery substitute-cock up into Susan’s horny
    hole. His eyes searched her face to see just how much
    she was going to enjoy this perversion, he wanted to
    have some idea just how deep into degradation he might
    be able to pull this delightful white-skinned beauty.

    Her expression thrilled him. Half-fear, half
    excitement, she lay waiting for him to thrust more
    rubber cock into her. The way her slippery dull pink
    cunt-lips clutched at the prick of rubber told him
    just how hungry she was for a man. He wouldn’t waste
    such lust on an unfeeling rubber shaft…he would fuck
    this one himself!

    When the old man stopped thrusting the fake-cock
    in and out of her, Susan tried to reach down and clasp
    the wooden handle. When she felt him withdrawing the
    head of the rubber prick from her cunt-entrance, she
    almost swooned with disappointment. Then her heartbeat
    quickened with eager anticipation when she heard him
    say, “I’m going to fuck you myself, my dear. That’s
    what you want, isn’t it?”

    Before he had thrust that teasing, tantalizing
    rubber prick into her, she would have been able to
    fight the terrible urge to let him do what he liked to
    her. But now she was obsessed with the need to have
    some sort of release.

    It was so silly, she told herself, and she had her
    husband to take care of her needs. Down in the car
    not so far away Jack would be waiting for her, why was
    she being so wickedly tempted into letting this horrid
    Oriental man do to her what only her husband should do,
    what she only wanted her husband to do.

    Whatever resolve she was trying to build, whatever
    summoning up of will power she was attempting, instant-
    ly dissipated when she felt herself turned over and hot
    lips kissed and caressed her naked ass-cheeks. The
    Oriental man was giving her wicked little love bites
    all over her ass and now his fingers were pulling her
    cheeks well apart, and he was tracing that wet tongue
    of his all along her ass crevice. In some weird lust-
    inducing way he was tugging at her anus itself. He
    seemed to be stretching the tight ring by pulling the
    flesh nearby with his thumbs, and then the horrid
    little man was poking and pushing his finger at the
    tight entrance until it slid inside the muscles of the
    ring of flesh. She found she was pushing her pussy
    harder onto that raised ridge while the finger worked
    to and fro in her tight female rectum.

    More out of idle curiosity than any preconceived
    plan, Tse Ling reached down the side of the sofa with
    his free hand to where she had put her handbag. He
    opened it and idly thumbed through the contents. All
    the while keeping his plaything gasping for breath as
    he continued to manipulate her closer and closer to
    losing control.

    There were several photographs in her bag, he drew
    them out to look at them better…He froze, she felt
    his fingers withdraw from her bottom. She looked
    around and saw that he was looking at the photo of her
    missing sister Tina. The one she always carried in her

    The look on the Oriental man’s face told her that
    this was the man who knew all about Tina’s sudden
    disappearance…this was the track that could lead to
    her being found. She drew back in fear when she saw the
    look of extreme anger and cruelty in the fiendish eyes.

    Tse Ling knew he had been deceived by this attrac-
    tive young woman. He did not like to be taken for a
    fool. He had to find out what this young woman was up
    to. It would be dangerous to let her find out too much
    about him and his Agency. He had to find out why she
    had this photo of a young girl whom he had recently
    sold to a foreign buyer for one of the exclusive
    brothels in the South of France.

    He dug two fingers wickedly up into Susan’s
    stretched and aching asshole. He was not intent on
    giving her any pleasure now…only pain. He worked his
    fingers into her to their knuckle.

    “Who is this girl?” he snapped, holding the print
    in front of her face.

    She did not answer at once, and then she screamed
    as his fingers began to open and twist deep inside her
    hot aching bottom.

    “She’s…she’s my…sister,” she gasped. “My
    husband and I are trying to find her.”

    “Your husband?” Tse Ling was on his guard even
    more. “You said he was he was abroad.”

    “He’s…he’s not. He’s waiting for me in his car
    outside. Not far away…” she mumbled, hoping that
    the revelation that Jack was near would make this
    horrid cruel man ease up on her.

    She thought she was clever, he was already taking
    his fingers out of her asshole. He was afraid, perhaps
    he would have to let her go now…but he was not
    letting her get up, instead he was clambering on her
    back….she felt not his fingers but his rigid prick
    at the entrance to her asshole.

    “You bitch…you filthy white lying bitch,” she
    heard him muttering. “I’ll give you something you’ll
    never forget, white bitch.”

    She suddenly felt the weight of the man’s body
    along her back, a dull aching pressure being applied
    to her tight anus, she felt his hands fumbling between
    his body and her ass, she knew what he was going to do
    and knew with certainty that she could not do anything
    to stop this awful rape of her body.

    For several seconds she felt him probing and
    shifting his position slightly on her raised backside
    and then when she sensed that he had gained the right
    line of direction, she tensed herself for the pain she
    knew was to follow.

    Susan was surprised when instead of her asshole,
    she felt the old Oriental man jamb his cock deeply
    into her cunt from behind. He thrust away at her wet
    opening and quickly brought her drug induced body to
    the edge of orgasm.

    On hands and knees the young wife trembled as she
    experienced her first opium laced orgasm, as the
    Oriental man thrust savagely, grunting each time he
    slammed to the hilt into his lush young victims drip-
    ping cunt.

    Soon the old man was grunting and groaning as he
    released his spurting come deeply inside of the young
    wife he had drugged. As his final spasm finished he
    fell forward taking her supple young body down under


    It was a pity, he told himself, that he could not
    afford to take the risk of keeping her with him and
    having a constant sweetly satisfying use of her lush
    body. He would have to get rid of her husband, and
    she would have to be sold in the same way that her
    sister had departed, only much more quickly.

    Tse Ling did not want to keep this white piece of
    ass in his establishment a minute longer than was
    necessary. He was not sure if she and her husband had
    told anyone else of their suspicions of the Agency.
    One more indication that he was under any sort of
    suspicion and he would have to close up the Agency and
    start again under a new and different guise. If indeed
    he could get away with it this time, after his luck had
    held on so many occasions.


    Jack Bowing was about to get out of the car and
    feed the parking meter yet again when a grinning slant-
    eyed man knocked on the car door.

    “Please…you Mister Bo-wing…wait for wife, yes?
    You come with me please…wife want you…send me for
    you…come quickly…please.”

    The singsong voice was persuasive, not commanding.
    Jack knew that if Susan was sending for him something
    must be wrong. He quickly walked along, with the
    little Oriental at his side. He was suspicious and yet
    he had to go and find out what was happening. After
    all this waiting, he was pleased to have a chance to
    have some action.

    He was not so pleased when, as soon as he stepped
    through the swing doors of the outer office of the
    Agency he was grabbed by two strong yellow-skinned
    little men who made up for their lack of stature by the
    clever way in which they applied crucial arm-holds on

    With both arms held painfully to his back, he was
    escorted from the main office along a corridor towards
    the rear of the premises. For a brief moment they
    paused at the half open door of the room in which Tse
    Ling was, and found himself hypnotized into stupefied
    tautness at what he saw…

    His lovely wife was on all fours like an animal,
    the beastly little hairy yellow-fleshed old man was on
    her back like a dog with a bitch. The thick penis was
    buried in Susan’s cunt from behind, but what made Jake
    all the more horrified was the way in which his wife
    was urging on the fiendish Oriental who was clamped to
    her buttocks. She had reached under her open thighs
    and was cradling the long drooping ball-sac of the man
    in her palm.

    From her contorting mouth came an obscene chant.

    “Do it harder…fuck me harder…ohraaurghA…
    please…harder and dig it deeper into me…ooraaugH!”

    Jack realized his wife must be drugged to be be-
    having like that, and yet, even so, to see one’s loving
    and devoted wife pleading with a wretched disgusting
    old man to do it harder to her while his thick cock was
    frigging up her cunt, was enough to send any man out
    of his mind.

    Tse Ling grabbed her hair and jerked her face
    upwards so that she was forced to look towards the
    door where her husband was being held by the two men.
    Tse Ling had his other hand round and under her loins,
    the long fingers frigging at her until she knew she
    would die if she was not given the sweet much-needed
    release of her orgasm – husband or no husband watching
    her, she had to get the gratification every fiber in
    her drugged body was screaming out for.

    A demented Jack Bowing watched as his wife twisted
    and jerked as the evil Chinese man tried to screw her
    down on to those lust-provoking fingers that were
    frigging her towards either madness or her much needed
    orgasm. Susan was crying out the filthiest words Jack
    had ever heard a anyone use. She was being milked of
    her cunt-juice and at the same time the jerking prick
    of the man was sending its hot wet scum deep into her

    Tse Ling looked up in amazement. Just behind the
    lithe Orientals who were holding the heaving, sobbing
    Jack Bowing were two of the largest London policemen
    he had ever seen.

    Lost for words for once, Tse Ling rose up, detach-
    ing himself gradually from Susan who screamed the
    foulest abuse at him, at them and at everybody else…
    She lay there limp and exhausted, while the Chinese men
    released her husband who ran over to try to assist her,
    at least to clean her up, or to bring her round to some
    state of normality.

    The policemen, taking in the situation, were quick
    to arrest Tse Ling. They telephoned for reinforcements
    and took away all the employees of the Ling-Tan Agency.
    Speedily seeing the chances of promotion in their
    alacrity at unmasking one of the wiliest brothel supply
    rackets in the country, long sought by the English and
    Continental police, the larger of the policemen care-
    fully tore up the piece of paper he had in his pocket.

    It would never do if anyone knew that their
    suspicions had not been aroused by anything Tse Ling
    had done. They had followed Jack Bowing into the
    building to present him with a ticket for having fed
    the meter five times and being still parked in the
    same position!


    It was too late for Tina, or for Julie for that
    matter. They had disappeared and No one at the Ling-
    Tan Agency was going to admit anything. Let us hope
    that their lives wont be to burdensome, and that they
    will derive some enjoyment in their situation.

    -=THE END=-

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