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    I Guess This is What a Lesbian Does

    27 March, 2017 (03:45) | Lesbian Sex Stories | By: Webcams and Sexstories

    by Phoebe (


    I didn’t want to do it at first. But she just wouldn’t
    leave me alone and I guess I didn’t know how to tell her

    Carla was an attractive woman of 25 and we’d been hanging
    out as friends for a year or so when the subject of
    Lesbianism came up one night. We’d been to a friend’s
    party until the wee hours of the morning and were walking
    to my car when she asked me if I’d ever though about
    having sex with another woman.

    I was pretty tipsy from all the alcohol I’d consumed that
    evening but not so far gone as to miss the sexy
    inflection in her voice as she asked me about what I

    I could see the dawn breaking on the horizon as we kept
    up our brisk pace toward the car. Almost casually I said,
    “I’m pretty happy with men, and besides I’m not sure how
    you’d have sex between two women without a penis between
    them.” I thought I was being witty and that Carla would
    stop talking about it, but I was mistaken.

    “Kristy, that’s crap about needing a cock to have a good
    time. Half the fun is the foreplay, and who better than
    women to know what women want. I know that Bob never
    seems to satisfy my needs, all that ever happens is he
    gets his off and leaves my frustrated as hell.”

    I knew that she was right about her boyfriend Bob, he was
    a real creep and I wasn’t sure what she saw in him, but
    that still wasn’t a reason to go lesbo as far as I was

    That was our first conversation about lesbianism and the
    beginning of this really strange thing between us. After
    that night Carla kept casually bringing it up and for
    some reason I didn’t discourage her. Being single I
    hadn’t had any sex in almost 4 months and Carla’s talk
    about woman sex turned me on for some reason. I’d always
    admired her body and to actually know that she was
    interested in me sexually was quite arousing.

    What happened three weeks later will stay with me for the
    rest of my life. Carla, Bob and I were out all night
    partying. It was a Saturday night and we didn’t have
    anything pressing to do on Sunday so we really did the
    bar circuit. About 5 in the morning Carla and Bob started
    yelling at each other. (too much to drink and a lack of
    respect for each other)

    Bob ended up storming out of the place and as we found
    out a few moments later the asshole had taken the car.
    Carla was furious and started screaming obscenities as
    she walked in a circle in the almost empty parking lot.
    Finally I was able to calm her down and suggested that we
    walk to my place since I lived the closest.

    My place was no more than 5 miles away and we could
    easily make it in less than an hour, so we started off.
    What happened next will always be frozen in time for me.
    I still can’t believe that I did it, all I can say is
    that I, like Carla, must have had WAY too much to drink
    that night.

    As we were walking down the sidewalk, I felt a tug on my
    sleeve and looked at Carla. She spun me around and
    without saying a word she kissed my right on the mouth.
    Within seconds I was returning that kiss with a deep
    passion I hadn’t felt in months.

    Before I knew what she had in mind Carla had pulled me
    into an abandoned building only 20 feet off the road. She
    had me up against the wall of the place and was feeling
    me up. I couldn’t believe it, it felt so… strange, yet
    it felt exciting. She knew what felt nice and what didn’t
    so “everything” felt nice.

    A moment later my top was unbuttoned and then hers was
    too and we hugged each other. I can still feel the
    sensation of her bare breasts pushing against mine, it
    was incredible to feel her hard nipples poking my flesh.
    My head was spinning as she tugged at my skirt. Within
    less than a minute of our being there I was naked.

    Carla didn’t waste any time she just knelt down and began
    to eat me. I was standing there naked and quivering in an
    almost hypnotic state as my best friend tongued me to an
    intense orgasm.

    Then it was my turn to rip Carla’s clothing away. Her
    pussy sucking had only inflamed me and I desperately
    wanted to make her feel as good as she’d made me. I
    remember thinking to myself as I knelt in front of her.
    “I guess this is what a lesbian does. I guess I’m a
    lesbian now.”

    It shocked me as my mouth touched her bush covered pussy.
    As I felt her slick hot lips against mine I knew that I
    was for sure a lesbian. I was even more sure when I
    started to go to town on her twat. It was wonderful, so
    empowering to make her scream in ecstasy as I tongued and
    sucked her to orgasm.

    Afterwards we stood in each other’s embrace, naked and
    shivering in the early morning light. Finally I looked
    about us and realized that it was fully morning now and
    that two little boys were peering at us from the
    sidewalk. They looked scared and excited at the same
    time. I figured that we’d better get dressed and out of
    there before someone in authority came snooping around
    wondering why the all little boys in the neighborhood
    were congregating around an abandoned building.


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