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    A Harem Girl – An Interracial Sexstory

    20 January, 2018 (04:25) | Interracial Sex Stories | By: Webcams and Sexstories

    by Karen Kay (


    A husband has to pay a large gambling debt and ends up
    paying it with his wife. (MF, nc, voy, wife, intr)


    Jack nervously sat looking over his cards and watching
    the expression on the huge black man sitting across
    from him at the table.

    “Come on, Jack. Show me what you got!”

    Jack’s fingers were shaking as he placed the cards on
    the table. Jack had a pair of queen’s.

    Leon began to laugh hysterically as he slammed his hand
    along with his cards on the table for Jack to see.

    “Let me see what you gonna do now, my man?”

    “Leon. You know I don’t have any money. Please, let’s
    play again. I’ll make it good this time. I promise.”

    Leon laughed as he looked over at the other two men in
    his entourage.

    “You hear this guy? I think I heard this sorry piece of
    crap here, wants me to give him another chance.”

    “Please. Leon. I promised I’ll make good on this loan.”

    Leon slammed his fists down hard on the table making
    everything fall over as Jack sat back nervously waiting
    to see what Leon was going to do next.

    “Listen. Bro. I want my money you owe me and I want it

    “Leon. You know I don’t have the money tonight. You’re
    going to have to give me a little time.”

    Leon reached over the side of the table and grabbed an
    empty chair and tossed it across the room.

    “What the fuck do I look like to you? Do you think I’m
    a loan officer at the loan department of your local

    Jack nervously shook his head as he tried to respond.

    “Leon. You know me really well. I can come up with the
    money. You just need to give me a little time and I’ll
    make good on it.”

    Leon walked next to Jack and held out his hand.

    “Give me your wallet.”

    Jack was shaking as he reached into his back pocket and
    pulled out his wallet and gave it to Leon.

    “Leon. I wasn’t lying to you. I don’t have that kind of
    cash with me.”

    “Shut up you fool, don’t you think I already know

    Leon crossed the room and sat down on a sofa and began
    looking through Jack’s wallet. He grabbed hold of a few
    dollar bills and laughed as he tossed them onto the
    floor. Leon began looking through the compartment where
    Jack had his driver’s license and personal photo’s.

    Leon was on a roll now as he took out the driver’s
    license and showed the other two men in the room. Leon
    fumbled through the little pages and turned the wallet
    on end and looked at a photo that caught his eye.

    “Wow. What do we have here?”

    Jack nervously watched Leon as he quickly replied,
    “That’s my wife, Natalie.”

    Leon kept studying the photo which was a photo of
    Jack’s wife in her bikini.

    “Hey stupid. Tell me, what’s a beautiful redhead like
    this, want with a stupid bastard like you?”

    Jack didn’t know how to answer as he sat nervously
    waiting for Leon to stop his humiliation. Leon flipped
    another page where Jack had a nice close-up shot of his

    Natalie had long red hair and Leon was studying her
    smile and green eyes at the moment.

    “Tell me something, Jack. I bet your wife Irish!”

    “Yes. As a matter of fact she is Irish.”

    “Oh. Good. That means she has a red bush!”

    Jack was too embarrassed to answer that question as he
    starred down at the floor.

    “I want you to tell me in your own words, Jack. Tell me
    your wife’s bush is naturally red.”

    Jack swallowed hard as he replied, “Yes. It’s red.”

    Everyone in the room broke out in loud laughter as Jack
    sat feeling humiliated in his chair.

    “I want to know something else about Natalie.”

    Jack watched and waited as the huge man lean forward as
    he studied the photo.

    “Has Natalie ever fucked a black man before, Jack?”

    Jack quickly shook his head that she hadn’t as he kept
    starring down at the floor waiting to hear what Leon
    would ask next.

    “Tell me something, Jack. Is Natalie a good fuck? Is
    she tight as I suspect she is?”

    Jack’s body was shaking as he boldly replied, “I don’t
    think I need to answer those questions. Can I please
    have my wallet back now?”

    Leon had an angry expression on his face as he replied,
    “I’ll give you the dam wallet back when I’m ready. I
    asked you a question so don’t make me come over there
    and ask you again.”

    “All right. Yes. She’s a good lover!”

    The men broke out in loud laughter again as Leon sat
    back in the cushion and fumbled through the wallet

    Jack was getting very upset now because he knew what
    Leon was going to find next.

    “Fuck! What do we have here?”

    The other two men leaned over so they could get a look
    at what Leon had found. Jack knew that Leon had found
    the photo that Natalie had posed for him showing her
    tits and nice smile. Natalie was well endowed on top.

    “Jack. You’re full of surprises tonight. I think I just
    found a way for you to pay me back.”

    Leon picked up the dollar bills off the floor and
    tucked them inside the wallet and before he folded it
    over he took out the photo of Natalie showing off her
    large breasts in the photo and slipped it inside his
    shirt pocket.

    Leon stood up and gave the wallet back to Jack and
    pulled up a chair next to Jack and sat down. Jack
    nervously waited for the huge black man to speak.

    “Jack. You’re going to fix me up with a date with your
    wife. I don’t care what you have to do but I want you
    to meet me at this club on Friday night and I want you
    to have Natalie dressed appropriately for me.”

    “Leon. I don’t understand. You’re talking about my wife
    here. How can I allow you to touch my wife?”

    “Listen carefully, Jack. I already told you what I want
    as payment for the twenty-five thousand dollars you owe
    me. I don’t care what you tell her or what you have to
    do to get her at my club on Friday, but I expect you to
    be there at eight.”

    “Leon. Can’t we talk this over? I promised you I’d pay
    you back. Let’s leave my wife out of this.”

    Leon grabbed a hold of Jack’s shirt and pulled him over
    the table and slammed him down on the floor.

    “Don’t fuck with me or I’ll kill you. I told you how I
    was taking back my money, now I want you to have her at
    the club on Friday and I want to see her dressed in
    something sexy. Do you understand me?”

    Jack shook his head that he understood.

    The two other men picked Jack up off the floor and
    stood him up in front of Leon.

    “I don’t want you to say a word to your wife, nor do I
    want you to do anything stupid like going to the
    police. Do you understand what I just said?”

    Jack nodded his head that he understood as the two men
    carried him out the door as Leon hollered out, “Be
    there at eight!”

    They through Jack out in the parking lot of the rear of
    the building. He slowly stood and brushed off his shirt
    and pants and nervously walked toward his car. What was
    he going to tell Natalie?

    Natalie knew something wasn’t right when he came home
    late that evening. His pants were torn and he paced
    around the house until he finally got into bed.

    “Jack. What’s wrong? What happened tonight?”

    Jack could answer her questions directly but had
    thought up a lie as he replied, “I had a flat tire
    tonight and ripped my pants. Um… I ran into an old
    friend tonight that invited me out to this club on
    Friday. I told him all about you and he is anxious to
    meet you.”

    “What friend? Where did you know him? What’s his name?”

    “His name is, Leon. We were in the service together and
    he just moved into town and I told him about us and he
    mentioned how he would like to meet you. I didn’t think
    you would mind.”

    “You never mentioned anyone with that name before. Why
    all of a sudden are you telling me now?”

    Jack nervously thought up an answer, “We were friends
    for a short while during boot camp and just never
    talked about him much.”

    “What’s this Leon? Did you lend him money or

    “No. It’s nothing like that at all. Leon owns this
    club, which he wants us to meet him at this Friday and
    asked me to buy you a new dress.”

    Natalie was confused, “Who is paying for the new

    Jack had to think fast. “Um. Leon said he would pay for
    the dress himself. He just wanted you to look your best
    when he meets you.”

    It was late and Natalie didn’t ask anymore questions
    that night. The next morning before Jack slipped out
    the front door for work, she managed to catch him and
    asked, “What do you want me to wear on Friday and how
    much money can I spend?”

    “Um. Wear something sexy, I don’t care what you spend
    as long as it makes you look nice.”

    Jack rushed out the door before Natalie had a chance to
    ask him anymore questions and as she hollered out to
    him he turned and said, “I’ll call you on my lunch

    Jack had been able to finagle his way around any more
    questions about Leon that week. Natalie was showing and
    getting ready that evening while Jack paced the floor
    again. Leon had called him at work yesterday and told
    him not to forget about their date on Friday.

    On Friday morning, Natalie decided to take her
    neighbor, Alice along shopping with her for a new
    dress. Alice was a petite blonde married to a guy named
    Richard. Neither couple had any kids but spent plenty
    of time traveling and going out together. Alice was
    Natalie’s closest friend.

    “Natalie. Who is this old friend of Jack’s that he
    wants you to dress up so sexily for?”

    “Alice. You know how men are. Jack is proud of the way
    I take care of myself and Jack most likely wants this
    guy to see that I’m every bit as pretty as he told

    Alice picked out a sexy green dress for Natalie which
    was low cut and showed off Natalie’s cleavage. It was a
    cotton dress that fit tight but not extremely short. It
    was short enough to show off Natalie’s fabulous long

    Alice decided to buy a black dress since Natalie talked
    her into going along on Friday since Richard was out of
    town all weekend on a business trip.

    They arrived at the club about five minutes before
    eight and walked inside the dark club and past people
    dancing on the dance floor as they searched for Leon.
    Finally. Jack saw Leon sitting alone back in a booth in
    the corner.

    They approached him and Leon was well dressed in black
    with his shirt unbuttoned almost down to his navel. He
    wore large diamond earrings in both ears. Natalie and
    Alice were surprised to find out that he was a black
    man. Natalie looked at Alice when they saw how
    muscularly well built he was.

    Jack introduced the ladies to Leon who was very pleased
    as he took each of their hands and kissed them. Alice
    scooted around to the opposite side of Leon from where
    Natalie sat. It was Leon’s idea that they sit next to
    him in the booth.

    They ordered drinks as Leon got acquainted with the two

    “Jack. I didn’t know you were going to bring me a bonus
    tonight. You’re a good man and you keep your word.”

    The women glanced at each other as Natalie started the

    “Jack told me you two were in the service together.”

    “That’s right. We were. Jack told me all about you but
    I didn’t believe you were this beautiful.”

    Both wives kept starring at Leon’s large arms and his
    wide shoulders. Neither woman was ever attracted to a
    black man before but both found him very handsome and
    charming. Their conversation went from talking about
    how Leon and Jack met to the women asking Leon about
    how much he worked out to keep in such great shape.

    Leon seemed to have both wives’ attentions as he tried
    to divide his contestation in half with each wife.

    “Why don’t I take both of you ladies to my personal gym
    here at the club and I could teach you both how to
    properly lift weights?”

    Leon had them sucked in when Alice mentioned that
    Richard was gone for the weekend. They agreed to
    meeting at the gym the next day. Jack just sat
    listening to Leon as he made his moves on his wife and

    Jack was in deep thought at the moment trying to figure
    out a way to shift all of Leon’s attention over to
    Alice and leave his wife out of it. OK. So he was being
    a jerk sitting up his neighbor’s wife with Leon. What
    other choice did he have?

    Natalie and Alice excused themselves to go to the
    ladies room leaving Leon alone with Jack.

    “Listen. I want you to go stand near the bar and have a
    couple drinks while I talk to your wife and Alice. Oh.
    Don’t come back until I give you a signal. Is that

    Jack began to stand up and walked out of the booth as
    Leon yelled, “Hey. Thank you for the double treat!”

    Alice and Natalie had returned and had slipped into the
    booth on either side of Leon. Leon was very gifted when
    it came to women and he knew it. Neither of the two
    wives appeared to be concerned about where Jack had
    disappeared to.

    Jack stood next to the bar and ordered a drink and by
    the time the bartender got around to handing him what
    he ordered and turned around, Leon was out dancing on
    the floor with Natalie in his arms. They were dancing
    to a slow song and Jack noticed Leon’s hands were
    holding onto her waist with his fingers touching the
    top of her ass.

    Jack could see Leon Whispering in Natalie’s ear as he
    held the attractive wife very close to his huge body.
    Natalie was talking back to Leon as he spoke to her and
    they seemed to be in discussion about something as
    Natalie was moving her fingers as if she were
    explaining something to Leon.

    Leon was moving Natalie toward the corner of the dance
    floor as they continued to talk. Natalie’s body was
    leaning out as she held onto Leon’s large arms so she
    could look in his eyes as he spoke. Leon suddenly
    leaned forward and gave Natalie a little peck on her

    Jack’s heart began beating faster as he took a long
    swig of his drink and kept watching his wife with Leon.
    Natalie was looking into Leon’s eyes now as he spoke to
    her and suddenly leaned forward again and kissed her on
    the lips this time. It was a short kiss but it was on
    her lips!

    Natalie appeared to be saying something to Lean as he
    leaned forward again and captured Natalie’s lips again
    and held the kiss a few seconds longer. Jack was so
    busy watching them kiss that he didn’t notice that Lean
    had moved his large hands onto Natalie’s ass and was
    holding her tight.

    They were in a very deep conversation now as Natalie
    seemed to be explaining something to Leon again. Leon
    tilted his head and gave Natalie another long kiss on
    her lips. Natalie appeared to be kissing him back this
    time. Jack took another long sip of his drink as the
    song ended and looked back and got startled when he saw
    Leon standing in front of him.

    “Where in the fuck did you disappear too? Get your ass
    back to the table and sit with your wife while I dance
    with Alice. Oh. Don’t get too cozy because I want you
    to excuse yourself again when I get back.”

    Jack almost spilled his drink. He was shaking so badly.
    He was acting like a total wimp with Leon. What else
    could he possibly do? He owed this guy twenty-five
    thousand dollars and he didn’t want to get hurt. He new
    Leon had a reputation of doing great bodily harm to
    people that owed him money.

    Jack walked back to the table behind Leon and waited
    for Leon to take Alice onto the dance floor and scooted
    into the booth next to Natalie.

    “Honey. I saw you kissing Leon out there on the dance
    floor. What was that all about?”

    “Jack. You told me to be real nice to your friend. He
    was telling me about his best friend getting killed
    over in Iraq and I felt sorry for him.”

    “Natalie. Feeling sorry for him is one thing but
    letting him kiss you and put his hands on your ass!”

    “Jack. Listen to me! I don’t think Leon meant any harm
    by doing that. He was only looking for a little comfort
    from someone. Stop reading into everything you see.”

    They glanced on the dance floor and saw Alice dancing
    with Leon. It was a fast song and she seemed to be
    enjoying herself.

    It seemed to Jack that Leon was trying to gain her
    trust. He wondered what Leon had planned and decided to
    bring up Alice to her.

    “Natalie. It looks like Leon and Alice are getting
    along just fine. Why don’t we go home and let Leon take
    her home?”

    “Jack. Have you gone completely out of your mind? I
    don’t know what’s wrong with you but will you stop
    trying to act like a jealous husband and just enjoy the

    Leon was walking back toward the booth with his arm
    around Alice. They were both laughing about something
    and Jack noticed Natalie looking uncomfortable as she
    watched Leon holding on to Alice as they slipped into
    the booth.

    Natalie seemed more pleased when Leon scooted into the
    booth right next to her and put his arms around her

    “Jack. Why don’t you go catch our waitress and order us
    another round of drinks?”

    Jack reluctantly got out of the booth and flagged the
    waitress down and told her what they wanted and
    returned to find Natalie gone this time and Leon locked
    in a passionate kiss with Alice. Jack didn’t feel so
    bad seeing that Leon was hitting on Alice rather than
    his wife. His buddy, Richard would understand the
    situation he was in and would probably do the same
    thing to him.

    Natalie returned from the lady’s room and waited for
    Jack to move out of the booth so she could slide inside
    next to Leon. Leon had stopped kissing Alice by the
    time Natalie returned. The waitress brought the drinks
    back to the table just as Jack was getting back into
    his seat Leon was smiling at Jack as if he were making
    fun of him.

    Leon motioned for Natalie to sit next to him as he put
    his large arm across her shoulder and pulled her to him
    and whispered into her ear. Natalie started to smile
    and whispered back to Leon. Leon shook his head up and
    down and laughed making Jack wonder what the joke was
    all about.

    Jack finally thought he got the joke when he felt his
    dick straining against his pants. Leon must have
    noticed he had a boner and brought it to Natalie’s
    attention. Jack was so upset and nervous that
    apparently he was excited seeing Alice kissing Leon.

    Jack started to sip the new drink that was brought to
    the table as they women talked and laughed with Leon.
    Jack didn’t understand why Natalie and Alice were
    acting so gaga with Leon. They were treating him as if
    he were their favorite celebrity!

    Jack finished that drink and ordered them another
    round. He was getting drunk and had to pee. He slowly
    got up from the booth and walked to the men’s room.
    Walking back, he noticed how close the two women were
    sitting next to Leon in the booth. It wasn’t just with
    his wife but Alice too. ! This man must have a lot of
    experience with multiple partners.

    Jack was getting drunk. He knocked Natalie’s purse on
    the floor as he slipped into the booth. He almost had
    to crawl under the table to pick it up and noticed that
    both Alice and his wife had their hands on Leon’s
    thighs. Jack took a double take as Alice moved her hand
    over the large bulge in Leon’s crotch.

    What was Leon saying to these wives? What sort of power
    did he have to make them act like a couple of hot

    Jack picked up the purse and placed it on the table.
    Leon was talking to the wives and turned and looked at

    “I think you should take your husband home. He looks
    like he’s ready to fall on the floor again.”

    Leon helped Natalie carry Jack back to the car and put
    him in the passenger seat. Leon stood outside the car
    for several minutes talking to Natalie until Jack saw
    him give her a kiss on her lips again.

    Natalie walked around to the driver’s seat and closed
    the door.

    “Where’s Alice?”

    “Oh… Um… Leon said he would drive her home.”

    Jack couldn’t understand it. Alice lived right next
    door to them. They pulled out of the parking lot and
    saw Leon’s car pull out in front of them and turned in
    the opposite direction that would take Alice back home.

    Natalie appeared to be concerned but not for Alice. She
    seemed more jealous as she waited a couple seconds to
    pull out into the road.

    Jack was so drunk that he fell asleep on the way home.
    Natalie woke him and helped get him into the house. She
    took his clothes off and got him into bed and began
    taking her things off.

    Natalie surprised Jack when she took hold of his dick
    and began sucking on him until he was hard and mounted
    his dick as quickly as she could. She rode him like he
    was a stallion. Jack held onto her ass while she
    bounced up and down on top of him. Her large tits were
    dangling down in front of his face so he sucked on her
    nipples making her more excited.

    Jack knew why she was so horny. Leon had gotten her
    this way. After five years of marriage, he finally
    found out that his wife got turned on by black men.
    Maybe it was just Leon!

    “That’s it. Fuck me! Squeeze my ass!”

    She was talking dirty and trying to get him to respond.
    Jack couldn’t help being so drunk but squeezed his
    wife’s ass while she rode him like a bronco! Natalie’s
    whole body began to shake as she reached her first
    orgasm and started to scream, “Oh. Yes… Give it to

    Natalie was lifting herself up off Jack so high that he
    got dislodged from her tight pussy and tried to get it
    back inside her while she continued to have her orgasm.

    Jack started to arch his hips up and worked up a steady
    rhythm until he shot his load of cum deep inside his
    wife. Jack began to go soft as soon as he spewed his

    Natalie was disappointed and wanted more and got out of
    bed and took out her vibrator out of the dresser
    drawer. Jack watched Natalie play with the vibrator
    until she had another orgasm. Jack had fallen asleep as
    Natalie played with her clitoris.

    Jack was awoken by the sound of the phone ringing. He
    looked over at the clock and saw that it was after
    three in the morning. Natalie answered the phone.

    “Oh. Hi Richard… Alice should be fine, she is with a
    friend of ours and should be home any minute.”

    Right when Natalie finished her sentence, Jack saw the
    lights of a car pull into the driveway next door and
    heard a door shut.

    “Oh… Great. I’ll talk to you, tomorrow… Bye.”
    Natalie hung the phone up and turned to go back to

    “Who was on the phone?”

    “UH… It was Richard looking for Alice but she just
    got home when we were on the phone.”

    Natalie fell back asleep almost immediately. Jack knew
    that Leon must have taken Alice back to his place. He
    probably screwed her! Well. At least he didn’t have to
    worry about Natalie screwing Leon. Everything worked
    out like he had hoped.

    Natalie and Jack woke up about the same time the next
    morning. Natalie got in the shower while Jack fixed
    coffee. Jack, walked out in front of the house to get
    the morning paper and saw Richard standing in the

    “Hey Richard. Is everything OK this morning?”

    Richard ran over to speak with Jack.

    “Yeah. Everything is fine. Listen. Alice is still
    asleep and I got to run down to the hardware store and
    get a new head for the shower before she wakes up. Can
    you keep an eye on the house while I’m gone?”

    “Yeah. Sure. I’ll be right here until you get back.”

    Jack waited as he watched Richard pull out of the
    driveway. He was curious about last night and this was
    his chance! Jack ran to ?Richard’s front door and
    slowly opened it and walked into the house.

    He slowly walked toward their bedroom and saw the door
    was open. He listened very carefully to make sure that
    Alice wasn’t awake yet. He slowly walked and leaned
    into the doorway and saw Alice was sound asleep.

    She was naked and didn’t have any covers on her. She
    was sleeping on her side with her legs curled up
    against her chest. Her long blonde hair was flowing
    around the pillow. Jack almost felt like getting into
    bed with her.

    Jack looked around the floor looking for the dress and
    panties she wore last night. There they were! On the
    chair in the corner of the room! Her heels were sitting
    on the floor in front of the chair.

    He had to know! Jack slowly and gently walked into the
    room keeping an eye on Alice as she lay sleeping just a
    few feet away. He eased himself closer and was able to
    grab the black panties that were lying on top of the
    dress and slowly backed his way out of the room.

    Jack stood near the front door and decided to just take
    the panties with him and walked outside and across the
    front lawn. Jack waited until he got into the house and
    examined the panties.

    They were still damp and Jack could see large white
    stains around the crotch area. He sniffed them next!
    Yes! They smelled from cum! Male cum and very strong!
    There wasn’t any doubt in Jack’s mind that he smelled
    Leon’s cum on those panties. He must have screwed her
    last night.

    Jack hid the panties so Natalie wouldn’t find them. He
    laughed to himself as he thought about Alice. She would
    be looking for these and wondering if she left them at

    Jack didn’t care. He figured he was in the clear now
    that Leon got a little white pussy. Jack poured his
    coffee and began working on his computer. An hour
    later, Natalie walked into the room dressed in tight
    black shorts and a halter top with heels. She walked up
    to Jack and kissed the side of his face.

    “Honey. I’ll be home later this afternoon. I’m supposed
    to go with Alice to Leon’s gym and work out with him.
    He’s going to show us how to lift weights.”

    Jack was surprised and shocked. He figured it was over.
    He stood up and followed Natalie to the front door
    where he gave her a kiss.

    “Honey. If you get hungry, you’ll find meat in the frig
    that you can make a sandwich with. I’ll see you later.”

    Natalie was gone within seconds. Jack looked out the
    front window and saw Alice getting into the car with
    his wife. His cell phone was ringing so he ran back to
    answer it.

    “Hey. Jack. Did your wife leave yet?”

    “Yeah… She just backed out of the driveway.”

    Leon laughed into the phone.

    “Hey. Man. Why are you so depressed? Your going to
    cause me to feel sorry for your ass next!”

    “Did you fuck Alice last night?”

    “You must have been sniffing her panties this morning!”

    Jack knew he was just joking around but he also knew
    that Leon was serous about screwing Alice last night.

    “OK. I don’t need anything else from you as long as
    your little wife is on her way here. Listen. Let me
    remind you about the money you owe me. Your not out of
    this just because I fucked your wife’s girlfriend.”

    The phone went dead and Jack through the cell phone
    into the sofa cushion. He was pissed but felt helpless
    at the same time. He knew he would be in trouble if he
    tried anything with Leon. He thought how horny Natalie
    was last night and knew it was all for Leon and not
    him. What was wrong with her? Why did she want that big
    black cock?


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