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Abigail – 1
by Intempo (


“You know I promised to spend the night before the
wedding with my ex-boyfriends darling, well it seems
they can’t make it that night, they can only make it
on my wedding night, I don’t like to let them down,
you wouldn’t mind would you.”

“But darling, it’s our wedding night. You know how
I’ve waited faithfully for you for that night.”

“I know darling, and you know I love you for that.
Guys in the past only wanted me for sex, for my pussy.
I hope that’s not all you want me for? I couldn’t bear
it if you did.”

“You know I’ll always love you Abby, always.”

“And I’ll always love you darling, now just do this
little thing for me, it’s only one night.”

“I dunno darling, after all it is our wedding night.”

“I knew it, you don’t love me at all, you’re just like
the others, you only want what’s between my legs, you
don’t love me” breaking into floods of tears.

“Don’t cry Abby, I can wait another night, spend the
night with your ex-boyfriends if it makes you happy.”

“So you do love me, just for that you can lick my
pussy, I love it when you lick my pussy,” lying back
on the bed with legs open.

“Hi, my name is Gareth, that was a conversation we had
the other night, we’re getting married tomorrow, Abby
is beautiful, black hair and a fabulous figure, I
don’t know what she sees in me, I’m short and not very
well endowed, but Abby says she loves me the way I am
and that’s good enough for me.”

Abby was to spend her hen night with some friends and
three of her ex-boyfriends who were coming to the
wedding, they couldn’t make it until next day so Abby
said it would have to be our wedding night.

I would have preferred not to but Abby was so looking
forward to seeing them I couldn’t say no, I didn’t
want to lose Abby.

My mother Isabel, Bella to her friends was a very
strict mother, she had given me many beatings across
my bare ass with a bamboo cane leaving thick welts for

My sister Pauline, Polly to everyone else rarely got
told off, in fact she was encouraged to cane me at
times, a role she seemed to enjoy a lot. My father
never interfered, in fact he hardly ever spoke unless
spoken to and seemed to do all the housework waiting
on my sister and mother slavishly.

Abby’s mother was also a formidable woman, she scared
the shit out of me, she was always saying she would
come After me if I didn’t let Abby have her way with

The night before the wedding I was told to stay at
home, Abby said she didn’t want me to meet another
woman and run off with her so it would be better if I
stayed home. She promised I could lick her pussy all
night if I wished when she came back home.

Abby looked fantastic she had a short skirt with a see
through blouse and no bra, she explained it was a
tarts and vicar party where all the women dressed up
as tarts.

“Do I look alright darling,” bending over.

“Abby, you’re not wearing any underwear, you can’t go
out like that.”

“Tarts don’t wear underwear you silly boy, don’t worry
I won’t bend over tonight again, I’ll keep everything
in there just for your tongue tonight,” she smiled.

Gareth was asleep when Abby came home very late, “wake
up darling, I’ve got your present for you” stripping
off and getting into bed with him.

“Don’t put the light on, it’ll only hurt my eyes, just
lick my pussy in the dark.”

Gareth was between her legs in an instant, his tongue
was darting in and out of her cunt immediately. There
was a different taste tonight, and a different smell,
Gareth couldn’t put a taste to it but Abby’s pussy was
still Abby’s pussy so he carried on licking as Abby
had her first orgasm.

Abby smiled to herself, he had just tasted his first
taste of black cum, he would taste much more when they
were married, much more as Gareth licked her to
another orgasm totally unaware what he was doing.

Abby and Gareth’s mother’s arrived next morning, “how
did everything go Abby” asked her mother.

“He had his first taste last night mother, he doesn’t
know it yet though, he soon will,” as they both

At both mother’s insistence Gareth wore a white suit
with pink lapels and pink edging all around while Abby
wore a suit and trousers complete with collar and tie.

Gareth was unhappy about this but didn’t want to anger
his mother so he went along with it. The vicar started
the ceremony with only a handful of people, Abby and
Gareth’s mother’s and his sister along with Abby’s ex-
boyfriends who turned up at the venue.

One of them whispered something to Abby who smiled and
nodded her head, he went outside to return with three
more muscular young black men.

“Do you Abbey Fields take this person to be your
lawful wedded husband.”

“I do.”

“Do you Gareth French take Abigail to be your lawful
wedded wife, to honor and obey in all matters, to be
faithful always, to make her happy no matter what the

Gareth was a bit puzzled by his vows, Abigail said
nothing about obeying in hers, a quick dig in his ribs
from his mother and a stern look made him say yes.

“I do,” he replied.

“You may now kiss your husband.”

Gareth was even more puzzled, shouldn’t that have
been, ‘you may now kiss the bride’.

They went back to sign the registrar, Gareth didn’t
notice the documents were neatly folded and ironed as
he signed with the others taking photos of the happy

“”Back to the house for champagne everybody,” said
Mother French, “we have to celebrate.”

Everyone piled into the cars, Gareth was a little
upset that the six black men were coming home as well
but didn’t want to make a fuss on their wedding day.

Abby changed into a short skirt and blouse which left
nothing to the imagination, Zeno and Mackie sat each
side of her their hands wandering towards her legs
which were showing a lot.

Mackie was squeezing her tits as Gareth came back into
the room, “What are you doing with my wife? Take your
hands off her!” he shouted.

Abby rose up in fury flowed by his Mom and Abby’s Mom.
He was pushed out of the room where Abby slapped him
across the face hard.

“Don’t you ever embarrass me like that again in front
of my friends or you will be punished severely, do you
understand”, said Abby her face contorted with rage.

“But Abby darling, he was playing with your breasts,
you’re my wife.”

“You don’t own me, if I see fit to let my friends
squeeze my tits, I will, do you understand.”

“But Abby.”

Another hard slap across his face. “Do you
understand?!” she shouted.

“I’m ashamed of you Gareth, embarrassing your wife
like that in front of her friends, I think you should
apologise now.”

“But mother.”

“Gareth, do you want me and your sister to punish you
like we used to in front of everyone, if you don’t
apologise, we will.”

Gareth nodded, “Okay, get back in there and apologise
to my friends for shouting at them, tell them they can
feel my tits any time, or anything else.”

Gareth wished he could stand up for himself more as he
walked back into the room, “I’m sorry I shouted, you
may feel my wife’s tits any time you wish.”

“Go on Gareth, and the rest.”

“Or any other part of her body.”

“Good boy, now carry on serving the drinks,” as Abby
sat between the two black men again.

“Now, where we?” she laughed as hands squeezed her
tits and another hand slid up her very short skirt.

Mother French, mother Fields or Polly were being left
out, black hands were roaming all over their bodies,
Polly had her tongue stuck down a throat as his hand
rubbed her pussy.

Gareth looked around, it was his wedding day and he
was the only one not having sex.

They stopped for a moment, “I think we’d better read
Gareth his wedding vows again” said Abby reaching for
the document he signed.

Gareth started to read it, “I never signed this, we
both signed the registrar together, where’s Abby’s

“Abby didn’t sign anything dear, you signed this on
your own, look.”

They had photos of him signing but no sign of Abby,
they had been careful to make sure she wasn’t in any

“Read it out Gareth, loud so we can all hear it.”

Gareth hesitated, mother French went to her purse and
brought out the whip she and Polly had used to punish

“Read it Gareth” swishing the whip menacingly.

(1) “I Gareth French do swear to obey my wife at all
times no matter what the circumstances.

(2) “I Gareth French do swear to keep my wife clean
from bodily fluids.

(3) “I Gareth French do hereby give permission for my
wife to have as many lovers as she wishes.”

(4) “I Gareth French do swear to be respectful to my
wife’s lovers and to administer to their need, no
matter what.”

(5) “I Gareth French do swear to administer to Mother
Fields needs, to my own mother’s needs and my sister
Polly without question.”

(6) “I Gareth French do swear to look after any
babies that my wife would have.”

(7) “I Gareth French do hereby agree to be punished
for any indiscretions my wife or family think are
punishable, punishment to be administered by any
member of the family.”

(8) “Failure to comply with any of these rules will,
constitute me paying one hundred thousand dollars to
my wife, this document was signed by me of my own free

Signed Gareth French .

“I didn’t sign that, it’s a forgery, I’ll go to the

“You know dear, I don’t think we should punish him for
everything in one day, I think everyone should be
worth ten lashes, I think you’ll agree that that was
the first, trying to show his manliness, we can’t have
that dear, make him write ten lashes on the board,
when it gets to fifty we’ll punish him.”

“What a great idea, write ten lashes on the kitchen
board, if you don’t ten more will be added, go.”

Gareth was beaten, he knew how much these beatings
hurt, fifty lashes was much more than he could stand,
he went into the kitchen and wrote ten lashes and the

“Now, let’s enjoy ourselves”, said Abby kneeling
between her two black studs again who were already
getting their cocks out.

Abby had both cocks stroking them before bending down
to take on in her mouth sucking deep on it.

Gareth came back from the kitchen to see his wife of
three hours sucking a black cock and stroking another,
he had gotten into a mess it was going to be very hard
to get out of especially with his mother and sister
siding with his wife.

He knew they would look forward to punishing him, they
had thoroughly enjoyed it before his sister even
having an orgasm whipping him. He couldn’t make a
mistake now, he knew they would pick on the slightest
thing as an excuse to punish him.

Abby had switched now, she had Mackie’s huge black
cock in her mouth sucking on the bulbous massive head
licking and sucking.

“Over here darling, come and kneel beside me, my hand
is tired stroking Zeno, help me darling, stroke his
cock while I suck Mackie.”

Gareth knew to refuse would mean ten or maybe a
beating right away if he refused, he reached gingerly
out to Zeno’s huge cock and stroked it.

“That’s good darling, help your wife with her friends,
that’s it, stroke it nicely now.”

Mother French looked over and saw her son stroke the
black cock, ‘just like your father’ she thought as the
black man’s tongue went deeper into her very wet cunt
as she sucked on another.

Polly was on her knees beside mother Fields, both had
cocks in their mouths as they sucked, they were all
black cock lovers, had been for a long time, it was
mother fields who encouraged her daughter to fuck
black men, more exciting than your husband.

Gareth was ordered round to Mackie’s cock now, he
grabbed his head, “Why don’t you suck it for me, you
vowed you would do anything for your wife’s lovers, so
suck it.”

Gareth felt sick, he looked at the massive cock with
its huge head and precum leaking from the hole.

Abby looked over, “Suck his cock! Do as he tells you,
hurry up.”

Gareth opened his mouth and took the head into it, it
felt slippery and smooth as Mackie pushed his head
down on it making him gag.

“Use your tongue faggot, you really must learn to suck
cock, you can’t embarrass your wife by not being able
to suck her lovers cocks, use your tongue.”

Gareth tried to lick and suck at the same time but
found it hard to maintain, “watch your wife suck that
cock, let her teach you, just carry on stroking for

Abby told him to watch as she licked and sucked the
black cock using her tongue in all sorts of ways.

“Try it now,” she said pushing his head down on Zeno’s
sloppy cock.

Gareth tried to suck like Abby but she had years of
experience behind her, “go and try the others, you’re
going to need all the practice you can get, crawl over
there and suck his” pointing to the guy beside his

Gareth crawled like a dog and knelt by his mother to
suck on a black cock, “That’s it! Now you’ll learn to
enjoy it Gareth, you have to help your wife out when
she’s tired or not able to, sucking he r lovers cocks
show that you’re a real husband.”

Gareth didn’t think so as the cock slid into his open
mouth, if anything his cock was bigger than either
Mackie’s or Zeno’s. His mouth was stretched as his
mother urged him to go deeper, Gareth was already
gagging a s the man smiled and pushed his head even
farther down.

Mackie and Zeno were undressing Abby, soon she stood
naked in front of them as they stroked her body all
over. Mackie pulled her down to the couch on her knees
and stood behind her while Zeno put his cock back in
her mouth.

Abby shouted yes as the black cock slid into her wet
cunt, almost immediately she felt herself cum as he
pounded he cunt for all he was worth.

Polly, mother Fields and mother French were in the act
of sex and soon all three were being well and truly
fucked by all the males.

“Come over here!” shouted Mackie to Gareth. “I’m ready
to cum in your whore’s cunt, get ready to clean it, my
buddy will want to fuck her next, he doesn’t want
sloppy seconds.”

Gareth felt sick to his stomach, surely they were
joking, he didn’t really have to suck cum from his
wife’s cunt, he was wrong, Mackie pulled out a little
and spunk shot all over and into Abby’s swollen cunt.

Gareth was pushed forward by Mackie, “clean it out,
suck that cum out” pushing his head into her cum
sodden pussy.

Gareth slurped hoping he wouldn’t be sick as he sucked
cum from the pussy, Abby was squirming with pleasure.
“That’s good darling, clean me out well Zeno wants my
cunt nice and clean for him, you don’t want him
fucking me with my cunt full of cum now do you.”

Personally at that moment Gareth didn’t give a fuck if
there was a gallon of cum in there, he wanted it to

Abby turned around and stuck her fingers deep into her
cunt, “You’ve missed some darling, I should punish you
for that, but as it’s your first time in front of
everyone I’ll let you off, now open up darling,” as
she pulled her fingers out from her cunt and made him
suck them clean.

“Now get it all out next time or else, use your
fingers like I did,” said Abby resuming the position
so Zeno could fuck her.

Gareth swallowed a lot of cum that night, he had to
clean his Mom, mother Fields Polly and his wife every
time they were fucked, and that was a lot.

The six black men left promising to call again soon
with Abby telling them they were welcome any time
Gareth would look after them if she wasn’t home.

“I think you should masturbate now Gareth, you must be
horny drinking all that cum and licking pussies” said
Polly and the others agreed.

To be continued…